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Cameron Says AJ Lee Could Be "Difficult to Work With Sometimes"

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3 hours ago, Tessa said:

Girl you really arguing because I said bitch instead of person? We really got to go.....

You're welcome to think it doesn't make sense. I just don't think you put any effort into understanding it.

I see we will be pretending the Bella Twins and AJ irl feud never happened to serve our arguments, which is fine. I don't think we need to keep arguing when you clearly have convinced yourself that AJ Lee is a perfect saint who never did anything, never had any feelings of hate for anybody when she clearly did, and never meant anything that she said on TV despite reports to the contrary continually. What I said in my original post was that her annoying character fed into annoying incel smarks and made the entire community toxic during her horrible iron fist reign; the so-called character she put no part of herself into bred a slutshaming and misogynistic environment in the WWE that took years to recover from. She took what the smarks were saying, said it on TV, and enabled their behavior. She set back the women's division period. 

While we're misunderstanding points, go back to my original post PLEASE. Thanks x.

Cameron spoke on one specific incident, while also adding that she still loves and respects her. You're putting weight on that one incident/testimonial and generalizing it. That's illogical and dumb. And yes, again, what you said makes no sense, so I'm delighted that you're allowing me to think as much?

What I didn't say, however, was that the feud between AJ and the Bellas didn't happen. I also didn't say AJ was perfect. The last sentence in my first post quoting you literally says the opposite. But no one is, not even the opposing parties, which you should bear in mind since you seem to take personal issue with all of this. Also, the sentence I bolded when I quoted you originally was just absolutely bullshit, as I proved, and still is. Again, the point just seemed to go over your head, perhaps because you lack critical thinking skills. I never addressed or argued about the culture she fed into because that's not wrong. But to actually say she BRED the slutshaming and misogynistic environment in the WWE, as if female talent weren't barking like dogs on all fours, or insinuating other female talent were sleeping around the locker room, all well before AJ even hit puberty is :skull:. Yet I'm delusional.

Anyhow, you need to find a better way to channel all this energy for a girl you claim to have stopped stanning in 2013 "or whenever she used to be popular" (haha, drag, i'm gagged!!1), rather than being super mad and embarrassing yourself on a public forum you've barely contributed to up to this point.

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Mariah is so ugly.

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