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Dawson Kenneth Clarke
face claim: Tom Cruise
canon name: Hades
associations: The underworld, the dead/death, darkness, wealth
alias: The Prodigal Son, America's Prince Charles
age / apparent age: 32
zodiac: Aquarius
date of birth: 02/13/1967
place of birth: Washington, D.C., USA
pronouns: He, Him, His
sexuality: Bisexual
moral alignment: Lawful Evil
character traits: Beguiling, sensual, narcissistic, steadfast, staunch, condescending, judgmental, poised, regal, lavish, witty, intelligent, ambitious, obsessive
world views: Young and world-travelled, Dawson considers his views to be liberal and progressive, but he tends to hold some traditional values due to his sheltered upbringing within America’s one percent. He’s a practicing Christian and believes in the concept that all sins should be punished if thou shall not repent, though he’s highly hypocritical in this regard.
physical attributes: As someone who takes his appearance very seriously, he is often well groomed and is in peak physical condition/health; dashing and remarkably attractive in a classic way. A lean, athletic, swimmer’s body; clear, glowing, cream skin; thin, bow-shaped pink lips; high forehead; dark/bold, thick, carefully shaped eyebrows, placed low on prominent brow ridges; dark brown hair, alternating between a slightly longer mane or shorter and styled spiky; deep set, down-turned, hooded green eyes; prominent, sloped nose with a rounder tip; square jaw and high cheekbones; average height, around 5’9”
musical taste: Britpop, trip-hop, R&B, funk rock; Oasis, The Verve, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, D'Angelo, Brian McKnight, Janet Jackson, Sade, Savage Garden, Jamiroquai, Fatboy Slim, Moby, Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps
aesthetic: Tailored designer suits/tuxedos and casual-wear consisting of skin tight turtlenecks and v-necks, mesh shirts, leather pants, velvet/crushed velvet or cowhide button downs, leather blazers/vests, corduroy, slim fit denim pants, custom luxury dress shoes, ribbed knit shirts, long sleeve polo shirts, skin tight classic t-shirts
lifestyle: A powerful and influential member of high society, Dawson surrounds himself with affluent, like-minded individuals, those he met during his time at Harvard Law School. These days, however, he’s tried abandoning the reckless, wasteful lifestyle he was consumed by in his late teens/early 20s in order to seriously pursue a political career in the vain of his father, following a successful turn as a criminal lawyer. He still discreetly enjoys illicit affairs—this in spite of casting judgement on those he feels are beneath him—dabbling in bondage/BDSM, orgies and casual drug use, while also maintaining ties to organized crime. He also discreetly explores the California gay scene, but would rather not discuss his sexuality publicly. To those outside his circle, he’s just a classic, all-American, baseball loving, apple pie eating, young man.
occupation: Lawyer / Politician
class: Upper Class
Ethan Clarke, Brother
William Clarke, Father
Beverly Clarke, Mother
BIOGRAPHY: Known to American media as “The Prodigal Son” and “America’s Prince Charles”, Dawson Clarke was born with a silver spoon embedded between his sharp teeth, and no one to challenge him. The first child of the, then, newly appointed United States Vice President and a sports franchise heiress, Dawson began his life seated on a tiny throne in Number One Observatory Circle, with the world (or at least the parts that were influenced and blanketed by the star-spangled banner) at his fingertips. As Dawson would learn to take his first steps, he was forced to face a spotlight unusual to many, of which he was pushed to understand and adapt to, even when he could not. With his father revered by the public as an American hero/icon and his mother a popular socialite, the usual attention given to presidential children was passed along to him. Everything from walks to school, to building snowmen, to little league baseball practice was met with the blinding flicker of camera lights, be it those of the paparazzi or passing pedestrians. All throughout his childhood and adolescence, his life existed in a fragile glass fish tank: visible to all, but sheltered away from all just the same. Normalcy, to him, was abnormal—the effects of which would crack him slowly.

It was the year 1970 that Dawson’s father would decide to begin a presidential campaign, leading to his selection as the Democratic party nominee for the 1972 presidential election. It seemed, then, to be an easy victory for the senior Clarke, having already amassed a large, devoted following within the United States. But his entire campaign would be derailed into a deafeningly loud crash once scandal broke through to the press: an American hero disgraced, caught in an affair with three different young interns. Mass hysteria would rapidly cast its shadow, the story pushing millions of copies of every newspaper and tabloid in the country with its front page headlines. Now, the new normal for young Dawson involved journalists waiting outside the family’s front doorstep for their latest breaking development. Was the picturesque, all-American family shattering to pieces? What about “America’s Prince”; how was this affecting him? It was a circus no child would enjoy being immersed in, especially true for Dawson who went from appearing in cereal ads, to appearing on 60 Minutes.

