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Andrew's Journey

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Andrew Avila


Thread Title, Canon Month, Year n/a


Thread Title, Canon Month, Year n/a


MARIA AVILA (FAMILIAL)As her only child, Andrew has been guarded fervently by his loving and compassionate mother, Maria. Although his more sophomoric qualities may draw her frustrations at times, Maria completely trusts and instills confidence in the young man she's raised Andrew to be today. With Andrew living on his own now, he still makes a conscious effort to keep in contact with her every week over the phone and visit when he has enough for the train. (pre-canon )
DAVID AVILA (FAMILIAL) From the moment he first held his son in his arms, David knew that his bond with his son, Andrew, would be unbreakable. This proved exponentially true as Andrew grew up, leaning on his father as a source of guidance throughout his adolescence. His father's more sardonic humor juxtaposed oddly against Andrew's more obtuse approach, though his dad always found more of a morbid amusement in Andrew's antics. They share a mutual love of baseball, often getting into heated debates over it whenever Andrew comes to visit. (pre-canon )

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