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    • Carmella Talks Fans Turning On Her
      By Twisted Bliss
      Carmella sat down with CBS Boston for an interview about a variety of topics including work she does for the Boys & Girls Club and also the Be-A-Star Anti-Bullying Rally. They got into a talk about her title run and also discussed her current WWE gimmick. Check out the highlights below.
      On a time she had to overcome bullying and fans turning on her:
      I cash in my contract, and then everyone’s like, “Oh my gosh. I can’t believe she’s champion.” I was like, all of you people were just sort of rallying behind me and trying to get me, wanting me to win the title, and then I get it, and then immediately they’re all hating on me. But again, they’re always going to be hating.
      On the evolution of her character the past year:
      The last time we were in Brooklyn was SummerSlam, when I lost the title, and I was booed out of the building when I first came out for my entrance that night. And a few short weeks later I’m getting cheered, because I’m with R-Truth. So, for me, it’s just been really cool, because it’s something, and I hate to use the word, organic, because everyone uses that word. But my transition to being the character I am now was so organic. I never changed anything about me. I’ve been the exact same character. I was just paired with R-Truth, and now people like me. So it’s a lot of fun.
      The origination of the “Dance Break”:
      We did the very first episode of Truth TV, and it just took off. It was supposed to be a one-time thing and same thing with Truth and I. We were never supposed to be a thing, and then it just took off. And that’s why I just love the WWE, because you never know what’s going to happen. It’s so unpredictable, and you never know if things are going to catch on.
      Full interview
    • Carmella on her new wine venture "Capo Cagna"
      By Ninja Balenciaga
      I love when the women superstars branch out and get to show their entrepreneurial side.

    • Torrie Wilson, Carmella & Mandy Rose On The Next Table For 3
      By prince.
      Mella and Torrie