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      Full Sail | Premise and Casting

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      Michael Mizanin.

      Age; 28.
      Income; Upper class.
      Sexual orientation
      ; Heterosexual.
      ; Criminal defence attorney.
      Nicknames; Miz, Mike.
      Marital status; Single.

      Hobbies; Golfing, Boxing, Investment banking, Drinking, Working out, Polo, Fencing.
      Relationships/Friendships; Romantic interest (TBD), Eva Marie (Ex-Client).
      Personality traits
      ; Arrogant, Manipulative, Passionate.

      Appearance; Often described as the 'all American boy', a feat refined by his wholesome facial structure and deceiving doe-eyes. Michael stands modestly at 6ft, possessing a masculine physique.  

      Connection to the crime; Whispers of a sordid affair with the victim. 
      Backstory; Building a legal empire has come easy for this Ohio native, especially when considering his dark childhood spent in a failing care-system. Infamously known as possibly the most educated crook on the both coasts,  Mizanin has spent a significant chunk of his adult life dedicated to being a courtroom powerhouse; known for defending America's most undesirable of delinquents with his persuasive acid tongue. The epitome of a hedonistic lifestyle, Mike is accustomed to rubbing shoulders with the heirs of cartel empires, finding that mixing pleasure with work can be promising especially when stepping on 'the little people' has generously provided him with numerous enemies. But what exactly brings him to the small town of Full Sail, and what was really his connection to his client, Eva Marie? 

      Colour code #277693

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      carmella van dale. age. 22 income. Working Class (Formerly Upper Middle Class) sexual orientation. Straight occupation. Diner Waitress nicknames/aliases. 'Mella, Car, Carm marital status. Singl

      MORGAN, OLIVIA "LIV" | t h e   b a s i c s | age ; 19, 21 (Fake ID) // income ; WORKING CLASS sexuality ; HETEROSEXUAL // occupation ; BARTENDER nicknames ; LIV, L-MO // marital status ; SINGLE _ _ _

      seth rollins. age. 24 income. Upper Middle Class sexual orientation. Gay occupation. Police Officer nicknames/aliases. TBD marital status. Single hobbies. CrossFit, Kick-boxing/Martial Arts, Co

