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Tour and Classifieds

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Tour and Classifieds

The various locales and businesses spread throughout the entire county of Olympia, California. If you'd like to add a location, just post your location request  below, along with the name of your potential location.

Divided into four districts, Olympia, California is as diverse, unique and action-packed as it's inspiration, Los Angeles County. From the crowded shores of Atlantis Beach (based on Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach), to the dark, fast-paced lifestyles existing amidst the concrete jungle of Downtown Olympia (Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard). The golden crested mountains of Ida Hills (Beverly Hills), to the quiet, serene villas of Arcadia (Glendale, Pasadena). Atlantis Beach, Olympia, California Atlantis Pier (boardwalks and amusement park) Sirens (strip club) Lion's Head (restaurant and bar) The Trident (surf shop) Ida Hills, Olympia, California Illiad Crescent (an elite, gated community in Ida Hills) Downtown Olympia / Erebus Square, Olympia, California Erebus Square Subway and Bus Station Olympia Police Department Headquarters Olympia-Harmony General Hospital OABC Channel 7 (a local news and television network studio, owned by ABC) Elysium (popular nightclub; electronica/trip hop/rave/techno/house/big beat)Styx + Stones (concert venue and nightclub; alternative rock) Golden Apple (popular restaurant and cafe) Sacred Way Lofts (a series of apartments in Downtown Olympia) The Averna Hotel (a creepy, prominent, local hotel) Philosopher’s Stone Bank and Financial Building University of Southern California, Olympia CampusArcadia, Olympia, California Gaia Vineyard Lotus Tree Park
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