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HBW '18 | Roster

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Introduce your Superstars to the HBW Universe. Any personal updates, accomplishments/accolades, stats and bio's should be posted here.






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about me:
"The Black Barbie of HBW"
Although she is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Chloe grew up in Queens, New York. About a year ago, Chloe and her now fiancé Cash Vuitton were signed to HBW contracts after being spotted on the cover of famous Hip-Hop and entertainment magazine, Vibe. She made a name for herself and took the division by storm when she joined forces with Mercedes Benson and Kimberly Storm to form "Team MAC." Together they have a collective 7 championship reigns under to their name and are often referred to as the premier tag team of the women's division. 

alignment: babyface
from: Atlanta, Georgia
height: 5'5
weight: 128 lbs.
accomplishments: 2x Heartbreakers Women's Champion, Team MAC
allies: Mercedes Benson, Kimberly Storm, Cash Vuitton, Jasmine
enemies: everyone else
signature moves: Cut in Couture (Regal Cutter), Chanel No. 5 (Afterglow Combo)
finishers: 50 Shades of Pink (Full Nelson Reverse STO), Wet Dream (Jumping DDT 3)
entrance music: Billionaire

merchandising and logos:

4dMuLTW.pngII2dS2V.png JHrDW3V.pngLP2V19Fg.pngpFEkQsl.png

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The Venus Spawn / Early Bird

Alignment: Face
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125 lbs

Being an Aries, a fire sign— and having a natural connection to the sun Dawn delved into her spiritual stance, taking the step to align her energies.
After opening her Solar Plexus Chakra she'd undergo an immediate change in power and energy. Radiating through The HBW division, she was practically unstoppable.
Using her newly found energy to her advantage when the stakes are high to help her secure her first HBW Women's Championship, holding it for the longest duration until she was forced to relinquish the belt due to a wellness policy violation later revealed It was Akira's doing. After being vindicated her energy has been off the charts, stopping at nothing to reclaim what was once hers.

1x HBW Women's Championship, Longest Reign.

Team Mac. Winta.

Akane. Britney.

- Crack of Dawn -
- Rise 'n Shine -
- Breakfast in Bed -
- Early Bird Special -


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ariana latte ;


name? Ariana Latte
from? Boca Raton, Florida
height? 5'1''
weight? 110 lbs.
alignment? Heel

Does size matter? It's a question fans of HBW are often posed when encountering the pint-sized primadonna known as Ariana Latte. A descendant of the affluent area of Boca Raton, Florida, Latte traded in a place in her family's mansion for a more desirable real estate locale in her eyes-- the HBW Women's Division.  While often underestimated due to her size and girly style of dress (she initially attempted to wrestle in a pair of high heels!), Ariana has proven he's a capable fighter as a pioneer of the early chapters of the Heartbreakers Women's Championship illustrious history alongside her frenemies Britney Diamond and Akira in the High Society stable. Though Ariana may be little, she is fierce-- and she certainly proved so when she became the first woman to win in the main event of a HBW-presented WrestleMania!

Sassy, spirited and always supplied with an undying defiance, she's not gonna be that girl. Not unless you make her.

HBW Heartbreakers Women's Champion (2x)
Miss Money in the Bank (2017, 1x)
Victor in the first ever HBW WrestleMania main event (2017)


favorite moves
signature moves: side to side (corner springboard crossbody), moonlight drive (corkscrew neckbreaker 2)
finishing moves: intoyouthanizer (1916 2), dangerous driver (death valley driver 2)


entrance music
Boca Bitty Anthem (Fabulous) by CFO$



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  0JWREV3.png?3 Mercedes Benson Gemoji image for :checkered_flag

Alignment: Babyface
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Fandom Name: Carkeys
Accomplishments: Heartbreakers' Champion (3 Times) / Team MAC Member
Signatures: Hit & Run (Knee Trembler) / Test Drive (Shouten)
Finishers: Mercy Kill (Single Knee Facebreaker) / Mercedes Bends (Imploding 450 Splash)
Allies: Chloe Chanel / Kimberly Storm / Aaron McKay
Enemies: Akira / Britney Diamond
Entrance Music: Neon

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Aaron McKay

Alignment: Babyface
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Accomplishments: Universal Champion (1 Time; Inaugural)
Signatures: AM Flight (Spanish Fly)
Finishers: End Of Heartache / AMFM (Corkscrew Forearm Smash)
Allies: Mercedes Benson
Enemies: Amir / Cash Vuitton / Akane
Entrance Music: Won't Let Go

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  Big Bad Whitney

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Name: Britney Diamond

Nickname(s): The Ice Queen

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 115 lbs.