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      • Full Name: Amy Dumas
      • Age: 42
      • Income: Lower-Middle Class
      • Sexual Orientation: Straight
      • Occupation: Freelance Photographer/Hacker
      • Nickname/Alias: Lita
      • Marital Status: Divorced/Single
      • Hobbies: Photography, Studying Code, Riding her motorcycle, Traveling, Alien Enthusiast, Reading Conspiracy Theories/Crime Novels, Practicing MMA
      • Friendships/Relationships: (TBA) Admires Sasha Banks. Amy sees a lot of herself in Sasha. Follows her podcasts.
      • Connection to the Crime: While on the job doing work for her freelance photography gig at Hunter Lake, she soon discovers something grim. In the homemade underground dwellings of her darkroom, Amy stares in disbelief at the developing photo. The film portrays a Eva Marie with an unknown figure in her last moments alive. It was blurry and the was image distorted from a surprise attack from a flying bird beforehand. The best she had, she possibly hold one of the strongest pieces of evidence this case might have so far. But who can she trust enough with these details? Certainly not those half-brained cops. She weighs her option in the somber darkroom. Her world thrown into the Full Sail murder of Eva Marie. 
      • Personality Traits: Sarcastic, Serious, Quick Tempered, Loyal, Independent, Analytic, Nonchalant
      • Backstory: It is to say Amy's story would be that one of heartache and turmoil, you know the cliche story one would have that would ultimately shape a woman that could be hard as stone yet loyal to the end. She left her home at the age of 15 after a fallout with her parents that she vowed to her deathbed never to share with anyone. On the run, she winds up in the underworlds of Mexico. She would later befriend a girl around her age that was of major help to her, something she will never forget and take for granted. Living day by day in the fastlane, they developed a bond. Stealing from tourists and men who in their eyes "only wanted to have some fun". One day, it all came crashing down as her friend was gone. Amy searched frantically, only to find the body of her friend. Dead. Horror struck, she fled. She tells herself never to stay in one place for too long because it never seems to work out. And over the years, she has been all over the world. Sleeping and dining wherever, honing in on her new trade of hacking to get her means of living. Her life became a black void, without much promise or purpose. The double edge sword of life blessed her with the opportunities of seeing the world only many can dream of but the curse of living it alone. After her leave from her stay with the indigenous tribes of the Sonoran Desert, she found herself in the middle of Full Sail. This eerie yet majestic little town filled with surprises both unwanted and unpleasant. Why would she ever want to stay here? She didn't know but for some reason she felt compelled. She could deal with the awkward stares and the whispers. She didn't give a fuck. As she was nearing her decision to finally leave, the murder case of Eva Marie grasped her and she couldn't leave. She had to know why. Maybe it was an hidden desire to avenge the death of her fallen friend, to see justice for both women. It was clear Full Sail was gonna be on her horizon for the unforeseeable future. 
      • Appearance: Though she doesn't really see herself as much to be desired, it can be said she is attractive. At 5'6 and 135 Ibs, she may seem defenseless but the use of her MMA trained body mixed her cunning use of her taser will prove otherwise. She finds it amusing to change her hair color depending on the season. Varying it through red to black to chestnut. Amy likes to stay fit with activities that leave her body toned and in shape for anything that comes her way. Her biggest pride lies in her tattoos, which often is cited as stories of her identity. You may find her in her fave rock band tees and simple washed out jeans. Amy believes in simplicity mixed with an earthy vibe. 
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      Love all the apps/stories everyone’s made for their characters, there really isn’t a lot of overlap + everyone fits in the puzzle :shock::excited: 

      I’ll confirm the launch date today. It’ll be some time next week, but I’ll give you a day when I find out my schedule:newspaper: 

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      Joshua Uso (26 yrs. old)

      INCOME: Upper Class ($105,000 per year)

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight. Potentially curious. 
      OCCUPATION: Full-Time Drug Dealer, Bartender (night shifts). 
      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Jey. Uce. The Plug. 
      MARITAL STATUS: Single. 
      HOBBIES: Smoking, Drugs, Gambling, Clubbing.
      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Jimmy Uso (Twin Brother)
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Present in the vicinity of the crime scene conducting a drug deal. 
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Reserved & soft yet clever with an ambitious nature. The "nice" one.


      BACKSTORY: After being birthed into a lifelong lineage of Samoan drug lords, The Usos have welcomed their time to carry on their family's legacy with open arms. As Full Sail Newcomers, they have grown to know every inch and every corner of every city they've lived in like the palm of their hands. It is true what they say -- The Uso's run it and rule it wherever they go, and there is no legal entity that has been able to put a stop to them. 

      Jey Uso is the more level headed of the two. Having come from a larger family, him and his brother always had the protection they needed and developed the balls necessary to carry them through most of their adult lives. "No Fear is Survival" their father always said, and with his clever mindset, boxing background, and unfuckwittable attitude, there is no doubt that Jey -- and Jimmy -- are the perfect heirs to their family's lucrative business. 


      • 6'1 
      • Thick Muscle
      • Long black hair, usually up in a high pony. Always a fresh fade. Fully grown beard. 
      • Tanned skin, sleeve on both arms. 
      • Big diamond earrings.

      COLOR CODE: #5D6D7E

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      Jonathan Uso ( 26 years old.)

      INCOME: Upper Class ($105,000 per year)

      OCCUPATION: Full-Time Drug Dealer, Bartender (night shifts). 
      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Jimmy. Uce.
      MARITAL STATUS: Single. 
      HOBBIES: Smoking, Drugs, Gambling, Clubbing.
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Present in the vicinity of the crime scene conducting a drug deal. 
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Intelligent, Business savy, Hardman


      BACKSTORY: After being birthed into a lifelong lineage of Samoan drug lords, The Usos have welcomed their time to carry on their family's legacy with open arms. As Full Sail Newcomers, they have grown to know every inch and every corner of every city they've lived in like the palm of their hands. It is true what they say -- The Uso's run it and rule it wherever they go, and there is no legal entity that has been able to put a stop to them. 

