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hello new friends! so i'mma keep this pretty simple as i'm not much of a talker and you can read a lot of the history behind it in august's bio, but this is the plot I have in mind for august's relationship with his twin sister, who's going to be the artemis to his apollo. i've been calling her aurora and will continue to do so here, but her name is entirely up to her taker. i'm also really flexible on the face claim as long as she looks at least a little bit related to leo. now, to explain the basics of the background mentioned in his bio, they used to be really close when they were younger, but as they grew up, august started to feel like everyone loved aurora more than him, like she was the golden girl and he was the black sheep. because of this, august had ran away from home a few years ago and never came back. so what i'm hoping for is that aurora will end up coming into town looking for him to ask what happened and why he left. this information won't be given up lightly, and there will be a lot of drama involved before they resolve things, but who doesn't like drama, am i right? all of this added with the apollo and artemis reincarnation thing, it's bound to be a lot of fun! so, if you're thinking about making the artemis, it would be nice if you would please think this plot over if nothing else. i'm always up to discussing it, so just let me know if you're considering! can't wait to plot with you!
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