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      General Rules and Guidelines

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      General Rules Our rules are not particularly complex, but we are up front about what we expect from our members both old and new. In addition to board rules, we've added several common sense rules as a reminder. The admin has final say concerning how these rules are applied and enforced. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact admin privately for help.

      I. You must be 18+ to join as posts may contain adult content. We require the use of content and trigger warnings throughout the forum as a courtesy (i.e.; an [M] in the title of scene threads, a trigger warning disclaimer using specialized font before posts).

      II. Be respectful and courteous. That’s common human decency. Members that behave inappropriately, be it on the forum itself or in our Discord server, will be asked to leave. We have no patience for intolerance or bigoted behavior, in addition to immaturity and rudeness. We have a zero tolerance rule regarding bullying, harassment, and general clownery. Our community is close-knit and familial and will remain that way.

      III. We ask that you try to post once every two weeks (once a week for canons). The forum relies on activity to progress plots and themes. Without activity, the game plummets. While admin does control several major characters and perhaps some NPC, we need help from members to make the site enjoyable and healthy. If you do not think you can meet the activity requirement of your character, please speak to me as soon as possible. We are very flexible, so speak up! If you do not make the outlined posting requirements, your character will be deemed inactive and will be available for someone else to claim. At this point the member can decide whether to continue with what you built or start anew; either option must be discussed and planned out with admin.

      IV. All in-character threads (or “scenes”) must be titled, set in time and feature any content warnings, if applicable. The game will feature chapters, taking place over a small portion of time. If the current chapter in-game is announced to be set from January 2000 to February 2000, then all threads/scenes must take place within those two months (i.e.; January and February). When the in-game chapter changes, the admin will update everyone via announcement/event and finished threads will be moved to the archives, while unfinished threads will be hidden from view. Please feel free to use the Time Paradox for threads taking place before the in game start date or in the distant past. Furthermore, you are not required to do so, but we highly recommend taking the initiative to make tracker threads in order to sort your threads/scenes in chronological order. Content warnings or trigger warnings are required if the thread will explore mature content. We have no restriction on written adult sexual content, but the emphasis of our site is on the dynamics—be it political, romantic, platonic—of our characters.

      V. Time and era appropriate references are allowed. But due to us using face claims from the late 90s/early 00s, please limit your references to music, trends, technology, global events and politics, only (all of which will remain unchanged in this universe unless indicated otherwise). Film or TV references, however, are not to be made under any circumstance, otherwise you ruin the immersion/suspension of disbelief. If your character is watching a movie or TV series, you can describe it, name the genre or create a fictitious title, but you should not make mention of its real world name or the actors. References to musical artists can be made unless the artist is being used as a face claim. Always remember that this is an alternate universe. If you’d rather just steer away from references altogether in order to maintain the peace, do so, please.

      VI. We have no formal word count requirement. However, we do not allow 'one-liners' or low quality posts. We believe in quality over quantity, so use your discretion when writing responses.

      VII. Inactive characters will be sorted as inactive and their threads archived. If you would like to return to the forums and your character was not taken by another member, just PM a member of admin. We can also un-archive unfinished threads. This exception to this rule are canon characters, who will be deleted to allow someone else to play the canon.

      VIII. Advertising is permitted without an account. Please do so in the appropriate location. If you’re linking first, post in the first link forum. If an advertisement was made on your site first, post in the link back forum.
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      In-Character Rules I. Do not make more characters than you can handle. You are allowed two characters maximum to begin. After that, you may contact an admin about additional characters, but you cannot make a new character until your previous two reach a minimum of 10 IC posts each. Admin reserves the right to deny the creation of new characters if we believe other characters are not being utilized appropriately or we want to give others a chance. If you would like to drop a character, you need to speak to admin. Anyone found to be abusing the system will be dealt with appropriately.

      II. We are a death enabled roleplay. Your character could die, permitting their special abilities, but especially if they are mortal. While it sounds negative on paper, that’s what makes this game so exciting and compelling! While admin (or other players) won't kill off your character on a whim or without your discretion/the discretion of the others involved, your character may be put in a situation where they could potentially die (or be seriously injured) depending on their actions. Character consequences are realistic to the climate of the roleplay. However, since certain characters are immortal, deaths may not be permanent. In such cases, character death results in a 7 day OOC waiting period until you are able to return to IC activities or “revive” your character. Be wary, if you choose to not roleplay the week following your 7 day waiting period, your character will be deemed inactive and placed on the open characters list.

