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Aurora Keller | Artemis | Jordana Brewster

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Aurora Mae Keller
face claim: Jordana Brewster
canon name: Artemis
associations: the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity.
alias: Rory (childhood nickname, do not call her this)
age / apparent age: 21
zodiac: Leo
date of birth: 08/20/1978
place of birth: PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA.
pronouns: She, Her, Hers
sexuality: Straight
moral alignment: Chaotic Good
character traits: Confident, Level Headed, Cheeky, Sarcastic, Fun loving, Flirty, Rebellious
world views: Aurora is an avid believer in doing your part in the political sphere, she was class president after all. Aurora has volunteered for many charities and organisations throughout her life, ranging from save the whales charities, to homeless shelters, to animal shelters. Though she also believes in doing what you want, to make yourself happy
physical attributes: Long brown hair with bangs clipped in the front, Roughly 5ft5 with brown eyes and pronounced brows. Has a slim build with tanned skin. Occasionally wears glasses
musical taste: Aurora loves pop music and loves keeping up with the latest trends, she however is not afraid to get alternative if the mood calls for it
aesthetic: Aurora likes to dress stylishly but comfortable. She tends to lean into a preppy aesthetic when trying to impress others but can most often be found wearing an oversized shirt over a tank top and some jeans.
lifestyle: Aurora had always been popular. People just always tended to gravitate towards her. She had ran track her whole childhood but eventually joined the cheerleading team when she got to high school. Still likes to keep active. Her passion however is writing.
occupation: Just transferred to USC from her home state, is studying journalism while looking for a part time job.
class: Student
BIOGRAPHY: As the sun rose on August 20th, Celeste gave birth to a bubbling set of twins. Auggie and Rory were the best of friends growing up, Rory would often charge head first into what ever adventure she could find with her brother following not too far behind her. Aurora never wanted to be the best, just her best. So she always put her all into everything even if she probably shouldn't have. One of her favourite childhood memories involved her and Auggie trying to bake a cake together. Baking might not be a competitive sport but Aurora could certainly make it look like one. By the time it was over the kitchen and her brother were covered in flour, but her cake was still the prettiest and tastiest.

Once Aurora reached highschool her determination only grew. She was managing to ace all her classes, while maintaining a social life, volunteering and picking up extra-curriculars like no other. For all intents and purposes she was the perfect student. Not everyone managed to juggle being editor of the school newspaper, co head of the cheer team and class president but not only did she pull it off, she made it look easy. A weight however had formed on Aurora's chest and it belonged to her brother. The two had always been close but as the years went by she had noticed her brother pulling further away from her. They were still siblings of course but Aurora couldn't help but notice that in a world where people tended to gather around her, there was one very obvious person pulling away.

As she grew older, Aurora began to become more rebellious towards her parents, though it was always in secret. The often 'perfect' girl would find herself sneaking out late at night to go to parties or take joyrides in whatever car she could find. She would often find herself in dangerous situations but found that she could usually charm her way out of everything. One night after sneaking home from what was probably the biggest party of the year, the teen decided to check up on her brother, mostly because she needed someone to talk to about it, but also because she felt bad for not spending as much time with him. To her surprise he wasn't in his room, he wasn't anywhere. Aurora tried to shrug it off assuming that maybe he was also at a party or something.

Soon Aurora was off to college. Her brother still hadn't returned but her parent's assured her that August was fine and that he just needed some space. Months passed and then years and there was still no sign of her brother. Aurora had tried to track him down a few times but had no luck. At least she hadn't until she received an email from an old friend from high school, tipping her off that he may be in Olympia, California. It wasn't a lot to go off but what's life without taking a few risks?

PLATONIC: Aurora makes friends quite easily so any type of friendship is good for her. Though it might be interesting to see how she would react to a friend who would challenge her. I think it could make an interesting dynamic. Also anyone attending university would be a super easy friend for her to make.

ANTAGONISTIC: Anyone that gets between her and finding her brother, Aurora is pretty easygoing however so antagonistic relationships are going to be hard to maintain unless someone is a major and persistent aggressor.

ROMANTIC: I am down for any type of romantic relationship, though I feel like as a character Aurora wouldn't super be down with anything sexual. She is Artemis after all.

OTHER: Not really outside of asking you to be patient with timezones, I try my best

None, 21, Australian Eastern Standard Time, Discord Cordelia #3213


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Aurora & Emma
They're gonna get along so well and get into so much trouble together, I feel like; their spirits are just too akin to one another. That is until they realize Emma fucked and dumped Aurora's love struck twin brother, which I'm sure will make things tumultuous jzcjxj. But regardless, I'm excited to portray the sisterhood between Aurora, Jessica and Emma, and have them navigate this strange world they're all thrust into together, leaning on each other for support even when they're at odds. Everything from boy troubles to personal trauma to personal demons to the revelation that they're reincarnations of goddesses. I feel like they'll really be the emotional core to all of this as it continues to blossom and I'm soooo excited. By the way, Emma still needs a babysitter... so lemme know if that can be arranged!


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rory & auggie
i'm so sorry i didn't get to you sooner, but i'm excited af to get to this! we talked about a lot on discord, but i feel like a couple shipper replies will help get our focal thoughts out there. now, august is dealing with a lot of shit as of this moment so his sister coming into town will be the last straw. there were many things about his relationship with her (and their parents) that caused him to leave, but one of the main ones was that she always seemed to have everything together while he seemed to have everything falling apart, so her showing up at the exact point when things are at their worst will just be adding salt to the wound.

there will definitely be a lot of emotions brought to the table. the fear and anger from their history and the timing she arrived are a couple guaranteed, but i also see him having genuinely missed her. they had used to be as close as could be and-- even after all that's happened-- he still loves her more than anything, so of course there's a part of him that just wants to give her a hug and go out for dinner or something to catch up. there'd also be a lot of confusion as well because, from his angle, she kinda abandoned him first to a certain extent. why does she care why he left? it's not like he was any benefit to her by the end of it all-- heck, he had really thought of himself as a burden to the family, so what's it matter?

idk but it's gonna be the icing on the messy-ass cake and i'm loving it.

let me know your thoughts!!!


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