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Damian Wright | Mortal | Johnny Depp

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Damian Michael Wright
face claim: Johnny Depp
canon name: N/A; Mortal
associations: N/A; Mortal
alias: Ian, Demon
age / apparent age: 27
zodiac: Sagittarius
date of birth: November 28th, 1969
place of birth: Olympia, California
pronouns: He/Him
sexuality: Heterosexual
moral alignment: Chaotic Neutral
character traits: Rough, Brash, Cynical, Guarded, Protective, Rebellious, Ardent, ARTISTIC
world views: As the only child of a working mother and stay-at-home father, Damian was brought up in a very progressive and caring household, which stressed the importance of always doing the right thing. After losing the two people he loved most at a young age, Damian held onto these fundamental beliefs for life, even after things went downhill further down the road. Though he revels in his isolation, Damian’s made a few genuine connections in Olympia, cherishing these bonds with others above everything else. He’s always willing to do anything for those he cares for, no matter the cost, though it’s nearly impossible to earn the young man’s trust in the first place.
physical attributes: Damian is known around town for his devilishly good looks, which he seems to be completely oblivious to; his deep brown hair is always done in a messy manner, drawing attention to his impeccable face. His nearly pitch black eyes are the most expressive part of his body, always displaying what he's truly feeling in a captivating manner. Chiseled face, sharp jawline, and inviting lips. Lean body, Built like a surfer.
musical taste: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, Garbage, Sneaker Pimps, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Fleetwood Mac, The Smashing Pumpkins
aesthetic: Busy and always on the move, Damian has adapted the grunge style of the 90's almost seamlessly into his day-to-day life. When not in his typical waiter getup, Damian can often be found wearing an old pair of clunky combat boots, ripped jeans, and an OVER-SIZED button up, as well as a notable amount of graphic tees and vintage sweaters (typically adorned with splatters of paint from his artistic endeavors.) On occasion, he’ll sport his dad’s leather jacket or his favorite pair of worn denim overalls, for an overall rough and disheveled look that adds to his rebellious appeal.
lifestyle: Having spent most of his life fending for himself, Damian spends much of his time on the less pleasant parts of Olympia, considering its undesirable setting home. Though he dabbled in crime in his late teens and early twenties, and still keeps up with a handful of these troublemakers, Damian now spends his time looking out for his chaotic 'house', though he still likes to keep to himself whenever possible.
occupation: Waiter/art instructor
class: Lower Middle Class
genealogy: Richard Wright (Father, deceased), Regina Moore-Wright (Mother, Deceased), Nathaniel Wright (Uncle)
BIOGRAPHY: Quietly laying on the smooth surface of his new board, Damian watches in awe as his father expertly paddles into yet another wave, riding with the determination and confidence the young boy only dreamed he could have one day. His aging father stood on the surfboard seamlessly, traveling along the wild body of water with absolutely no complications, as if time had simply passed him over. Hollering with excitement, he speeds along the beautiful coastline like a flash of lightning, impressing his waiting son even more than before. Running his hand along the sparkling surface of California’s deep blue ocean, Damian patiently waits as his dad makes his way back over, breathless and full of adrenaline after the magnificent ride. Surfing had a way of making his already cheerful father light up even more, always resulting in a smile that out shined Olympia’s notably bright sun. A loving Richard Wright always liked to mess up Damian’s hair after a good wave, using it as an opportunity to remind his only son of his undying love for the liberating sport. He always finished a lesson with the same words: “When you surf little dude, you become a part of the ocean and its unpredictability. Every single ride is different from the rest, Ian. You never know what you’re gonna get, ever, and that… that’s exciting.” It was that desire for unpredictability, for a different ride each and every time, that guided Damian's life through the years, even when he had no direction. His often reckless pursuits in life were a strange way of taking him back to those early surfing lessons, back to those rare moments when his dad messed up his hair and went on for hours about surfing and the ocean.

Though Damian Wright had been quite a surprise for his mismatched parents, the handsome little boy with dark eyes and wild hair was met with nothing but love and excitement upon arrival. Coming at a time when uncertainty plagued the life of Richard Wright (a professional but aging surfer) and Regina Moore (a promising junior curator from a wealthy family), the newborn Damian proved to be the real starting point for the loving but struggling couple; he was the beginning of the tightly knit family the two envisioned building together in the sprawling paradise of Olympia. Growing up, the curious boy spent most of his early childhood along Olympia’s beautiful coastline, reveling in the number of activities the infinite beach had to offer. Whether he was learning to surf with his enthusiastic father, scouring the sand on his own for sea shells, or having a nice beach-side dinner with his family, Damian absolutely loved everything California had to offer. His favorite past time, however, always seemed to be the rare evenings he’d spend painting by his mother’s side, capturing the breathtaking waves of the ocean or the array of colors that made up the setting sun. With his mother always finding herself wrapped up in a growing and stressful career, Damian cherished these special one-on-one moments with her, learning about how healing the world of art could be.

