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The Foxy One

Rank The MR Girls' Characters from Worst to Best

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Lemme give you a LIST 

1. Naomi

2. Charlotte

3. Sasha Banks

4. Nikki Bella

4.5. (Maryse)(Valet)

5. Natalya

5.5. (Paige)(Inactive)

6. Carmella 

6.5. (Summer Rae)(Inactive)

7. Emma

8. Lana

9. Dana Brooke

10. Alexa Bliss

11. Alicia Fox

12. Becky Lynch

13. Mickie James

14. Nia Jax

15. Bayley

16. Tamina

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Dana- she has no character

Alicia Fox- same

Emma- what is her character? Bitter C+ player?

Mickie James- she's just there and nobody cares about her past glory

Lana- I mean she's getting reactions at least and it is a clear gimmick

Bayley- absolutely boring and to me she is quite unlikable because of her infantile behaviour and mindset

Nia- she's lost regarding what her character is supposed to be but she does have potential to be big for a moment at least

Tamina- always a side show with brief moments of brilliance

Nikki Bella- her character is being a Bella and Cena's fiance which is not a good look imo but at least it's a character

Natalya- right now she's doing fine, she's the vet the company always uses when needed and that right now is helpful

Becky- love her to death and I do love her gimmick and her absolute babyface character but she has been stale for  a while with being on the sides for the last several months

Charlotte- the Queen/Flair's daughter gimmick is a bit tiring, I think her character needs to evolve already, but still more exciting than most

Sasha- also think her character needs to evolve, the Boss thing is getting annoying and stale mainly cause Sasha continues to cut the same promos and get put in dead-end storylines or storylines that just never get a resolution

Naomi- fresh air in the women's division, however, I am afraid it may run its course sooner rather than later. So far Naomi is doing great keeping this character fresh though

Carmella- love the opportunistic angles, love the heels that can talk themselves into and out of a feud it is straight up entertaining. Her Jersey bad attitude is entertaining and comedic at times

Alexa Bliss- almost same reasoning + I love how she manipulates her way into title reigns and manages to defeat much stronger opponents by using her brain + her promos are fire








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