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Queen of Hens

Jessica Taylor | Hera | Angelina Jolie

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Jessica Marianne Taylor
face claim: Angelina Jolie
canon name: Hera, Queen of Olympus
associations: Marriage, Birth, Family, Women, Olympus
alias: Jess, Jessi
age / apparent age: 22
zodiac: Gemini
date of birth: June 20th, 1977
place of birth: Phoenix, Arizona, usa
pronouns: She/Her
sexuality: Heterosexual
moral alignment: Chaotic Neutral
character traits: Daring, Vengeful, Ardent, Vain, Materialistic, Confident, Clever, Persistent, Antagonistic
world views: Raised under a restrictive and suffocating roof, Jessica has been forced to put authority above everything else. As a result, she holds mildly conservative views on most matters, though her time in Olympia has softened her somewhat, along with the wild life she entertains regularly.
physical attributes: A captivating yet graceful beauty; Jess is known for her striking blue eyes, which always seem to enthrall those who make the mistake of gazing into them. On OCCASION, they can be just as terrifying when she is angered, a sign of her expressive and vibrant nature. Jessica’s delicate, narrow nose accentuates a gorgeous face, with her luscious pink lips coming together in a tempting pout. Her flowing brown hair typically cascades down her bare shoulders, shining and full of volume from years of care. Described as statuesque due to her tall, elegant figure and smooth ivory skin, Jess almost gives the impression that she could’ve been a god in some other life.
musical taste: Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Backstreet Boys, Brandy, TLC, Shania Twain, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez
aesthetic: Generally goes for satin slip dresses, tight skirts, crop tops, simple necklaces and jewelry, as well as halter tops, high-waisted mini skirts, and daring footwear, aiming for an overall trendy and flirty vibe which Jessica entertains constantly with her wealth.
lifestyle: Greedy and wasteful, when Jessica is not instructing classes at her local dance studio, she’s reliving the reckless social life she once had back home. Always looking to surround herself with people to stroke her ego, she has a particular fondness for partying and clubbing with complete strangers. Despite her intentions to leave all the harmful aspects of her past behind, Jess often finds herself wrapped up in her lingering demons of carelessness and drug use, along with being hurt by her crippling regret and constant distrust.
occupation: Dancer/Dance Instructor
class: Upper Class
genealogy: Kathryn Taylor (Mother), Jonathan Taylor (Father), Richard, Matthew, and Scott Taylor (Brothers)
BIOGRAPHY: Losing herself in the vibrant and flashing lights of any club had always been one of Jessica’s favorite things to do. The way they had always filled her with absolute euphoria, no matter the circumstances, was astonishing to her. The process was adventurous, liberating, and extremely addicting. The bright greens, warm pinks, and cool blues captivated her; when she saw them dance around her glistening skin, she felt an exhilarating rush overtake her without explanation. It was almost terrifying how different she felt each time. These secret escapades into the night were some of the few moments she could really let go, losing herself in the energizing and electric rush that would take her after a good line or two. Gone were the thoughts of her distant mother and her complete inability to raise a daughter. The memory of how she would avoid any maternal embrace with Jessica, all so she could turn to the arms of other men, disappeared with just a thought. The rush carried away anything she felt about the contempt her father showed her through life, ridding her of the heartbreak and fear that plagued her whenever he was around. The bruises that covered her body faded as she lost her lover in the crowd, erasing the apologetic kisses he would leave all over her body after another one of his violent bouts. It was a new world for her, one she never wanted to leave, one where everything was completely and utterly right. Then the blood would come, and she’d wonder if maybe this wasn’t what she deserved. Everything would return to her, darker and more twisted than before, sending her back to a time when she was completely and utterly alone.

Born during the most volatile time in her parents’ marriage, Jessica Taylor was conceived with only one purpose in mind: to reunite a broken household, no matter the cost. Though things seemed promising at first, it was apparent in her first few weeks of life that this reunion would never take place; the once sacred bond between her parents being completely broken, a product of years upon years of lies and betrayal. As a result, Jess would find herself being neglected by her would-be caretakers for the rest of her life, viewing her as nothing more than a reminder of their failure. Despite these less than ideal circumstances, a growing Jessica was pampered and spoiled by everybody else around her, with those who knew her being completely captivated by the young girl’s beauty and grace. The constant praise that she would receive from her inner circle made Jessica very vain and entitled, building impenetrable walls around the lonely girl that was hidden away within her. As Jessica would grow, she formed ‘friendships’ with anybody she could, enjoying the attention and care of so many. From there, she began developing her wilder night time tendencies, keeping them a secret from her parents due to their status as one of Arizona’s wealthiest families. Becoming particularly close with her older brothers and their partners over time, Jessica craved the genuine love she was kept from for much of her life, making it her life’s mission to find someone who could give her what she so desperately craved.

Nearing adulthood in an increasingly empty household, Jess’ life would take a drastic turn upon her introduction to Arizona’s elite social circles. Gone were the days when she would never see her parents; now they held a watchful eye over her, scrutinizing and ridiculing every little thing she did. Forcing her into submission to meet their own interests, Jessica’s parents would employ their daughter as a means to rise to the top, uncaring of how this affected her life. Countless of nights would be spent in intense argument, which would typically spiral down to her parents declaring her selfish and absolutely worthless if not for them. Though these words were initially devastating to hear, Jess would grow accustomed to their stinging hate, utilizing these moments as a way to grow stronger. Their total disregard and complete control of her would begin cracking Jess’ once stable foundation, however, eventually leading her to an ill-fated match with a handsome young executive. Though their initial relationship was filled with the passion and love Jessica had desperately craved for so long, it gradually broke down into a violent and dangerous entrapment she didn’t know how to escape.

