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Dean Hansen | Mortal | Tobey Maguire

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DEAN Theodore Hansen
face claim: Tobey Maguire
canon name: N/A; MORTAL
associations: n/a; MORTAL
alias: Deano
age / apparent age: 21
zodiac: TAURUS
date of birth: 05/11/1978
place of birth: SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA
pronouns: HE, HIM, HIS
sexuality: HOMOSEXUAL
moral alignment: LAWFUL GOOD
character traits: Kind, Humble, Cautious, Trustworthy, Rational, Honest, Stubborn, Romantic, Appreciative, Methodical
world views: Despite being raised conservative, He has DEVELOPED liberal views on SEVERAL topics like religion, war, and LGBT RIGHTS.
physical attributes: When you think of the "all american guy" and the "Boy next door", you picture Dean Hansen. Dean has striking blue eyes; Short light brown hair; A nice athletic physique. He's also slightly above average in HEIGHT (5'10").
musical taste: Dean enjoys listening to singer-songWRITERS, Alternative rock, and post-grunge music. However, Dean isn't against other types of genres; Green Day, Jimmy Eat WORLD, 3 doors down. trapt, matchbox twenty, goo goo dolls, tlc, brandy, jewel, no doubt, dido.
aesthetic: Dean is a laid back person and his style definitely reflects that. He PREFERS comfort over couture, so when you see dean, you might think he looks like a model for the GAP. A clean white tee, crisp blue jeans with a flannel shirt, sensible sneakers and Maybe with a ball cap to complete the look.
lifestyle: Dean is pretty modest man who enjoys the SIMPLER things in life. He's not much of a partier, but he does like going out and trying to meet new people. He enjoys finding classes around town to learn new sets of skills.
occupation: STUDent
genealogy: Richard Hansen (Estranged father); Michelle Ashford (mother); Oliver Ashford (younger Half brother); Emma De Angelo (estranged half sister)
BIOGRAPHY: “Promises are empty, and life is full of disappointment” was a philosophy marked into Dean Hansen’s mind by his young, devoted, working class mother, from infancy. Born of a secret affair between a then secretary and her superior—an influential and successful businessman by the name of Richard Hansen—the American dream of a white picket fence was bought shattered. As desperately as Dean’s mother, Michelle, wanted to build a family with who she thought to be the love of her life, Richard had no desire to do the same. While their working relationship became salacious, Richard already was building a family of his own with his wife Rose, an affluent socialite. Unaware of her husband’s affair, Rose would become pregnant not long after Dean’s birth, and eventually bear a child of her own in daughter Emma. Michelle pleaded tirelessly for the presence of Dean’s father in their lives in spite of his newborn, even attempting to make their legal battles public and forcing Dean to wear his surname openly and with pride. But the power Richard wielded made all his problems dissipate without a whisper; settlements and child support is all Michelle could gain before surrendering following various threats.

Without a loving father present, Dean grew up fearful of being abandoned by those he cares deeply about, giving way to a quiet, shy and reserved personality. Then, as he’d enter adolescence, he found himself battling his truth as a homosexual male in nineties America, entwining itself with his already established scarring. He would live in secret with his known family—a path he was used to by this point, as a hidden bastard—hoping not to disappoint, but he slowly and modestly embraced himself among his peers, finding little joy in the overindulgence of sex and partying, anyway. But still, he felt a piece missing, mainly from not being afforded a relationship with his only sister, who he’s never met. The remnants of his melancholy was buried with his studies, graduating high school with top grades and being granted admission into USC, where he’d begin his degree in marketing in the fall of 1997 after relocating from his birthplace of Washington state to Olympia, California following a gap year. And it’s through his education and new life that he hoped not only to find his future, but a true purpose.

PLATONIC: Having lived such a quiet and reserved life, Dean is incredibly open-minded in regards to meeting new and exciting people. His friendship circle, as it stands, is small, but he’s eager to expand upon it and learn more about the world around him, especially where it concerns those within the LGBT+ community. He’d fancy himself as more of a homebody than one for the wild nightlife, preferring board games with some close confidantes over fast times, but he’s willing to try anything once, especially as a college student who is finding himself.

ANTAGONISTIC: Generally speaking, anyone who is close-minded, conservative or take issue with his sexuality would be an antagonist in Dean’s life. Additionally, anyone who threaten those who show they care about him, having undying loyalty for his friends and family.

ROMANTIC: A classic romantic, Dean finds himself pursuing relationships more often than he pursues sexual encounters. He typically opts for dates, but has broken a handful of hearts due to not seeing his fairytale ending with the potential lover—a development not limited to men, as he’s had sexual relationships with women in the past whilst closeted.


no Triggers, 27, eST, Discord (Jake#1866)


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DEAN & Emma
I feel like this is gonna be a really interesting storyline to delve into. Emma has no clue Dean exists, meanwhile for his entire life Dean's been cast off as a bastard, knowing he has a sister out there he hasn't been allowed to meet, who he believes to be getting the love he is missing out on. He's been watching her from a distance when they were kids, just waiting to at least speak to her. So when they meet by chance (the USC connection can come into play here), they'll have a lot to figure out, especially since Emma is guarded when it comes to new people, specifically new men. All the men she's known have essentially failed her and proved her wrong, be it blood related or otherwise. So for a brother to come out of nowhere, wanting to know the family Emma has disconnected herself from due to her backstory... it's bound to get intense. But I love working with you and we've never really got the chance to really flesh out a storyline together, so I'm excited to see where this goes.


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"The Devil's Advocate."
Dean & Dawson
He's never met a guy quite like Dean before: young, sexy, compassionate, humble, kind. He's everything the media imagines Dawson to be and more, so in that regard it's like looking in a mirror... except that's not who Dawson really is. When the two men cross paths now, Dawson immediately becomes enamored with Dean, rooted partially in envy, but mainly a desire to really get to know him and get inside his mind. Explore a darkness that Dean himself might have hidden away, and forcing him to unleash it.

To summarize, I see them having this sexy, homoerotic, "Wall Street"/"The Devil's Advocate"/"Interview with a Vampire" type of storyline together, with Dawson playing this older mentor role to Dean, trying to corrupt and manipulate Dean and take him down a path he probably shouldn't find himself—all as part of some kind of vanity project, but also because deep down Dawson is extremely lonely and fucked up. It also happens to draw parallels to the myth of Hades kidnapping Persephone so he doesn't have to rule the Underworld alone, which I think is really cool too. So?!


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