      Jimmy Uso is the aggressive of the two. Having come from a larger family, him and his brother always had the protection they needed and developed the balls necessary to carry them through most of their adult lives. "No Fear is Survival" their father always said, and with his clever nature, boxing background, and unfuckwittable attitude, there is no doubt that Jimmy -- and Jey -- are the perfect heirs to their family's lucrative business.


      • 6'1 
      • Thick Muscle
      • Long black hair, usually up in a high pony. Always a fresh fade. Fully grown beard. 
      • Tanned skin, sleeve on both arms. 
      • Big diamond earrings.

      COLOR CODE:  #CD6155


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      manny andrade

      FULL NAME: Andrade Manuel Idolo Almas, Jr. 
      AGE: 27
      INCOME: Middle Class (Combination of current working class status and savings)
      OCCUPATION: Stevedore
      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: 'Cien', 'El Idolo', 'Manny Andrade' (in Full Sail)
      MARITAL STATUS: Engaged
      HOBBIES: Watching soccer, drinking and smoking (infrequently), dancing, playing mancala
      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Zelina Vega/Thea Trinidad (fiancée)
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Encountered Eva Marie on her last night alive.
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Intelligent, careful, witty, confident, daring, passionate, impulsive

      BACKSTORY: Andrade Almas, Jr. has always been considered ingobernable, but, as of late, his hands have been forced to play by the rules. Born into a southern Californian gunrunning business originally ran by his late father, Andrade (operating under the codename 'Cien') blossomed as the young heir apparent to the aptly-named Los Ingobernables, dedicated to providing the Latino community a unique source of power in place of the basic powers that the government and society had been so desperate to take away from them. While noble in thought and debatable in practice, the organization was abruptly disbanded one night after a disgruntled gang known for inciting particularly needless violence overtook the operation and sentenced Andrade and his bride-to-be, Zelina Vega, to death. While they've narrowly avoided a grim fate in the past, settling down in Full Sail has become a semi-permanent solution.

      With Andrade adopting his new identity of "Manny Andrade," he works as a humble stevedore, packing and stocking goods on the docks on the western part of town. While the modest setting is good on his spirit, he remains clairvoyant in his understanding of life on borrowed time, and tries to make the most of it with his amada.

      APPEARANCE: 5'9'', bulky muscle from his physical line of work. Fair tan, despite northernmost surroundings. Longshort hair, in a trendy cut that allows him to tie it up into a man-bun, but is often concealed completely beneath his beanie when outdoors and in public.

      COLOR CODE: #95beed

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      Full Sail will premiere on January 8th, 2018. That is when the role-playing thread will open, so be sure to post your applications beforehand. :newspaper: I will disperse more information throughout the weekend to prep everyone for the big opening. Thanks so much to everyone for their continued interest and support in the game!

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      AGE: 31 years.

      INCOME: Middle Class.


      OCCUPATION: Private investigator.


      MARITAL STATUS: Single.

      HOBBIES: Traveling, cooking, smoking and practicing judo.

      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Manny Andrade (Pursued).

      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Arrived in Full Sail the same day Eva was found dead.

      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Adventurous, daring, intuitive, devious and stubborn.

      BACKSTORY: Maxine is one of those women who doesn't follow the rules or can be told what to do, maybe that's why she never achieved her goal of becoming a cop in Tampa, where she is from. Instead, she started working as a private investigator, taking little jobs at first and gaining a reputation for her efficiency and ways to always get what she wants.