Amidst the scrutiny and melodrama, Dawson’s mother stood as stoic as she possibly could in the face of such a scandal, pressured to save her husband’s campaign, and maintain the image her family delicately crafted. An image they've always projected toward the country and world. But it was not enough when, on November 7, 1972, the democrats lost the election in a landslide vote to Richard Nixon and the republicans, shaping the country for decades to follow. It was a moment the shamed Clarke clan could not overcome, leading the way to a highly publicized, nasty divorce and a continued witch hunt for the shamed former Vice President, cast off ass a fraud, a liar and a cheater.

Through private school, the stain of his father’s actions haunted Dawson and took a toll on his already fractured mental health, manifesting itself in the form of a vested interest in criminal law. It was him who wanted to control the power of final judgement, determining who was due punishment and who was not… even if he had to dole out the punishment himself. Continuing along this path, he found himself at Harvard Law School, a time which he balanced his studies with a wild, exorbitant lifestyle encompassing fast exotic sports cars, a harem of sexual partners, outrageous parties and discreet drug use. He was a modern, real life Gatsby, which, of course, captured the media’s attention once more. But following his graduation at the top of his class and his instant, remarkable success in his field, he decided to tone down his image significantly, for he had a larger vision on the horizon.

Fueled in part by the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal which drew comparisons to his father, and following his crowning as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 1998 (subtitled “From America’s Prince Charles to America’s Prince Charming”), the bachelor announced his transition into politics, seeking to redeem his family name. He’d move permanently to the fast-paced, crime ridden streets of Olympia, California, where he already had a home, eager to begin a campaign that would lead him to becoming California state Senator. A role the man who beat his father, Richard Nixon, held. Such a poetic fate only a specific mind, with an acute awareness, could craft.

PLATONIC: His comrades would include people from the same background as him, who live or have lived the same lifestyle. He rarely finds friendships in people outside of the upper crest, unless you are of benefit to him. He’s dangerously charismatic and anyone who comes into contact with him is immediately caught by his charm. Whether or not he’s interested in being your friend or acquaintance, he knows for a fact you want to be his.

ANTAGONISTIC: Here’s where things get interesting. So through college, he’s gotten involved in some illicit affairs/criminal activity, but kept it all under lock and key. He hasn’t, however, quite let go of the ties he made during that time, especially since it has benefited him in the years to follow. With him moving to Olympia, he’s iron focused on its reputation as being quite seedy, pushing a desire to “clean” it up in his bid for Senator, even if he has to quietly use certain means to do so. Additionally, he has this sorta weird obsession with doling out punishment and being the judge and jury to those who’ve done wrong. So those caught up in his schemes can categorize themselves here.

ROMANTIC: He has had many highly publicized relationships given his reputation as a sexy, eligible bachelor, and possibly even an ex-fiancee (his public relationships to this point being only with women). But beneath his image projection, he enjoys casual sex with both women and men, though choosing not to address his bisexuality publicly in order to preserve his campaign. At the moment, he has no real interest in a partner, with his focus solely on his career, but at some point he’d need a trophy.

OTHER: Colleagues, family members, former classmates, I’m open to anything really. I also have things in mind for the brother mentioned (I'm thinking this could be the reincarnation of Zeus), but I'll likely post a wanted ad for that soon. Anyway, let’s go!

no triggers, 26, est, DISCORD (MARIAH.#5249)


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I'm definitely here for this storyline. Dean really needs someone "dark" to spice up his sort-of mundane all american life, and Dawson is totally the perfect guy that would make Dean risk it all. Also the Persephone parallel is so great. Your mind!


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Posted (edited)

"Unleash hell"
Dawson & Sebastian
The potential dynamic between Dawson and Sebastian is such an exciting thing for me! All of the possibilities that exist for these two characters has really gotten my mind going, which I've missed dearly since the last time we roleplayed. On the surface, these two seem like completely different people (Sebastian being raised in a low-income single parent household that forced its members into the world of crime, as opposed to Dawson who was raised in a wealthy nuclear family where pursuing crime was a calculated and well thought out choice.) I can already envision their rough past, which gradually grew in tension and frustration as Sebastian was dragged further into a world he has nothing but contempt and disdain for, while Dawson started his rise to power in the world of "law and order" despite his not so legal dealings. I see two tortured souls as well, where if maybe they just sat down and talked, possibly tried to understand each others perspectives, they could be close friends. They know just how difficult life can get, especially in such a volatile life like theirs. But of course, they're too stubborn to do any of that and are too stuck in their ways. I can't wait to see what we come up with, you're always a joy to plot and write with! I'll message you soon x


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dawson & JACK

If I am excited for our interactions with Emma and Jack, you can't believe how much I am expecting to start what we have in mind for Dawson and Jack. They will be the perfect allies, since Jack doesn't have a problem tarnishing his own image, in order to keep Dawson's clean. What I like the most about these two, is how their relationship can make a lot of pieces fit in the big puzzle that New Gods is. In fact, maybe Dawson and Jack's attempts of making Bobby's live a living hell can help throw Emma in his arms, which is exactly the opposite Jack wants.

And as for Zeus, I had an idea reading your post. So expect a pm in the next few minutes!


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