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Chapter One: One of Us

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Chapter One: One of Us January 1 - February 28, 1997. "The beginning is the most important part of the work." - Plato. Crisp winter months smother Olympia, the frigid evening tide of the Pacific washing onto the shores and bringing with it an unsettled air. Combing through the filthy, sin-filled streets was a surreal, eerie force, sinking into concrete and brick, wood and leaf, flesh and bone. It almost softens the tangible, seemingly turning the roads into clouds, if for a moment. The city of gods had begun to drift into a lucid-like dream.

Fairy tales and fables of fallen idols fill the bedtime stories of many a child, but the growing sensation that these chronicles hold truth burns like hearth through the cold season. Were they to be lessons from history, rather than a figment of fantasy? Are there truly Gods amongst men? What if God was one of us? As the bell had toll, heralding a new year—a new beginning—the prophecy would carry out into the reincarnated as the mortals wallow, unable to foresee the truth drifting nearer. Day by day, they would grow stronger, showing odd signs of having greater purpose on this earth; in this life. But none of this could be without a beginning.

The story officially begins for New Gods. The Children of Cronus, as the highest of order, shall slowly develop an awareness that there is more to their existence than that of an everyday mortal, but will not learn of anything significant and only show a very, very minor aptitude toward their supernatural gifts by chapter's end. For the rest of our fallen Gods, there is no such revelation at all, but they are fated to be naturally pulled toward their comrades as the season settles.

The time frame/dates outlined should be when your scenes (threads) should take place, and within this time frame only. This unless you are delving into the past, at which point you'd post in our "time paradox". Be sure to utilize all of our sections, including posting in other members' shipper threads and getting your trackers up and running. I really hope everyone enjoys and I'll update for a new chapter after some time!
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