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basil aurelio de luca
face claim: matt le blanc.
canon name: n/a; mortal.
associations: n/a; mortal.
alias: nah.
age / apparent age: 28.
zodiac: capricorn.
date of birth: 01/11/69.
place of birth: manhattan, new york, usa.
pronouns: he/him.
sexuality: homosexual.
moral alignment: lawful good.
character traits: charming, loyal, openhearted, realistic, selfless, talkative, stubborn, defensive, self-conscious.
world views: basil came from a strict catholic home, and he agrees with their religious views to a certain extent, but is more lenient on his worldview than he was raised to be. he has a strong social responsibility, and can sometimes appear judgmental, but this never really has anything to do with race, gender, sexuality, or any other particular biases.
physical attributes: straight black medium-length hair, brown puppy-dog eyes, average height, fit body, tan skin.
musical taste: basil’s not very picky about having a specific style of music as long as he can find a groove to it. he’s perfectly satisfied just listening to whatever’s playing wherever he is on the most part, rarely finding a song he doesn’t like.
aesthetic: basil’s focus is more on comfort than style, rarely going for anything more than a t-shirt and jeans. usually when going to a specific social event is when he’ll really focus on his appearance, but it’s usually just whatever the latest trend is. overall, having a particular aesthetic is his last priority when it comes to clothes or furniture.
lifestyle: between his two jobs and his constant escapades, basil’s always hopping from one place to the next. he’s not one to sit still for too long if he can help it, and as many problems as he has getting out of his comfort zone with certain things, you can’t say he’s lived a dull life.
occupation: bartender/dance instructor.
class: lower middle class.
genealogy: alice de luca (mother, age 57);
angelo de luca (father, age 55);
anise de luca (older sister, age 34);
sage de luca (older brother, age 32);
ginger de luca (older sister, age 30);
pepper de luca (younger sister, age 26);
cinnamon de luca (younger brother, age 24);
rosemary de luca (younger sister, age 22).
BIOGRAPHY: basil grew up in a home that was loving enough, but also had a lot of problems. he was in the middle of seven kids that all felt a bit of a need to compete for attention. the parents had a very traditional view on catholicism that was rather strict. and with the amount of mouths that needed to be fed, money was always tight and there was never much room around the house, leaving basil sharing a room with both of his brothers for most of his childhood.

he loved his family to death even with it’s problems, but things got more complicated the older he got. he didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin for a pretty long time as he started to discover more about who he was, something he grew to resent his parents for due to a couple rude comments thrown about towards certain things. then when he had finally been able to come out to them, despite their insistence that they were fine with it, basil could feel an underlying tension rise to the surface that he knew wasn’t there before. to this day, he’ll make a lot of calls to his parents and siblings individually and on a regular basis, but he makes a lot of excuses to get out of visiting his parents in particular.

coming to olympia was a bit of a whirlwind decision; he had no clue where to go after college and olympia just happened to be a pretty nice city nearby. he’s been enjoying life on his own for a while now, staying away from home rather pointedly despite missing it because he just needed a break from the chaos. his life is rather simple, constantly going from one place to the next but avoiding anything that could prove to be truly life-changing in favor of what he knows is safe.

PLATONIC: basil doesn't easily let people too far past the surface, usually cutting people off based on first impression (along with second, third, and many others; it's a little exhausting). but once someone manages to get through the layers of security placed, they've earned an endlessly loyal friend ready to do anything for them, something that some who wiggle their way through could take advantage of effortlessly. his friends are family in his eyes, and he won’t let them go easily.

ANTAGONISTIC: as charming as he is most of the time, i can easily picture basil getting on some people’s nerves because he can be a little picky at times. he's very social, but also very particular about who he'll stick around with, and he doesn't really have much of a filter on him which can cause a lot of problems with some.

ROMANTIC: there will soon be an endgame request added here as i have a lot of specifics in mind for that, but i'd also love a lot of flings for him. he's a bit of a heartbreaker due to particular commitment issues in this department, never sleeping with the same guy more than once, so no doubt some of these flings will end worse than others.

OTHER: i can’t think of much of anything else except maybe a couple of his siblings? or not, idk, we’ll see what happens.

no triggers (warning needed), 19, cest, discord (fireflyingaway#7353)


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"La vie en rose"
Basil & Jessica

As the title entails, I imagine Jess and Basil's friendship starting off rose-tinted and carefree, a pleasant distraction from all the ongoing issues in their tumultuous lives. With both of them being dance instructors and recent arrivals to Olympia, I thought maybe they could be coworkers at the same studio, quickly becoming friends because of a shared love for what they do. I feel like their differing personalities would not only compliment each other well, but would also make for a cute and sibling-like dynamic that would be fun to roleplay. Calling back to oddball pairings in movies is my goal with this friendship; I can already see their crazy nights out, where Jess' party girl antics may put Basil in situations he would more than rather avoid completely, or maybe Basil's down-to-earth approach forcing Jessica to take a second and breathe every once in a while. However, as with all real friendships, there are going to be moments where they butt heads just a bit too much. Overall, I'm just wanting something wacky and fun for these two before their drama with others destroys them. I'm open to any suggestions as well! Message me or post in my shipper if you're interested bb x


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