      Her latest client is a gang (with a very bad reputation but tons of money) currently looking for a couple of latinos that, in the own group words: "Needs to pay for what they've done". Like every other job, Maxine started to follow the clues she obtained after an interview with some members of the gang and trick close people to the couple. Apparently, the man was living in Canada and the woman died shortly after escape from California. For six months, Max looked for the man known as 'Cien' in said place but got absolutely nothing, and, when she was about to give up, the fiery latina received a call that changed everything. One of her sources revealed to her that 'Cien' could be living in a place called Full Sail, in British Columbia, so, with nothing to lose, she decided to fly to the village to continue her investigation.

      Only hours after Maxine arrived in the place, a mutilated body appeared in the Hunter Lake, turning every person in Full Sail in suspects; specially, the latina who arrived in the city the same day the body was found, Maxine. Now, while looking for 'Cien', she's also showed interest in trying to find out even more about this crime in order to get some retribution in exchange for the information she can get.

      APPEARANCE: 5'4"; light brown eyes; dark hair usually loose; fit but keeping her latina curves. She prefeers to go unnoticed, so she uses to wear tight and dark clothes.

      COLOR CODE: #4B0082

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      Nia Jax

      AGE: 29
      INCOME: Upper class 
      OCCUPATION: Unemployed
      MARITAL STATUS: Divorced
      HOBBIES: Drinking and smoking to cope with her life.
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Had a close bond with Eva Marie
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Temperamental, erratic, and confused
      BACKSTORY: After going through a tumultuous divorce Nia returned to the small town of Full Sail to face further trauma. The loss of her childhood friend. All that she has left of her friend is a voicemail she received days before her murder. Returning to the town solely to see her friend, Nia must start from the beginning and forge new relationships in order to find her friend's killer. With support from her family Nia has resources that many others aren't able to get and nothing will stop her from doing everything she can to avenge her friend. 
      APPEARANCE: 5'5 and thick,with strong features that intimidate both men and women.

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      Thea Trinidad”

      Full Name: Zelina Thea Vega

      AGE: 25
      INCOMEMiddle Class
      SEXUAL ORIENTATIONHeterosexual
      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Trini, Thea Trinidad (in Full Sails)
      HOBBIESDancing, Running, Window shopping
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Encountered Eva on her last night alive.
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Hot tempered, Ambitious, Intelligent, Impulsive, Passionate

      BACKSTORY: Zelina Vega would meet the love of her life two years ago at a club. She was a very successful dance instructor, and he told her he was in business. They would fall in love with each other instantly, and with that, he would reveal what “business” he was in. She loved him anyways. She gave up her business because she loved him (and for the concern his business would bring to her business). That love for him would be rewarded when he proposed to her one bitter-sweet morning. She cries as he drops to his knees as he says those faithful words: “Will you marry me?” She says yes and then a “BAM” in the distant.

      Andrade told Zelina a lot of things, but what he didn’t tell Zelina was that people were very mad at Andrade and his dad business practices. Their home overrun by a gang who now wants their blood, Zelina and Andrade find themselves on the run and fighting for their lives. They now find themselves in Full Sails where they seek to make a new life… Buuut, Zelina can’t help herself when she thinks about all the things she had. She wants it back, but can she maintain her anonymity and the safety of herself and the love of her life?

      APPEARANCE: 5’1, no tattoos, she wears her expensive wedding ring at all times.

      Color Code:  #BE1515

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      FULL NAME: Paige Turner
      AGE: 21
      INCOME: Working-class
      OCCUPATION: Works at the Shades and Shadows Magic Shop, owned by her Grandma 
      MARITAL STATUS: Single
      HOBBIES: Sleeping, Practising Wicca, Sleeping
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Eva was wearing jewellery bought at her store
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Free spirited, Dark, Mysterious
      BACKSTORY: Paige used to come to Full Sail every Summer to visit her Grandma. She loved her trips to Full Sail, her grandma always had a special way of making the town seem magical. The tragic and mysterious disappearance of her parents three years ago forced her to take up residence in the small town permanently, with her grandma being her only living relative. Since arriving Paige has mostly kept to herself, becoming almost reclusive at times, which has led to a lot of speculation from the people of Full Sail and with the disappearance of her parents being under the circumstances it is rumours about her involvement have spread but to Paige they were nothing more than idle gossip. Recently Paige had been seen around the town a lot more than usual and now with this current tragedy unfolding she can't help but think all eyes will be back on her again.
      APPEARANCE: 5ft8, Dark black hair with the occasional ombre of various colours towards the end, dresses fashionable but always with a gothic edge that makes her stand out
      Colour Code: Light as a feather

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         Alicia Fox?

