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      Full Sail | Premise and Casting

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      Top Posters In This Topic

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      carmella van dale. age. 22 income. Working Class (Formerly Upper Middle Class) sexual orientation. Straight occupation. Diner Waitress nicknames/aliases. 'Mella, Car, Carm marital status. Singl

      MORGAN, OLIVIA "LIV" | t h e   b a s i c s | age ; 19, 21 (Fake ID) // income ; WORKING CLASS sexuality ; HETEROSEXUAL // occupation ; BARTENDER nicknames ; LIV, L-MO // marital status ; SINGLE _ _ _

      seth rollins. age. 24 income. Upper Middle Class sexual orientation. Gay occupation. Police Officer nicknames/aliases. TBD marital status. Single hobbies. CrossFit, Kick-boxing/Martial Arts, Co

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      On 28/12/2017 at 0:24 PM, Foxy said:

      I'm SHOOK by the amount of men (compared to women) reserved for this rpg. The women's division is truly over in HB, the end of an era :shook:

      Sadly, I'm not over such an iconic time... Can I reserve Maxine too? :crying:

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      rebecca "becky" lynch
      FULL NAME: Rebecca Quinn Lynch
      AGE: 32
      INCOME: Upper middle-class ($62,000 per year)
      OCCUPATION: Private Investigator
      MARITAL STATUS: Married
      HOBBIES: Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, fly-fishing, hiking, power lifting, sci-fi movie collection, winter sports
      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Charlotte Flair (wife), Adelaide Lynair (daughter), Seth Rollins (subordinate), Baron Corbin (colleague)
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: In charge of the investigation into the death, which has been ruled a homicide.
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Intuitive, passionate, protective
      BACKSTORY: Though the now ever-present feeling of suspicion and unrest has left most of Full Sail unnerved, for Rebecca "Becky" Lynch, it's a bittersweet pill. Bitter due to the tragic loss of life and serenity of the town being erased, but sweet in that Becky's life-long goal of serving as a purposeful P.I. Though work in the force was plentiful in California, her marriage to wife and their plans to raise a child north of the Golden State superseded her advancement within the police department-- a goal she'd not have to forsake by settling into the position of private investigator for Full Sail's small, albeit there, police force. Hardly equipped for the trials and tribulations of a murder trial, Becky's love for her dream life and of the town of Full Sail is enough to leave her relentless in her pursuit of not only the truth, but of justice.
      APPEARANCE: 5'7'', mildly athletic build with fair skin. Popping, bright orange hair that is usually held up in a ponytail when on the job. Generally well put-together with a modest, yet fashionable taste.

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      seth rollins.


      Upper Middle Class
      sexual orientation.
      Police Officer
      marital status.
      CrossFit, Kick-boxing/Martial Arts, Coffee (frequenting cafés), Harry Potter, Sex, Listening to various genres of rock music
      Becky Lynch (Superior), TBD (Romantic Interest), Baron Corbin (Colleague)
      connection to the crime.
      Aware of the crime through his occupation, developing a personal interest/attachment to it and desire to investigate it.
      personality traits.
      Impulsive, Passionate, Hell-bent
      Two years out of police academy, an ambitious Seth Rollins moved to Full Sail, Washington for a fresh job opportunity. Hoping to advance in his career and dreaming of one day becoming a full time detective, he was willing to do whatever it took  no matter how dirty the deed to get ahead and earn the admiration of his peers. But upon arriving to the small town, Seth can’t help but notice he isn’t the only one with sin and secrets seeping through the cracks of his hardwood floor. Something dark filled the air, earth and waters of Full Sail and he wants desperately to learn more. The only thing that stood in the path of Seth’s curiosity and aspirations were him and his own vices, namely his addiction to lustful interactions. 
      Generally regarded as very sexually attractive; 6’1”; long, dark hair, usually tied into a bun; brown eyes; groomed facial hair; extremely athletic, chiseled, muscular physique due to police training and being obsessed with CrossFit; light body hair lining his muscles; skinny jeans and fitted t-shirts for casual wear, adapted to the season
      color code.