      III. Character deaths require admin approval. In tandem with the above rule, you are more than welcome to drop a character - but if you plan to kill them off, you need to talk to admin. We highly discourage players from killing off their characters in an attempt to make room for a new one. We expect players to work through issues they may have with their character, rather than running to give them a noose.

      IV. There shall be no meta gaming or power-playing or whatever else puts you unfairly ahead of others. With the surreptitious nature of some parts of the site, not all information is known to all characters. Please be mindful that what you discuss OOC is not to be used IC. Your characters should be independent of you.

      V. Notify admin to archive finished threads. Completed threads/scenes should be linked in your tracker and the link also private messaged to admin. Completed scenes are awarded with bonus reputation/likes in addition to the 50 likes that are automatically added to your account every time you start a new scene. These likes are predominantly for bragging rights, but can be utilized later in ways to be announced.

      If you have any questions, please contact me privately on Discord or via PM.
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      Glossary As this game is located within an established forum website, rather than having an entire website of its own, we’ve tried to make things as organized as possible. If you’re new to how these particular type of role playing games work, below is a list of the different functions or terms and a directory linking where to find them.

      NEWS: This game features chaptered storytelling. The main plot or story arc will be divided into different chapters, set over a period of time which will be announced. Any major developments, changes to power sets, politics, environment, etc. will be announced under the news section.

      TOUR AND CLASSIFIEDS:list of the various locales spread throughout the city, divided into their different districts. Members will be permitted to suggest settings and businesses of their own within the thread. Specific canon characters will already reside in specific locations.

      REGISTRATION / APPLICATION: Detailed in "Moirai", the registration and application section. Applications are to be made as individual threads using the assigned template (an admin will make sure it’s formatted correctly to maintain cohesiveness/the aesthetic) and upon approval will be moved to the shipper (also known as plotter) section.

      CLAIMS: This is where you select a god to have your character reincarnated from, a 90s based face claim and a character name. All claims will be listed here and kept up to date per your notification of an approved application.

      ABSENCES: Detailed in the absence thread. You must keep us as informed as possible regarding absences or if you’re leaving the game.

      SHIPPERS: Also known as plotters. Once an application is approved, it will be moved to this forum. Members may reply to your shipper thread and suggest storyline or thread/scene ideas. It is not a requirement, but it is encouraged in order for everyone to get a chance at actually enjoying the game.

      TRACKERS: This is where, using the assigned templates, you will make threads dedicated to keep all your scenes organized chronologically. These are called “trackers” and should be named after your character, followed by the word "journey" (i.e.; Joe's Journey). In simplest terms, think of it as your personal "Table of Contents".

      WANTED ADS: Need someone for your awesome storyline idea? Want to be involved in a romantic relationship? Want to grow your family tree? This section is where you will post threads indicating in detail what you’re looking for, in hopes that someone will respond to the ad and apply for the character you need, thus making your storyline dreams come true

      THREADS / SCENES: Commonly known on this forum as “scenes”, but elsewhere in the RP community as “threads”, this is where all the magic happens. Each scene or thread must be an individual thread, created and titled appropriately by one of the members involved. All posts absolutely must use the template given for cohesiveness/aesthetic purposes. A scene must have at least two people participating, but the maximum is up to you to decide, just as long as you can control it and accomplish what you discussed/set out to accomplish. Just tag the member when it’s their turn to reply and notify admin when the scene or thread is finished. Additionally, you may post an “open” thread or scene, meaning anyone can reply and engage with you, rather than planning things out beforehand. We encourage responding to open scenes so those who might not have a fully developed storyline can get in the mix or keep your respective activity up. Alternatively, use a comm. thread. More details below.

      COMM. THREADS: Threads or "scenes" that take place over e-mail or instant messages are classified as communication threads and take place here. Inspired by the new technology age of the year 2000, feel free to utilize this section if ever you lack the muse to do a full fledged scene. Furthermore, use it to flesh out your character(s).
      MIXTAPES: Also use these to further flesh out your character, by posting a tracklist of songs inspired by a particular character or ship. Found here.

      BLOGS: Another way to flesh out your character, in case your muse may lack, found here. With free reign to design your posts however you want, you may blog as your character and tell of specific experiences, emotions, etc. that other characters may not know. These revelations will become canon, so be mindful.

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