      AGE. 24.
      INCOME. Middle class - $64,000.
      OCCUPATION(S). Dental nurse. Amateur model.
      Nicknames/aliases. Foxy. ‘Miss Full Sail’.
      MARITAL STATUS. Single.
      HOBBIES. Wicca. Modelling. Clubbing. Yoga. Reiki. Volunteering at local animal shelters.
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME. Known dislike for Eva Marie dating back to their school days.
      PERSONALITY TRAITS. Bubbly. Naïve. Instinctive. Mischievous. Eccentric. Endearing. Cunning.
      BACKSTORY. It doesn't take an edition of ‘The Secret’ to see how good the universe has been to Alicia Fox; being the object of both many men’s and women’s desires, winning the tile of 'Miss Full Sail' for the third consecutive year, landing a comfortable job at her father’s cosmetic dentistry clinic – and how? The power of Wicca – according to Alicia herself anyway. But beware of the constant grin plastered upon her perfectly contoured face, because every good girl has a bad side waiting – especially for the right companion. 
      APPEARANCE.  Alicia possesses a model-esque body standing at 5’7”, her signature piercing blue-eyed contacts are complimented by naturally curly caramel ombre hair often prone to change of style.

      Colour code: #f20056

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      The next app will be the final character included on the pre-season release of the soundtrack, which is basically a playlist I made up of songs that I thought apply based on the backstories you provided. :mariah: 

      Don’t worry if you miss the cut this round, it’ll be re-released post-season with songs based on specific scenes and moments. I’m already at 21 tracks, so I’m just trying not to push it in terms of length. :rot: 

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      Maryse Ouellet

      Full Name: Maryse Ouellet

      Age: 28

      Income: Upper Class ($65,000 from her personal income, Additional from her parents)

      Sexual Orientation: Straight

      Occupation: Prosecutor

      Nicknames/Aliases: N/A

      Marital Status: Single

      Hobbies: Shopping, Working Out, Yoga, Romantic Comedies, Drinking, Clubbing, Eating chocolate cake

      Friendships/Relationships: Acquaintance with Eva Marie, Well-known around town as a result of her family.

      Connection to the Crime: Assigned to Eva Marie’s murder for her first major case, Maryse is put in charge of finding and convicting the monster responsible for the young woman’s death. Maryse also knew Eva from Washington’s social circles, and was one of Eva’s major detractors. Her past behavior is a constant source of conflict for the reformed prosecutor.

      Personality Traits: Confident, Demanding, Vindictive


      Backstory: Young, charismatic and beautiful; the French Canadian socialite Maryse Ouellet seemed destined to follow in her mother’s Louboutin-clad footsteps. With her family moving down to Washington for business purposes, it seemed like she’d climb to the top of Washington’s social hierarchy, inherit her family’s multi-million dollar company, marry a successful corporate giant, and live the rest of her days in pure bliss and vanity. With her vicious attitude and her materialistic views, it seemed like it was all but certain that this was the path she would take. However, a mysterious personal tragedy in the young woman’s life would change her course drastically. Gone were the days of only wanting designer clothes, splendid parties and luxurious trips abroad; Maryse was dead set on changing the criminal justice system from wronging anyone else. Turning down her family’s company in order to become a prosecutor, tensions were high before she left home. Relocating to her family’s summer lake house in the small town of Full Sail, Maryse moved in search of a more peaceful life and a starting point for her ambitious career, unaware that she would soon find herself drowning in danger, betrayal and the lingering sins she had committed in her mysterious past.