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      • • •

      Suspect // Sydal, Matt
      Age . 24
      Income . Middle Class
      Sexual Orientation . Straight
      Occupation . Rock-Climbing Instructor
      Nicknames/Aliases  tbd.
      Marital Status . Newly Single

      • • •

      Connection to Crime //
       Belonging to Full Sail since conception, knowing the town like the back of his hand he was left in in alarm after the sudden disappearance of his late girlfriend Eva Marie. 
      Hobbies . Hiking, Lending a helping hand, Rock-Climbing, Sparking one, Collecting Alt/Rock albums
      Friendships/Relationships . Eva Marie (Ex-Girlfriend), Just about everyone (casual acquaintance) 
      Personality Traits . Guileless, Easy-going, Athletic

      • • •

      Backstory //
       A 'born and raised' Full Sail native, Matt knew just about everyone. Finding great comfort in the simple, small, welcoming environment he'd remain rooted, breezing about his day-to-day. After high-school he had no intent on going to a university or finding a traditional sit-down job, instead, he landed being a rock-climbing instructor. His boyish good looks, adventurous spirit, and charming wiles would cause him to collide with the ever so dazzling, raven-haired debutante, Eva Marie. All was well.. Until it wasn't. His formidable companionship with the sleek beauty, comforting environment, and seemingly perfect life would all, in unison, come to a halt leaving him vulnerable, and hungry for answers and hopefully closure to seek new companionship.

      • • •
      Appearance //
      'Boy Next Door' is the better suited archetype to describe Matt; 5'8; sculpted, lean build; casually groomed beard, symmetric face; Hair, almost always damp, resting to the back; inverted cheek depth, high cheekbones

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      Charlotte Flair
      FULL NAME: Charlotte Elizabeth Flair
      AGE: 33
      INCOME: Herself, none. Wife, Upper middle-class ($62,000 per year)
      OCCUPATION: Stay at home Mom
      MARITAL STATUS: Married
      HOBBIES: Volleyball, Pilates, Trying to start up various motherhood themed groups for the community. 
      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Rebecca Lynch (wife), Adelaide Lynair (daughter)
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Married to Rebecca Lynch, who is investigating the crime. 
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Driven, Composed, Caring
      BACKSTORY: Charlotte Flair was born into a wealthy, privileged family. Her father is a successful businessman who made sure to instil a lot of his values into Charlotte at an early age. For a while Charlotte was even being groomed to take over the family business but then she met Becky and her priorities completely changed. The heir to the Flair dynasty soon found herself skipping important meetings just to spend time with the cute Irish maiden, her dreams changing from taking over from her father to settling down and starting a family. So she traded in her fast city life for the slower pace of life in a small town. That was the plan at least.
      APPEARANCE: 5'10'', Athletic build. With long blonde hair she's considering cutting to make it easier to maintain. Dresses for comfort more than style nowadays but refuses to look a mess. 
      Color Code: Bow down

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      Dana Brooke;


      AGE: 29
      INCOME: Upper class around 100,000 a year
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: bisexual
      OCCUPATION: television editor for the local news station / part-time gown/costume designer for local drag queens
      MARITAL STATUS: single
      HOBBIES: fashion designing, going to concerts, frequenting LGBTQ+ clubs, working out and creating short films in her spare time
      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: TBD since she's pretty new in town
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: she was in charge of editing the footage taken at the crime scene 
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: mysterious, eccentric and chic 
      BACKSTORY: The citizens of Full Sail have only known her for a little over a year. Dana transferred to Full Sail to start her new job at the local news station as an editor, not making much of an impact on the town.  That is until the sun goes down, Dana is a free-spirited bisexual, fun loving party girl at heart and she comes alive at the towns queer bars.  Back in high school Dana was subjected to bullying due to her sexual orientation and her uniqueness, she often was suspended for fighting. 
      APPEARANCE: 5ft. 2in, eyes change from blue to green depending on the season, platinum blonde hair (but she often changes to light-purple or silver), muscular build, very unique style of dressing (creates most of her own clothing)

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      AGE: 28 years.

      INCOME: Upper Middle Class.


      OCCUPATION: Forensic Pathologist.


      MARITAL STATUS: Single.

      HOBBIES: Music, motorbikes, animals, boxing and literature.

      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Becky Lynch (Colleague), Seth Rollins (Colleague), TBD (Romantic Interest)

      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: In charge of the autopsy of the body parts found.

      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Honest, independent, rational, distrustful, serious, quiet and sarcastic.

