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Emma rose De Angelo
face claim: Drew Barrymore
canon name: Aphrodite
associations: Love, beauty, pleasure, passion, sexuality and procreation
alias: Em, Angel
age / apparent age: 20
zodiac: Aries
date of birth: 03/29/1976
place of birth: Seattle, Washington, USA
pronouns: She, Her, HERS
sexuality: Heterosexual
moral alignment: Chaotic Good
character traits: Coquettish, sensuous, seductive, deviant, nurturing, protective, vibrant, audacious, dauntless, fervent, intuitive
world views: She rejects all notions or concepts of religion and conservatism, is anti war, and pro both women and LGBT rights
physical attributes: Stunning in the most conventional of ways. Hypnotic green eyes; platinum blonde bob, usually styled in Marilyn Monroe inspired, cherubic loose spiral curls; fair, porcelain skin; fit, lush, hourglass physique; large breasts; pouty, supple pink lips; tattoo of a cross above her right ankle and another tattoo on her pelvic region; thin eyebrows; 5’4“
musical taste: Alternative rock; Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, R.E.M., Matchbox Twenty, Dave Matthews Band, Belly, Jewel, fiona apple, Garbage, placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Radiohead
aesthetic: Hippy flower child with a hint of grunge and a hint of classic vintage beauty, a balance she executes effortlessly and thriftily; baby doll dresses, slip dresses, Daisy Dukes, dungarees/denim, lace undergarments/sleepwear as outerwear, floral prints, knotted grungy plaid tops, battered leather jackets, crucifix necklaces, flower crowns and clips, knee high socks, super high platform heels/sandals/Mary Janes, oversized or cropped knit sweaters
lifestyle: Liberated and bohemian, she denies all social norms of nineties America, opting for a carefree, rebellious way of life. She chooses to lead her own path rather than follow those set for her; a complete nonconformist.
occupation: Student / Exotic Dancer
class: Middle Class
Lucas De Angelo, son, age 4;
Richard Hansen, estranged father;
Rose Hansen, estranged mother
BIOGRAPHY: “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” – Audrey Hepburn

When her rich, ripe, green eyes slowly pried open to a whole new world, behind them burned an enchanting beauty. It was the early morning hours of a cold spring day, the hospital windows blanketed in a thin sheet of dew. There she—baby Emma Rose Hansen—laid, like a fallen angel, cradled in her mother’s arms with her father wrapped over the both of them. The newborn’s rosy cheeks warmed the surrounding room, neither parent having ever bear witness to a child so remarkably beautiful. She was an exceptional vision; a rarity. And it was a gift her mother sought to never let go in vain, thrusting Emma into the child pageant scene the moment she reached the age required. Little was known of her mother’s true intentions, and in spite of Emma’s growing reluctance and the toxic nature of the circuit, her father turned a blind eye to focus on his successful business ventures, tiding his daughter over with a shower of gifts and adoration. Meanwhile, the mother continued to use their wealth to fund what was slowly coming to surface as a sick wish fulfillment, rooted in jealousy and resentment. No one ever gave her mother the kind of attention and praise the charismatic and stunning Emma garnered—not even her husband. Thus, it was through Emma that she lived vicariously, yearning and craving everything her daughter had.

By fifteen years of age, Emma had blossomed into an even more attractive young woman, hitting puberty like a bullet through flesh and filling out her tight clothing rather quickly. It wasn’t before long that every young boy and grown man within her sphere took notice, some suspiciously so. Then, one hot, quiet summer’s night, Emma had rejected her mother’s request to partake in another pageant, leading to a heated argument between the pair of them. For Emma’s entire life, she had been forced into this lifestyle she rejected, and it was beginning to weigh heavy on her, mentally and emotionally. She longed for more than the superficial; it was the thrills, excitement, passion and pleasure of the world around her that she desired, for she saw more beauty in life itself, and perceived her looks to be merely an asset to access those fast times. Her mother, however, didn’t want her daughter to stop being her surrogate. The mother’s rage over Emma’s wishes completely enraptured her, leading to a single, heavy strike across Emma’s face, turning her rosy cheeks to a dark, evil crimson.

Privately crying onto the shoulders of her father, while her mother attempted to drown her wrath in bottles of wine, Emma thought to have found someone who understands her angst and pain—someone she could confide in and trust. But as his comforting touch slowly morphed into the polar opposite, like a serpent slithering across her body, the beauty of life shattered to the hard ground. She forces her father’s lips and grip off her as her mother walked into the portrait—the scorned woman embroiled with more fury, as her jealousy toward her daughter erupted through to the surface. There, in a flash, Emma became tangled in fisticuffs with her once maternal figure. She couldn’t bear this anymore. She had to leave. And leave she did, running far away and never looking back. No one could love more than the still young Emma, but now she didn’t know what love really was.