      Appearance: Dangerously stunning, 5’ 8”, long platinum blonde hair that she likes to curl and occasionally straighten. Shapely and toned, all as a result of a health conscious diet and one or two surgical procedures. Her closet is filled with ensembles from high-end boutiques to pieces that are straight off the runway, all very stylish and never unappealing.


      Color Code: #D87093

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      A fun little gift from me to y'all for signing up and showing interest in an idea made off of a whim :crying: below is a playlist with songs based off of all of the characters who have been applied for so far, mixed with a few songs just added for theme's sake. enjoy the listen/see you on monday!

      1. lithium (eva marie)
      2. no light, no light (becky lynch)
      3. sweetest devotion (charlotte flair)
      4. death of a strawberry (seth rollins)
      5. rose-colored boy (matt sydal)
      6. just like you (baron corbin)
      7. the reckoning (lita)
      8. soul glitch (sasha banks)
      9. neighbors (the usos)
      10. cranes in the sky (nia jax)
      11. hell of a night (liv morgan)
      12. pretty little birds (carmella)
      13. bad girls (zelina vega)
      14. tu no metes cabra (andrade almas)
      15. professional (maxine)
      16. rockstar (the miz)
      17. power (maryse)
      18. i didn't just come here to dance (dana brooke)
      19. van vogue (alicia fox)
      20. this close (paige)
      21. decode

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      7 minutes ago, Cooksie said:

      A fun little gift from me to y'all for signing up and showing interest in an idea made off of a whim :crying: below is a playlist with songs based off of all of the characters who have been applied for so far, mixed with a few songs just added for theme's sake. enjoy making your guesses/listening to these bops!

      1. lithium
      2. no light, no light
      3. sweetest devotion
      4. death of a strawberry
      5. rose-colored boy
      6. just like you
      7. the reckoning
      8. soul glitch
      9. neighbors
      10. cranes in the sky
      11. hell of a night
      12. pretty little birds
      13. bad girls
      14. tu no metes cabra
      15. professional
      16. rockstar
      17. power
      18. i didn't just come here to dance
      19. van vogue
      20. this close
      21. decode

      My ass being too lazy to decipher this. :crying:


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      Since Becky is gonna be tied up in bigger overarching plot, I'll app one more so I have two people ready for open scenes that I know y'all would take to nnn. The character limit will be three, but third characters will only be granted if you're 1) active upon opening and 2) have something moving for your other characters. Don't overwhelm yourselves! :newspaper: 


      dash wilder
      FULL NAME: Daniel Jacob Wilder
      AGE: 25
      INCOME: Middle Class ($40,000 a year)
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight (2 on the Kinsey Scale?)
      OCCUPATION: Mechanic (day-time), bartender (night-time)
      MARITAL STATUS: Single
      HOBBIES: Dog walks, frowning, fantasy football, occasional gambling, "movie" binging
      FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Liv Morgan (co-worker)
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Familiar with Eva Marie due to her frequenting his nightclub; may or may not have served her last beverage.
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Dismissive, brash, guarded, cynical, condescending, complex.

      BACKSTORY: Actions speak louder than words. While smart-aleck supreme Daniel "Dash" Wilder may have a heavy arsenal of quips at the ready in his burly sleeve, he's always found the way in which he conducts his business are often the most telling. Raised in Full Sail under a household rejecting of politicians, celebrities and materialistic virtues, while he's certainly not as dull as his Mom and Pop, he's kept his savvy where need be. Taking pride in getting his hands dirty as a mechanic and finding a twisted amusement in having a first-row seat to the decadence of man in one of Full Sail's few nightclubs, while he may not be the richest man in the world, Dash Wilder definitely considers himself to be one of the smarter ones. And for that much? He'll deal.

      APPEARANCE: 5'11''. Muscular, beneath fatty exterior due to rejection of superficial workout programs. Short hair, trimmed beard. Half-groomed body hair with a few easily concealable tattoos.

      COLOR CODE: #85a39b


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