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hello! so this is a request for basil's roommate and main love interest. for now, purely for the hell of it, the roommate will be called matty, but the name's entirely up to whoever takes this ad. so matty has been questioning-- or possibly already knows about-- his sexuality ( be it gay, bi, pan, whatever), but he's kinda in denial about it. like, if other people are into that, that's fine with him, as long as it doesn't take too much of an effect in his life. but now he's in a bit of a pickle and desperately needs a roommate. luckily, he gets one, but the one he gets just so happens to be very openly gay and does a lot of sleeping around. from the get go, basil insists that no, he's not about to be a complete idiot and fall for his "straight" roommate, but guess what??? he does anyway!!! and matty falls for him right back!!! but matty is still so far in denial and basil's just kinda ignoring it in favor of sleeping around and not having to deal with the very potential heartbreak! so obviously, sexual tension and angst will ensue. now i'd love for his fc to be matthew perry (bc i love chandler + monica like crazy, but feel like the joey + chandler dynamic would fit this really well), but the fc doesn't really matter to me. the most important things are that he's 26-29 and that he's a little uncomfortable with his sexuality. everything's very up for discussion, so just let me know if you're interested!
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