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      Full Sail | Premise and Casting

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      carmella van dale. age. 22 income. Working Class (Formerly Upper Middle Class) sexual orientation. Straight occupation. Diner Waitress nicknames/aliases. 'Mella, Car, Carm marital status. Singl

      MORGAN, OLIVIA "LIV" | t h e   b a s i c s | age ; 19, 21 (Fake ID) // income ; WORKING CLASS sexuality ; HETEROSEXUAL // occupation ; BARTENDER nicknames ; LIV, L-MO // marital status ; SINGLE _ _ _

      seth rollins. age. 24 income. Upper Middle Class sexual orientation. Gay occupation. Police Officer nicknames/aliases. TBD marital status. Single hobbies. CrossFit, Kick-boxing/Martial Arts, Co

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      ☈OMAN ☈EIGNS

      GjwOHYD.png DWqG63S.png kxeNYOD.png

      FULL NAME: Roman Reigns    AGE: Unknown (recorded as 27)    INCOME: Rural
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight    OCCUPATION: Not Available    MARITAL STATUS: Single
      HOBBIES: Cage-fighting, CrossFit, Javelin  
        SHIPS: Corey Graves (confidante/mentor)
      NICKNAMES: “The Dark Knight", "The Big Dog"     CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Not Available
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cold, stoic, aggressive, gruff, ruthless, sadistic, world-weary, loyal, quiet

      BACKSTORY: One of the many lost souls who found purpose alongside the manipulative sociopath Corey Graves, Roman has always fancied himself a classic warrior, having grown up with a large family in the Canadian wilderness. Nothing came easy for him, especially after his entire bloodline was brutally murdered and he was left alone. There, as a young boy, he spent the subsequent years of his life fighting for survival all throughout the Pacific Northwest and later found himself in the path of Corey, who offered him the family he lost. Since then, he’s taken on the role of enforcer, developing near superhuman strength, physicality and invulnerability through “specialized” training. Now, in the wake of Corey’s return to Full Sail, Washington and his shocking turn as town mayor, Roman made his way to the town as well, eager to remain faithful to his confidante’s cause and assume the new position requested of him.
      APPEARANCE: Long jet black mane, with matching, well-groomed stubble. Thick, square jawline. Gray eyes framed by thick, dark brows. Brooding, tall and statuesque. 6’3”; incredibly muscular, chiseled physique, with peak definition due to his intense fitness regime and discipline. Tree trunk thighs. Symbolic tattoo over his pectoral muscle and arm. Minimalist fashion sense, with dark colors, beaters, flannels, construction/combat boots and leather jackets.

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      37722119_2182652098422252_72053671444296 41767542_240608863250580_553083529529380
      𝕬𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓 𝕰𝖓𝖌𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖍

      𝕬GE: 24 𝕴NCOME: 𝖀pper Class 𝕾EXUAL ORIENTATION: Pansexual
      𝕺CCUPATION: Historian
      𝕸ARITAL STATUS: Single
      𝕳OBBIES:  Reading, Working out
      𝕻ERSONALITY TRAITS: Charming, Discipline, a tad bit naive
      𝕭ACKSTORY: Aiden English was born into the perfect wealthy family all the way in England. They celebrated all the holidays. Did all the school related activities.  Aiden would excel in everything that came in front of him, but he was particularly fond of Wicca. Wicca wasn't particularly something smiled upon among his coworkers, but Aiden didn't really care, he found connection to it. One day while reading, he came across something shocking; A man who looked just like him. He ripped the page out and would show it to his mother who would call Aiden crazy for thinking he was a decedent of Wicca. Aiden demanded answers and his mom would soon reveal to him the truth that he was a Warlock. Aiden was shocked, but also relieved because he always felt he was missing something in his life. His mom would go on to reveal that his father had suppressed his abilities and the only way to undo it was for a someone from his father's bloodline to unlock it. Aiden didn't think much of it and went to go get his dad. She stopped him and revealed one more truth to him: The man he knew as his father was NOT his father, another man was. Aiden would learn that he was a child of an affair, and the man that was his bio father had moved to New York. Aiden didn't know what to do, but his mom did. She went to her draw and pulled out a picture of a girl. She hands it to Aiden and tell him that his half sister is the only one that can help him be who he really is since his father is no longer with him. Aiden gets emotional as he just learned about and lost his bio dad in one day. His mom ensures him that the decision to protect him was mutual, but if he wanted to be who he was he had to go to Full Sails to find it. She has been sending money every once in a while to help his grandma raise his half sister. Without hesitation, Aiden grabbed everything he needed, told his parents he loved them and then was off to Full Sails to learn and unlock the side of him that has been hidden for so long.
      𝕬PPEARANCE: 6'1 . Usually wears glasses and dresses in fitted T-shirts and Jeans most of the time.