He knew exactly how to manipulate her. With every loving and tender kiss came vicious words that cut her far too deep. With every adoring touch came a crippling blow, leaving behind a sickeningly colorful mark on her delicate skin. With every fiery exchange in the bedroom came death threats, physical altercations, and drawing of blood. It was both a dream and a nightmare, heaven and hell, ripping away at her until it began to crush her. Turning to drug use, Jessica would become addicted to cocaine, finding a much needed rush from the crippling drug, an escape from an otherwise inescapable war zone. As she learned to find refuge in a growing amount of drugs, Jessica would grow more on edge, pushing her to even fight back on occasion. Unwillingly promised to her partner as his eventual wife, Jessica would suffer a major mental breakdown at her family’s most important charity event of the year as a result. Hearing the announcement of her engagement was enough to finally wake her up. She didn’t want this life. She wanted to live, to finally break away. Fleeing the scene after viciously lashing out at everybody around her, including publicly accusing her fiance of what he had done, Jess would find a strange new feeling surface in her life: freedom.

Unsure of where to go, Jessica would seek refuge with each of her brothers, being turned away each time as soon as they heard about what had transpired. The same thing occurred the moment she turned to her ‘friends.’ For the first time in her life, she recognized that she was all alone. Desperate and terrified, Jessica would try to run as far as she could, eventually finding herself drawn to the confines of Olympia, California. Prepared to start a life away from her harmful past, Jess would begin pursuing her own interests for the very first time, looking to finally start her dream career as a dancer. Unaware of how deep her problems ran, Jessica would try to move on, oblivious to how it would all find its way back to her, and how vital a role she would play in the war between gods.

PLATONIC: Always one to keep up appearances despite her troubling history, Jessica tries to maintain a notable number of friendships with others, even if their only purpose is superficial. Her upbringing almost requires that she’s surrounded by those that adore her (genuinely or not), as she’s constantly looking for validation. Over time, however, she’s made extremely close ties with a handful of people in Olympia. As a result, Jess is more than willing to make more of these rare connections, even if they all don’t pan out as planned.

ANTAGONISTIC: Due to her fiery and selfish personality, Jessica often finds herself quickly ending the friendships she so easily starts. Often times, she doesn’t like hearing from others that she’s wrong, and struggles getting along with those that share drastically different views than her. She often butts heads with individuals as stubborn or strong-headed as her, no matter who they are. Jessica also has a complete aversion for those who cheat or are untrustworthy, having had a negative history with both her mother and long-time partner when it comes to affairs, betrayals, and lies.

ROMANTIC: When Jessica falls in love, she falls in love hard. Jess also has one type, and one type only when it comes to men: hopeless romantics. Appearance and social status are thrown out the window when love is concerned for the pretty socialite. Completely obsessed with the idea of grand gestures, passionate declarations of love, and complete dedication to one another, Jess is almost easily manipulated when a person is (seemingly) romantic. Currently single, she dreams of the day where she might find the love she once had and finally attain the true happiness she had been denied all her life, even if she is a little hesitant to date once more.

OTHER: Completely open to any other storylines with this character. Thinking out of the box is always fun, and I’m not scared of taking creative risks! Feel free to hit me up with any ideas you might have; chances are I'll love it.

NONE, 19, Central, Discord: Trinity#6721


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jessica & basil
it always takes me way too long to get back with ppl bc i'm the worst, but i was so happy to hear from you! i had actually been meaning to contact you about interactions between these two for a while due to similar passions and lifestyles, but i wasn't sure on the details, so i loved getting to read this dynamic! i'm feeling like this whole thing will be a lot of fun because they have enough in common to be really close but are also different enough that their peers would find the relationship really confusing and i can't wait to explore the idea of that one really close friendship that no one really gets but them? if that makes sense? or i could just be exhausted and confused as always, who even knows?! let me know whenever you're up to doing the things!!!


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Jessica & Melisa
It took me some time, but here I am Trin! First off, I am so happy that we are about to rp together again. This is our third roleplay, we created a lot of stories together, had a lot of fun doing so and I can't wait to continue doing it here in New Gods.

Now, as you said in Melisa's shippers, I feel like Jessica and Melisa would be the perfect best friends. They have a lot in common, but also very different approaches on how to live their lives. Jessica can teach Melisa that there is nothing wrong about having fun and enjoy a wealthier lifestyle; plus she can fill the void that Melisa's best friend left when she died. As for Melisa, she can help Jessica to stop and think about what she really wants to do with her life, and maybe being the friend she always needed and never had. In some way it is like they have needed each other for a long time, but never crossed paths until now.

But it shouldn't be as easy as meeting and becoming friends just like that, both women have build barriers through the years and they need to break them down before really open up. So, as I know you like to do developing a story, it will be better to take our time and work, slowly but surely, on showing how and why they become so important to the other one. I am so excited for this, there is no one I trust more than you to find the most creative way to build this relationship. Love you bb!


@Queen of Hens
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