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      Face Claims The name of the actor or model you will be using to portray your character. Face claims are limited to actors, models and musicians active/relevant between the years 1998 and 2003; they also must have reached 18 years of age by December 2000. Unfortunately, we will not be permitting politicians, athletes, wrestlers or other personalities from the decade, in order to be able to make references to the setting. For musicians, models and actors, the face claim must not be referenced at all in game if they are claimed. Also be sure that whichever face claim you decide upon matches up aesthetically with the year the game is set. Example being if you are using Brad Pitt as a face claim, make sure he looks as he would in the year 2000 or around that time/as close to that time as possible. Accuracy is key, so try to be as accurate as possible when selecting your face claim and your photos/GIFs. If applicable, also note that your face claim/character does not necessarily have to be the same gender as the god or goddess you have reincarnated from; however, we’d like to keep the male to female ratio as balanced as possible, so we’ll deal with it on a case by case basis. To reserve, just post your claim, your name, the time (EST) and date. Reservations will expire after five days. You are allowed one extension period of an additional five days, but you must notify admin. A-M Face Claim Character Angelina JolieJessica Taylor-Bloomwood Brad PittNathaniel Devereaux Britney SpearsEmma De Angelo Chad Michael MurrayRiver Hansen Colin FarrellEthan Clarke Freddie Prinze Jr.Andrew Avila James FrancoJulian De Angelo Johnny DeppJack Forrester Jordana BrewsterAurora Keller Keanu ReevesIra Brennan Leonardo DiCaprioAugust Keller Liv TylerCassandra Belmont N-Z Face Claim Character Paul WalkerRobert Carter II Penelope CruzMelisa Reyes Tom CruiseDawson Clarke Usher RaymondRomeo Moore RESERVES Face Claim Name / Date Neve CampbellPalpatine, 04/19 at 9:42 PM EST Lucy LiuKiki, 04/25 at 7:26 PM EST Jessica AlbaJake, 04/25 at 9:40 PM EST Tom WellingDelvorn, 05/15 at 11:20 PM EST Natalie PortmanDaphne, 05/16 at 9:55 PM EST
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      Canon Claims Claimed gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. If the character you're submitting an application for is a mortal, this form is not required. To reserve, just post your claim, your name, the time and date. Reservations will expire after five days. You are allowed one extension period of an additional five days, but you must notify admin. A-M Canon Claim Character AphroditeEmma De Angelo ApolloAugust Keller AresRobert Carter II ArtemisAurora Keller CaerusJack Forrester DemeterCassandra Belmont DionysusJulian De Angelo DolosIra Brennan HadesDawson Clarke HeraJessica Taylor-Bloomwood HermesAndrew Avila HestiaMelisa Reyes N-Z Canon Claim Character PoseidonNathaniel Devereaux ZeusEthan Clarke God NameCharacter Name God NameCharacter Name RESERVES Canon Claim Username / Date AthenaPalpatine, 04/19 at 9:42 PM EST ThanatosDelvorn, 05/15 at 11:20 PM EST PersephoneDaphne, 05/16 at 9:55 PM EST
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