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august jonah keller
face claim: leonardo dicaprio
canon name: apollo
associations: healing, the sun, music, poetry, art, prophecy, archery.
alias: auggie (a childhood nickname; don’t call him this).
age / apparent age: 21
zodiac: leo.
date of birth: 08/20/1975
place of birth: phoenix, arizona, usa.
pronouns: he, him, his.
sexuality: bisexual.
moral alignment: chaotic good.
character traits: bold, creative, observant, talkative, curious, sensitive, easily bored, conflict-averse, careless.
world views: august has a very “live and let live” outlook. ethnicity, sexuality, religion, none of those things really matter to him; as long as you’re nice to him, he’ll be nice to you. august’s honestly not sure what he thinks of the world’s issues, and he’s not sure he cares. he’d rather focus on jamming on his guitar and flirting with hot people than bothering with religion and politics.
physical attributes: straight blonde medium-length hair (that he low-key works on for like an hour every morning), crystal blue eyes filled with mirth, average height, thin frame, pale skin.
musical taste: music is one of august’s many passions no matter the style, but he particularly has a love for rock and roll. oddly enough, he especially holds a lot of older artists in his heart, the stuff he would listen to when he was growing up. everything from elvis and the beatles to bon jovi and aerosmith, the decade it came from never mattered to him as much as the style. he was especially a huge fan of queen when he was little, and if you were to ask about his biggest inspiration, he’d most likely answer freddie mercury without a second thought to it.
aesthetic: cool and casual with a slight rebellious flare. button-ups (that are rarely buttoned up all the way), sweaters, leather jackets, and a lot of blue jean material. he also almost always has a cigarette in his mouth.
lifestyle: his main priority is to live and love, so he rarely gives care to much else. he lives a life that often takes him to the edge and he doesn’t like being protected, so he has a way of getting into trouble. he loves passionately and frequently, often willing to give his whole heart to someone he had just met on the street, but his love conquests rarely work out for him. of course, he knows to take life seriously to a certain extent-- this being the only reason he works at this local diner-- but his music matters way more to him than waiting tables ever could.
occupation: waiter / aspiring musician.
class: working class.
genealogy: celeste keller (mother, age 45);
felix keller (dad, age 47);
aurora keller (twin sister, age 21)
BIOGRAPHY: [willing to edit depending on the wishes of whoever makes the artemis]

as the sun rose on august 20th, celeste gave birth to a bubbling set of twins. auggie and rory were the best of friends growing up, but there was always this underlying sense of intensity, on august’s part at least. both twins desired a sense of a personal identity, something they didn’t get often as they were usually referred to as “the keller twins”. but this was the least of problems in august’s mind, who felt intimidated by how many seemed to favor aurora over him. she was a strong, confident child growing up, who knew exactly what she wanted in life and exactly how to get it. she was a constant one-upper, always giving her all into everything. and then there was august, who spent most of his childhood in his room listening to music on a portable cassette player.

things got even worse for him when they entered their teen years, aurora seeming to do everything right while he felt like he was doing everything wrong. coming to terms with his sexuality was an especially nerve-wracking time for him since he wasn’t sure how his family and friends felt about that sort of thing, worried he’d be shunned or abandoned or viewed as a disgrace. it also wasn’t very helpful that a couple of male friends he had crushes on growing up ended up having a thing for his sister. their senior year of high school was the last straw for august as aurora got a plethora of academic and athletic scholarships and plenty of options of where to go to college while august didn’t even know where to start with applications. therefore, one summer night, august snuck out of the house and ran off without even a note to his family. he figured he was going to get kicked out one of these days anyhow, why not just get out before it can happen? besides, he was most likely doing them a favor, wasn’t he?

he arrived in olympia, california almost two and a half years ago with nothing but the clothes on his back. he had spent a fair amount of time on the streets, taking on some odd jobs just to get a place to live, but he doesn't regret a second spent in olympia. this town helped him grow in his confidence, showed him just what he was capable of, and he'll always be grateful for that. he misses his home and his family like crazy, but he's too prideful to go back now. so instead, he spends his time at wild parties whenever he's not having to serve food and clean tables at a cheap-ass diner. he also likes to perform at every open mic night he can find and has gotten popular with some of the locals for it.

PLATONIC: i feel like august would have a lot of friends that are from all walks of life. he's very relaxed and friendly with a sort of calming vibe, and with his musical talents, i can picture him being pretty popular. not a lot of people could be so close to really know about his family life, and i imagine most of his friends being fellow starving artist and dreamers, but i like to think he's the type that can get along pretty well with just about anybody.

ANTAGONISTIC: august doesn't like to deal with any conflict, so if he doesn't like someone-- or he feels they don't like him-- he'll most likely just avoid them. he doesn't like to put a lot of negative energy out there, and would rather focus on having a good time than deal with making any enemies. that being said, if he sees someone doing something truly wrong, he's not about to just walk away and pretend it's not happening. he only calls someone out when he really feels he needs to, though.

ROMANTIC: august is the epitome of a hopeless romantic. he’s a major flirt and falls in love very easily, but most of his conquest attempts don’t end well. i imagine there's every chance he's had some sort of sexual encounter with almost everyone in town, so there's a lot of potential to work with here. the basis of what i'm saying here is please, please be one of his ex-lovers.