Billed From: Beverly Hills, California

Alignment: Heel

Signature: Brit Split, Brit Kick (Summer Crush, Spinning Heel Kick)

Finisher: Diamond Cutter, 8-Carat Clash (Cutter, Styles Clash)


Former Hollywood socialite Britney Diamond is an American world-class athlete, actress, philanthropist, and professional wrestler. Consequent of her jetsetter lifestyle, Diamond has trained all over the world and competed in numerous promotions - most notably the now-defunct WCW - prior to her HBW debut in the fall of 2015. Characterized by her ruthless demeanor and "thing for the bling," Britney Diamond has solidified her role as a top talent in the HB division, holding the Women's World Championship a record 4 occasions.


Women’s World Champion (4-time)

Entrance Theme: "Diamonds Are Forever" - CFO$


Photo Gallery



TLC '17


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23c77140217f062196798d7159ed3784.pngCharli Denise Rose23c77140217f062196798d7159ed3784.png


Name: Charli Denise Rose

Alignment: Babyface

Billed From: Hollywood California

Weight:132 lbs

Height: 5"5

Favorite Moves: The Rose-Up ( School Boy Powerbomb 1) Florish (SpringBoard Handstand Enzuguri)

Siganture Moves: Thorn In My Side ( Spinning Back Kick) RosKracker: (Randy Orton Back Breaker)

Finishing Moves: End Of The Rose ( End Of Days) 

Rose Hammer : (Rolling Elbow 3/Forearm 2)


Ingural Heartcore Women's Champion


Coming Soon.


Theme: Beat Of The Rose


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Name: Epiphany

Nickname(s): The Demon

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 205 lbs.

Billed From: The Pits of Hell

Alignment: Heel

Signature: Chokeslam, Vertebreaker

Finisher: Implant Buster


Spawned from the darkest corners of Hell, Epiphany is a demonic entity characterized by her imposing size, bountiful strength, and wrathful nature. Though her appearance has become more humanoid over time, Epiphany has revealed her horrifying true form on certain occasions. Following her debut in the now-defunct promotion WCW in 2013, the unholy annihilator made her presence immediately known by laying waste to the division into its final days. Since her HBW debut, Epiphany has shown little interest in competing for titles and fixed her attention on inflicting punishment on opponents such as former rival Kimberly Storm, who fell to the demon in a Last Woman Standing Match at WrestleMania.


WCW Women’s Champion (4 times, longest reigning)

Entrance Theme: 




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bio  / Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Boricuan Brat, Jasmine, has set HBW ablaze in just a small time-- but her headline-making stint did not manifest overnight. A former exotic dancer, Jasmine always sought to be something more than just an object for the affections of an audience unconcerned with her personal well-being-- so, after a great night out in the club, Jasmine raked up her earnings and applied for wrestling school the next day. Though faced with ridicule and disrespect throughout her training, Jasmine always persevered, hoping to become a bigger role model for young Latinas world over, much like her inspiration Rosa Mendes. After years of struggle, her hard work paid off when agents signed Jasmine to a HBW developmental deal in 2016, before finally premiering as a member of the main roster in 2017. With the possibilities endless for this determined debutante with a taste for the titillating, el cielo es el limite por Jasmine!.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

alignment / babyface.

traits / sassy. bold. firecracker. 

billed from / san juan, puerto rico.

nicknames / "the brat" ~ "the luscious latina"

theme music / "shining star" ~ hbw productions. x

signature move /

"the brat bash" ~ rapid forearms & kick combo

"boobs 2 bust" ~ throw-over belly 2 belly suplex

finishing move /

"the push-up bra" ~ chokebomb 

"fatal fantasy" ~ pop-up codebreaker

"the slut drop" ~ spinning leg drop (w/ theatrics)

allies /

  • ivy - current
  • chloe chanel - current
  • weslee brooks - current
  • mercedes benson - cousin

rivals /

  • holly west - former

 photo gallery / 








hbw shop /



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- nicknames | bella.
            - stats - | heel. 5'6. 120 lbs.
- from - | las vegas.
- bio 
Moving from Palestine, the young beaut was new to the seemingly limitless forms of self-expression in the US. 
Finding residence in "Sin City" an area that catered to various vices, Las Vegas quickly adapted her to the cutthroat diplomacy.
The city completely transforming her demeanor and savoir-faire rendering her unaltruistic in any scenario. In simpler terms, the self proclaimed "Ace of Spades" is in it for herself.
"Shuffling the deck" when met at an impasse Isabella will, without remorse, do whatever she deems necessary to spin the result in her favor, just hope you're not the other side of the table when she reveals her cards.

- accolades 
1x Heartcore Champion.
- allies 
- enemies 
whoever's in the way.
- finishing moves 
tK260pN.pngroyal flush -
a807tJA.pngfull house -
ace-of-swords.png ace of swords -
queen-of-cups.png queen of cups -

tK260pN.pngqueen-of-cups.png?w=640&ssl=11-of-swords.png?w=640&ssl=1 a807tJA.png                       


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