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      Scarlett Bordeaux


      Age: 20. Income: Upper Class. Sexual Orientation: Pansexual. Occupation: Student.

      Marital Status: Single. Hobbies: Partying, drinking, sex, smoking... Ships: TBD.

      Personality Traits: Seductive, manipulative, sadistic, spiteful...

      Backstory: If someone ever said that the young, sweet and naive Scarlett Bordeaux, would turn out to be what she is today;  no one would have believed it. Once a shy and introverted person, the younger of the Bordeaux family household changed drastically over a night out that she'll never forget.

      Scarlett was born and raised in a Jewish upper class family where she always got what she wanted... except for freedom. From an early age, she was homeschooled and forced into her parents' strongly religious beliefs, not having any contact with anyone not approved by those authoritarian, and at times phisically abusive, parents. But at her 20, tired of living in a golden cage, Scarlett decided to escape to live the experience that she should have lived many years ago: a crazy night out; and it certainly was a crazy one, because that was the last she experienced as a human. The memories lived that night were, and still are, blurred because of the alcohol, euphoria and the deep desire of making all the mistakes she never had the chance to make; but there are still some moments she can remember: leaving the pub by herself, walk down the street, find a man, feeling incredibly attracted to him and... waking up with two deep bites in her neck. Since that night, no one in Full Sail knew about her or where she was in almost six months, time enough for her to finally change and leave behind the life she'd always hated.

      Now, this "ten" is back in Full Sail, and she'll make sure that no one can forget the name of Scarlett Bordeaux.

      Appearance: 5'7, voluptuous and blonde platinum hair; Scarlett's image is the most important thing for her. She tends to wear the most sexy and risky outfits, and needless to say, her make up always is as perfect as she considers herself to be.

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      April Jeanette Mendez
      AGE: 23 years old
      INCOME: Bartending: around 12 per hour not including tips. Freelancing: typically pulls in $150 or so per month.
      OCCUPATION: Bartender and freelance writer
      NICKNAMES: AJ and Ape
      MARITAL STATUS: Single
      HOBBIES: Writing, painting, reading (especially graphic novels and comics books), and practicing her witchcraft.
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: April heard about the news through an old friend that lives in Full Sail and it caught her attention.
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: Kind, sarcastic, and curious
      BACKSTORY: April Mendez comes from a long line of witches. A quality that she'd always taken pride in, her mother told her stories of the witches before her that lived in Full Sail. She didn't have many memories of the place itself since her family-upon her father's request-moved when AJ was about five, but her mother's stories always intrigued her. While her family didn't have the best living situation-they relocated to New York, Puerto Rico for a short amount of time, and New Jersey-her mom was her best friend. AJ and her father never got along and fought constantly as she got older. Home life was everything but peaceful...but that's where she leaned on her mom the most. Her mother and grandmother taught her everything she knew about witchcraft. Her 'gift' was something that AJ considered an escape, but also a duty to her family to learn. Nothing emphasized this more than when April lost her mother at the age of 17. With her confidant unexpectedly murdered, AJ ran away from home and became somewhat of a drifter. She moved from place to place finding jobs at shops, diners, and bars. She also always had a love for writing, so she would write short stories in her down time. She remained determined on honing her craft not only for herself, but to make her mother proud. It wasn't until she was older when a childhood friend she tended to keep up with reached out to her about the murder that happened at Full Sail. That's when AJ knew she had to return. There was no ifs, ands, or buts...she had to go back to her hometown.
      APPEARANCE: Short woman with Puerto Rican roots. She had long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. AJ tends to lean more toward a casual skinny jean, t-shirt, flannel, and coverse or combat boot type of style. She has a petite but athletic built.
      COLOR CODE: #C71585

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