OTHER: i will be writing a wanted ad about my hopes for his sister (artemis) and putting it in here eventually. i would love if i got to do my plot idea with her coming into town to get her brother back, but i'm very flexible and understand that the person who wants the artemis might not go for that and that's cool with me! other than that, i can't really think of much to say other than i'm excited to roleplay with ya'll and hear some plots you may have for this poor child.

no triggers (warning needed), 19, cst, discord (fireflyingaway#7353)


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August & Emma
He's so beautiful. And one August Keller seems like the type who might create the perfect storm with Emma, as ex-lovers. While I initially thought maybe they could have already had sex in past and are currently on bad terms, it might be more interesting (and more convenient since Emma just moved into town not long ago) if we have them just meet. She's absolutely irresistible to him, as she is to most. It's as though she's not even real; he hasn't ever come across a woman like her. And the pair of them engage in a night filled with lust, leading into sex, but Emma wants nothing more from him afterward. She's just, seemingly, not ready to be romantic with anyone; not with him, especially, for one reason or another. This heightened by the fact that in the lore, Apollo is one of the few who Aphrodite hasn't made love to or fallen for (they've barely interacted), so it's not in fate's plans for them to be together either. But then there's August Keller, who falls hard, fast, and is a hopeless romantic... he's smitten, but he gets his heart absolutely shattered. Especially when he finds that Emma, who swore off love, has fallen for and is devoted to Bobby. Maybe he'll move on and find someone who can love him back the way he wants? Who knows the ripple effect one night could cause (don't worry ladies, he's ripe for the taking; definitely won't be greedy!). But I think this kinda dynamic would be really fun to explore with you. If you're interested in this route, just reply back. For anything else, you know how and where to hit me up bb.


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"say it ain't so"
Game recognizes game. August and Andrew come from different ends of the social stratosphere, but could converge wildly and rapidly in a shared taste and passion for music. My vision for their relationship is that it begins platonic, but eventually develops into antagonistic. August, as he's described, is a lot like Bobby in the way that Andrew would be drawn to him, birthed out of envy for his style and demeanor. As they bond, August learns that Andrew is an up-and-coming radio personality at the local Olympia station-- essentially an in for August's music career. Perhaps August wouldn't suggest it at first, but through Andrew's insistence after hearing him write and play, Andrew gets away with playing August's demo tape on the radio one night and create a bit of buzz for his friend. The lore traces Hermes and Apollo's conflict back to Hermes' status as a trickster; a protector of businessmen, merchants and thieves. Hermes is essentially destined to align with traitors, despite his otherwise noble convictions. I think this could be incorporated into Andrew perhaps manipulating August into signing away rights for songs, only for them to be shopped out to bigger artists through Andrew's radio station's corporate connections within the music industry. In theory, they're both pawns in the system, but Andrew's hair-brained scheme is essentially to take him (and he thinks August, as well, though that'd likely be a point of contention) to the top. What results could be a more heart-wrenching affair than just bold-face lying, as August deals with his passion being made into a product, taken from him from someone who he thought he could trust, but who is ultimately destined to lie, cheat and steal. Feel free to work things out and meet me in the middle if you're interested!


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Two Princes | August & Bobby
Playing off the above friendship between August and Andrew, as well as August's tryst with Emma, I thought to throw Bobby in the mix somehow? To start, Andrew is Bobby's best friend—his brother, better yet. Bobby would take a bullet for that kid, any day, any time. So when problems arise between August and Andrew, naturally Bobby would insert himself into the scenario.

But it's not as simple as Bobby playing henchman.

I wanna suggest that Bobby and August are well-acquainted or even have a weird, casual friendship? Perhaps they'd hit it off a couple times at a bar, exchanged some good laughs and grown a certain respect for one another; Bobby positioning himself as sort of the archetypal, rough-edged, high school jock befriending the quiet, scrawny kid, and looking out for him on occasion. Basically, Bobby thinks this pretty boy is kinda a loser, a dork and a wet blanket, but enjoys his company and enjoys teasing him even more. He also thinks it's cool as fuck that August has slept around with as many hot chicks as himself. Throw in a noogie from Bobby here and there.

But their friendly relationship eventually becomes damaged by the whole Andrew situation, this after already being strained/made tense when August finds out that Emma⁠—who expressed not wanting to get romantically involved with August⁠—has fallen for and is pursuing a relationship with Bobby. From that revelation, a natural, quiet jealousy for his casual friend bubbles to the surface, leading way to drama between the hot-headed Bobby and the more sensitive, conflict-averse August. I'm already picturing August dodging Bobby like a bullet until he's backed into a corner, as Bobby has no clue why August is acting weird, having not known of his feelings for Emma. Anyhow, hit me up if you're down for this and we can work it out. I'm not looking for anything too heavy if that might worry you; just some classic melodrama.

Take it easy!


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I am also so excited to finally get everything going!

I agree with you that Aurora probably couldn't have picked a worse time to come down and try to reconnect but after missing like three years of each other's lives I doubt she really has the forethought to think of possible repercussions when it comes to just barging in. She just misses her brother and wants to find out why he left and make sure he's ok. I think it will be really fun to explore the twins' relationship here because it feels like they are really coming into this from opposite ends of the spectrum. Auggie from a perspective of having run away and still carrying some resentments, but deep down still wanting to connect, While Rory just wants to connect while possibly having some deeper resentments towards Auggie she hasn't yet realised she carries deep down. It's going to be really interesting to explore especially when you throw other characters into the mix as well.

There is definitely going to be a lot of anger and tears to come out of an eventually meeting and it will probably stir up a lot of emotions the two might not have thought they had. Rory is definitely one to run into a situation without thinking about the consequences until they are upon her so there is a chance she could even end up further alienating her brother or causing the rift to widen between them during a potential catastrophic first reunion. We have a lot of options and exploring them with you is going to be so fun I can already tell.



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