As Damian grew older and his life continued through its peaceful serenity, things would take a sharp turn the moment his uncle arrived. The only living relative of Richard, Nathaniel Wright would track down his older brother in a moment of desperation, having recently hit rock bottom after an alcoholic rampage back home. Unable to turn his own blood away, Richard took in his estranged brother despite Regina's objections, unaware of the lasting effects he would have on their lives, Damian's most of all. As a new addition to the family, the dynamics slowly changed. From the moment the two met, Damian got along extremely well with his uncle Nate, forming a close but dangerous bond with the self-destructive troublemaker. Nate was almost like an older brother to Damian, being closer to his age than he was Richard's, leading to a natural connection between the two. Young, handsome, and rebellious, Nate began introducing his impressionable nephew to the darker sides of life, establishing the long list of problems that still haunt Damian to this day. Despite his promise to stay sober, Nate would also start drinking once more, employing his nephew for help on his little benders and even including him in later years.

Despite the occasional fight between his parents (typically caused by Nate) or a sudden disappearance from his uncle, Damian's life still remained as stable as before, showing no signs of its quick and devastating downfall. Everything would change on a stormy June night. After a romantic evening out, Richard and Regina would call Nate to come and pick them up, still unaware of his slipping sobriety. Refusing to acknowledge his own problem, Damian's uncle would drive out to meet the couple, determined to prove to himself that he was alright. On their way back, a drunk Nate would get into a devastating wreck, killing Richard and Regina and leaving him critically wounded. Suddenly finding himself completely alone, Damian would immediately shut down, refusing to believe that he had lost the two people he loved, that he had lost the only life he knew. Taken in temporarily by an uncaring foster family, Damian would start seeing his uncle's behavior begin to develop deep within him, starting with a growing drinking problem as he began his teen years.

Nate would eventually recover from his broken state and seek out Damian, wanting to raise his nephew out of guilt for what he had done. Unsure of how to feel about his uncle, Damian would give him a chance after seeing just how hard this devastating mistake had hit him. Though things started off decently, Nate would fall back into his old habits, drinking away the pair's money and utilizing the struggling teen as a caretaker. Slowly but surely, Damian would grow fed up of Nate's behavior, and his uncle would soon sense the growing hate. Lashing out at his nephew verbally, things would gradually turn vicious and violent, getting to the point where the young man went to sleep every night with a new bruise or busted lip from his supposed caretaker. One night, Damian would find the courage to defend himself, fighting back and leaving his spiraling uncle a bloody pulp. Forced to run away from 'home', he would scour the city streets of Olympia with nowhere to go, having to fend for himself for the very first time. Initially unable to handle the dangerous and tumultuous life on the streets, Damian would gradually fall into the destructive habit that ruined his life for support: heavy and excessive drinking. He became violent, vicious, self-destructive, completely unrecognizable. A growing alcoholic, Damian would turn to crime to feed his addiction, robbing and attacking people, selling drugs, and picking up other destructive street work to buy his drinks. For him, this was survival, if not eventual destruction.

Unable to stop this madness, Damian would find himself on the brink of death. He had no control. He was hurting others without even thinking about it, despite being taught to do the opposite early in life. He was hellbent on feeling something, anything at all. Sneaking into his family's old home one night, Damian would revisit happier times on the coastline of Olympia. Early morning surfing lessons with his father. Afternoon hunts for sea shells in the sand. Evenings painting the deep purples and rich oranges of the sky with his mother. It all came rushing back to him, and it broke him even more. Realizing that this wasn't who he was, some strange force pushed Damien to fight for himself, though he couldn't really explain what it was. Some nights, he thought it was his father, watching him from the sea. Other times, it was his mother, heartbroken as she stared on at her dying son from their usual painting spot. Either way, Damian would find the drive he needed to build himself back up again; he wanted to feel the unpredictability of the waves, the release of when he made art. He wanted to finally start living life, all on his own.

PLATONIC: Due to Damian's violent and destructive past, the reformed artist finds it extremely difficult to form any kind of friendship with others. Over time, life has conditioned him to believe that he'll either lose or be hurt by those he loves, leading to a life of complete isolation for the broken young man. That isn't to say Damian hasn't made any close connections growing up in Olympia; he just views these friendships as fleeting moments in his life, proven (in his eyes) by past relationships that ended very badly for him. Despite these views, Damian is very caring (though subtle) of the few friends he has, willing to do anything for them despite his confusing views on where they stand. Maybe it's because he holds out hope that he's completely wrong?

ANTAGONISTIC: Damian's violent and criminal history is a result of his hate for those who prey on the weak. Spending the remainder of his childhood in the physically abusive care of his uncle or the predatory streets of Olympia, Damian still regrets not fighting back in those troubling times of his life to this day. As a result, he seeks to make up for his incompetence as a child by never turning a blind eye to those in need, even if it gets him into trouble. No matter who a person may be, he isn't afraid to fight for or defend those who need it, constantly putting him at odds with those who like to manipulate and control.

ROMANTIC: Though Damian witnessed true love with his parents and all the joy it brought to them, he's unable to take the risk of giving himself to someone completely. He's aware of the fucked up head space he's in, and doesn't want to burden anyone with his (many) issues. However, Damian wonders what life would be like with someone at his side, to love and to cherish like he so often finds himself wanting to. He typically falls prey to his carnal desires, though he never pursues anything with the many women he has laid with, one of his many issues he's working on.

OTHER: I'm definitely down for anything with Damian. He's someone who knows what life has to offer, both good (being raised by two loving and caring parents) and bad (watching someone he loved become his greatest enemy, losing everything he knew, etc.) I definitely want to cover the more tragic aspects of role-playing with this character, but I'm open to everything else. If you have any ideas, feel free to message me on here or on Discord!

None, 19, Central, Discord: Trinity#6721


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