Not long afterward, after Emma threatened her parents in order to grant her emancipation, she thought to have found love again in a college freshman, last named De Angelo. Beautiful in the darkest of ways, he quickly allowed her to live with him in his dorm, heedlessly deciding he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, sealed with a vending machine ring. With their naïve promise set in stone, Emma’s days were now focused on her regular high school studies, hoping to graduate, attend college, marry and start a family with this man—a family she never really knew. But her nights became increasingly wild and impetuous. Drugs and alcohol took the place of nutrients for her companion, for which she herself tried desperately to avoid and urged him to stop for her. But things continued to spiral beyond a point of return. There was no saving him, especially not from the final syringe of heroin that proved to be the one to take his life, shortly after Emma brought new life into the world.

From the moment Emma laid her boyfriend to rest, she vowed never to put faith in love again for anyone but the product of her love… her baby boy. And she wanted to provide that boy with everything she felt she never received. For any other man who were to enter her life, she refused to trust or become attached to them, for it could be a fleeting, empty promise of happiness. And she’d much rather gain happiness and gratification—beyond that provided to her as a mother—through the pleasures of sex. Nearly five years later, after finally finishing high school and graduating with top grades, she was granted admission into one of America’s esteemed universities, based in Olympia, California, for their Spring 1997 semester. Now, with only her son by her side, it came time to embark on a new adventure, with its own set of obstacles. Immediately she found an apartment downtown, with a move in date set for the beginning of January 1997, but to make rent, provide for her child and fund her education, she urgently required a high paying job. It’s this audacious drive that would carry her along the beaches of Atlantis, to a career as an exotic dancer. Where her beauty was once a source of unhappiness and imprisonment, was now a source of survival and liberation. But the true beauty of Emma D’Angelo was through her green eyes; the doorway to her heart, the place where her love resides. And there her love was gated.

PLATONIC: As mentioned prior, Emma is very guarded and prefers not to keep many friends, especially in protection of her toddler. Most of her primary relationships arise from her school, her apartment residence or her work—be it patrons or colleagues—and consist mainly of acquaintances who she’ll seek when desperately in need of something. When she latches onto someone special, however, her free-spirit and infectious passion beams through, making her the light in people’s lives. Additionally, Emma’s maternal instinct leaps forward for those select persons, her willing to do whatever is necessary to protect those she values. It just takes the right energy (one similar to her own) to give way to that side of her and turn a friend into the family she wasn’t initially given.

ANTAGONISTIC: Those individuals who hearken back to her toxic parents or try to control/hurt her fall into the category of antagonist. Additionally, anyone who opposes or rejects her lifestyle or threatens the safety and security of her child. Lastly, delving more into her past life, fated to be her enemies include the reincarnations of Athena, Hera, Artemis and Hephaestus, so we could probably find interesting ways to touch on those—maybe not just black and white enemy, but rather more complex, opposing relationships... frenemies, exes, someone from her past who’s crossed her.

ROMANTIC: Single and not really seeking, at least at the moment. Calling back to her refusal to seek love in any man after the death of her boyfriend, all of Emma’s relationships in this category, to this point, have been purely sexual, as that’s all she chooses to pursue. She tries to pretend as though she's not shallow; although she can very well develop incredibly deep, emotional connections, physical attraction and appearance comes first to her by nature. Many lovers, past, present or future, find themselves drifting through her life, but it will take someone really special for her to open up her heart again. Almost as if it’s meant to be…

OTHER: All in all, I'm open to any and everything, both general and mature, as long as it doesn't conflict with Emma as a character or a previously planned story, but I'm mainly focused on developing Emma's complex character through many different relationships and the effects of her slowly becoming aware of her destiny.

no triggers, 25, est, discord (mariah.#5249)


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Monroe & Hepburn
Hi, hi, Mariah! First and foremost I am so excited to finally be writing with you. Also, thank you for answering any questions I have about writing on this platform! I truly appreciate it. Your writing is immaculate and I love the backstory you've come up with for Emma. It's so well written but it simultaneously broke my heart. Marley and her have a ton in common and I know we've plotted some stuff with the Her, Jess, and Marley (which I'm incredibly stoked for). The misfortune these two share is something that I can see binding them together (especially the tragedies with their childhood hardships). Another trait I appreciate between the two of them is how they treat their close friends. I cannot wait for the sister vibes between these two! If you ever need anything, I'm a message away! <3


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Mariah, the bully! Yes, we've already discussed much of our angle at length, and are so well-attuned to each other that I'm expecting everything here to just flow naturally. I believe that this angle is premier for both characters, not only because it establishes and forms a significant connection that will prove to be effectual and defining for them both, but because it acts as something of a probe into their minds; into their overall makeup, and relays all the relevant elements that have been contributory to how each of them receives and approaches the world around them. Although romance and passion are undoubtedly key elements to their story, a number of dark layers are revealed over time as they're peeled back; layers that prove to be both oppressive and crippling to their growth and understanding. The fact that you normally have such pronounced and definitive ideas of how you envision everything playing out makes me giddy with excitement (no, really) and gives me enough confidence to accept that this is a storyline that we're about to turn out on its head.


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