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Epilogue: Auld Lang Syne

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Epilogue: Auld Lang Syne January 1, 1997. The brisk breeze brushes through the foliage of the city of new gods—Olympia, California—as the clock twists to the top hour, heralding a new year. The streets are filled to the brim with raucous citizens, celebrating a seemingly fresh start— a rebirth. But unbeknownst to them whilst the rapture takes hold, flowing in the veins of a portion of their comrades was not just the ecstasy, but a power with potential to grow into something beyond our wildest dreams or most terrifying nightmares. A discovery yet to be made... It's now that the select fallen begin their slow ascent back into the clouds.

Updated and detailed within claims, applications and character types, is the addition of human/mortal characters. We'll be allowing members to submit an application for potential characters with no mythological past life, limited to one per member (for the time being; the two overall character limit would still apply, but you'll not be permitted to apply as two human characters). These characters will still factor in to the larger plot as things progress, so worry not. If you're interested, follow the updated application guidelines and submit only your face claim.

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