      BACKSTORY: Corbin's family has lived for generations in Full Sail and are well known by everybody, in fact, if someone ask who these people are the answer will be: "A family full of snobs, classists and idiots that owns most of this area's fishing boats"; a reputation more than well deserved.

      Baron is the only son of Thomas and Elizabeth Corbin and, since he was a teenager, is considered the black sheep of the family. He has never shared the way his family treated the people they consider "inferior" to them, their opinions, beliefs... But Baron forced himself to stand them until he finished studying at the medical school, plus the four years residency (paid by his parents), and got a job as forensic pathologist for the police department of the village. As soon as he saved enough money, he decided to give it back to his parents as a way to end every single atachment with the Corbins (his parents, grandparents, uncles... everyone) and not own them anything.

      This can totally help to understand Baron's personality. He has never been the most popular man or someone that everyone wants to have around, and he is totally ok with it. Baron is one of those guys that enjoys being by himself: walking his dogs, working on his motorcycle, training... Which probably explains why he loves his job so much, because he can be alone most of the time. It's not like Baron feels like having friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend is not his thing, he just thinks that he hasn't met the right people to have that kind of relationship yet; and even though he can be too quiet and serious, he is open to meet new people.

      APPEARANCE: 6'8"; dark brown eyes; long brown hair usually tied in a bum and covered with a beanie; muscular; arms, chest and part of his legs covered with tattoos and short groomed beard. Usually wears shirts (almost always black), skinny jeans, boots and a beanie.

      COLOR CODE: #b22222

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      Sasha Banks



      Full Name: Sasha Mercedes Banks

      Age: 23

      Income: Lower Middle-Class

      Sexual Orientation: Straight

      Occupation: Podcaster/KV’s Bait and Tackle employee

      Nicknames/Aliases: The Boss

      Marital Status: Single

      Hobbies: Podcasting, Investigative Journalism, Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, Listening to Music, Anime

      Friendships/Relationships: Known to be a lone wolf all of her life, Sasha lacks any true friends but for her very short-lived friendship with the late Eva Marie and the recurring faces at her uncle’s bait and tackle shop.

      Connection to the Crime: After learning of the crime, Sasha’s looking to follow and investigate the case, hoping that her stagnant podcast becomes a hit as a result of her work. However, a cloud of guilt hangs over Sasha's head, as she was also near Hunter Lake on the night of the murder, hearing signs of a struggle but not notifying the police for reasons unknown to anybody but herself.

      Personality Traits: Brash, Selfish, Driven


      Backstory: For years, Sasha Banks never worried about herself. The only thing that mattered was her family and their well-being. If they were ever in trouble, she did whatever she could to ensure that they were okay. This mindset made Sasha an isolated and hostile individual, alienating her from all of her peers, leaving her with no support. However, her life drastically changed in just a moment. After decades of gambling and heavy drinking, her father’s immense debt caught up to them, threatening to take away everything the family knew. Just as it all began to crumble, Sasha managed to make an arrangement at the last minute, saving her family from living on the streets. After a heated fight with her parents, Sasha left home and wandered the streets for weeks, with nothing to her name but her pride. Finally having time for herself, Sasha decided to finally pursue the dream she’s had since she was 10 years old: becoming the most renowned journalist in the world. However, with nowhere to go and no money for school, her dream came to a screeching halt. Sasha eventually looked for refuge with her estranged uncle, knowing her family wouldn’t come after her once they knew where she was, and with whom. Spending her newfound free time at the library, Sasha became interested with her town’s strange past. As a result, she tried her hand at podcasting, finding limited success. The lack of progress in her early career began to dishearten Sasha, until the tragic night that Eva Marie was murdered. With the town’s full interest being on the case, Sasha would attempt to take advantage of the situation, unaware that she was tangling herself in a dangerous web that she would not be able to escape.


      Appearance: Standing at 5’ 5”, at first look, Sasha’s a pretty albeit average girl. However, her fiery personality adds to her features, making her rather attractive to those around her. Despite her small frame, Sasha has a muscled and toned body from her hard work at the shop and on the lake docks. Her most defining feature is her bright magenta hair, which she constantly likes to style and change up. She's particularly fond of denim, leather, boots, and anything rough in terms of style.


      Color Code: #C71585

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