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Sebastian Kane | Mortal | Matt Damon

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Sebastian Isaac Kane
face claim: Matt Damon
canon name: N/A; Mortal
associations: N/A; Mortal
alias: Seb, gunshot
age / apparent age: 24
zodiac: Sagittarius
date of birth: November 28th, 1975
place of birth: Olympia, California, USA
pronouns: He/Him
sexuality: heterosexual
moral alignment: Chaotic Good
character traits: Rebellious, Easygoing, hotheaded. Flirtatious, stubborn. Passionate, protective, Impulsive, Idealistic
world views: Though Sebastian has every reason to resent the world around him. his struggles growing up have shaped him into a caring and ambitious young man. Sebastian knows what it's like to be alone, and as result refuses to turn a blind eye to anybody that could use help. however, as his criminal career grows, he's had to pull back from involving anybody in his dangerous life.
physical attributes: The perfect representation of the "all American", Sebastian's striking blue eyes and bright smile paint the picture of a handsome, honest, and hardworking young man, though something darker lingers behind this comforting facade. Tall, lean, and muscular, Sebastian's body is built like a swimmer, all a result of his extensive workouts and demanding work. His golden hair and warm skin only add to his undeniable attractiveness.
musical taste: A fan of all things rock, Sebastian tends to listen to everything the music industry has to offer, though some of his most listened to artists include Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, and Pink Floyd.
aesthetic: Not really concerned with how he looks most of the time, Sebastian can often be found sporting simple clothing through the week, ranging from plain shirts, simple button ups, larger jackets, washed out jeans, and worn boots. On OCCASION, he'll clean up for a date, though those seem to be few and far between. His carefree style only adds to his classic form of attractiveness, painting him in the light of a young blue collar worker.
lifestyle: Mostly on his own between jobs, Sebastian likes to ride and explore the far ends of olympia during his free time, always finding something new during his exploits. Not wanting to involve others in his messed up life, most of Sebastian's socializing occurs with other members of olympia's lucrative world of crime, though he doesn't go out of his way to avoid interacting and befriending regular individuals.
occupation: Getaway Driver/Mechanic
class: Lower Class
genealogy: Rebecca Kane (Mother), Unknown Father, Vanessa Kane (Aunt, Deceased)

BIOGRAPHY: Born as the result of a short-lived but turbulent affair, Sebastian Kane started off life unwanted. Serving as a painful reminder of the best (and worst) times of his mother's life, the young child's presence alone seemed to hurt the relationship between mother and son before it even began. Forced into raising a child on her own, Sebastian's mother initially felt that she was not up for the task, her early ineptitude seeming to validate her hasty conclusion. Refusing to try, Rebecca Kane was ready to give up on her child and life as a single mother. It wasn't until Vanessa's timely interference that the young woman saw the opportunity that had presented itself. It was through her younger sister's care and love that Rebecca was able to find the good side of life, and find the will to care and love her son.

Brought up by his working mother and loving aunt, life seemed to be going well for a young Sebastian those first few years, if only in a slightly unconventional manner. He was bright, friendly, sociable, and most importantly, empathetic to those around him. He had plenty of friends and lived in a home that didn't lack anything but a paternal figure, which Sebastian didn't really mind. He loved and he was loved. It wasn't until his aunt started craving her past that everything came crashing down. A struggling addict in her younger days, Vanessa would fall back to her old ways after a distressing moment involving Sebastian. Unable to maintain her lifestyle with her current circumstances, Vanessa began involving herself with the wrong people, all while Rebecca remained clueless to what was going on when she was away. By the time Rebecca found out it was all too late: Vanessa owed the wrong person just a little too much, and she died suddenly before she could pay back what she had taken.

Heartbroken but unwilling to let this tragedy ruin their lives, Rebecca would attempt to pay off her sister's debts by taking on minor jobs from the man she owed money to, hoping it would eventually be enough to end the madness and protect her son. Sebastian would desperately watch as it proved to be an impossible task, growing to young adulthood witnessing his recovered mother be broken down once more. It was during his first day of high school that life completely changed for Sebastian himself: during a minor heist, Rebecca was shot, leaving her in critical condition. Terrified and devastated, Sebastian would take her place instead, refusing to lose the one person he loved in his life to such a dangerous world.

Recruited as a heist driver, Sebastian would be brought up in a world far different from his own, learning the ins and outs of Olympia's world of crime (willingly or not.) The jobs, which started small, grew bigger and more dangerous over time, with important figures beginning to recognize the young man's talent behind the wheel. Soon enough, this treacherous activity became his life, which hurt Sebastian in a way he couldn't quite describe. It was changing him, leading him down a dark path he didn't want to take, one that was completely unavoidable no matter how hard he tried. Constantly fighting the dark urges he felt, Sebastian tried to keep the naive boy from his childhood in mind, just to hold on to that compassion and care that was instilled within him, all to avoid this destiny.

Over the years, as he grew comfortable in his role, Sebastian would be hurt and betrayed by everyone he had chosen to trust, building an impenetrable wall around himself in response. He would soon learn that he had no one but himself. Counting down the days to when his aunt's debt would be paid, the young man wonders if he would be willing to give this up, or if this life of loneliness and crime was that of the real Sebastian.

PLATONIC: Easygoing and approachable, Sebastian is well-known for his roguish charm and genuine kindness, making easy friends with most strangers whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, years of criminal work in Olympia has exposed the young man to the dark reality of life, harming his ability to establish any long-term connections with others. As a result, Sebastian is unable to develop mutually rewarding connections, lacking the ability to trust anyone completely. Most people who take on the challenge of truly growing close to Sebastian fail, though he secretly longs for someone to break through the unconventional walls he has built around himself.

ANTAGONISTIC: Despite his ease in befriending everyone around him, Sebastian has been known to make an enemy or two every once in a while, usually in defense of others. He has a genuine dislike for people who use and manipulate others, which often spills over into his line of work. In the past (when jobs were less risky and dangerous) this often lead to countless of violent altercations for the reluctant driver. Though his feelings of hatred may be intense, Sebastian has started to restrain himself in times of conflict, never acting upon his feelings unless he deems the situation worthy and safe to do so. Any antagonistic storylines with Sebastian will start subtle and gradually build in tension, as he refuses to act until it's  absolutely necessary.

ROMANTIC: Sebastian has laid with countless of women, often finding a blossoming romance in his life being cut short by his inability to trust anyone. Like the platonic aspect of his life, Sebastian yearns for the day he can one day find someone to love and cherish forever, though the direction he has taken over time makes this task nearly impossible. The handsome delinquent is rather fond of intense displays of passion and affection when smitten, a side of his personality that he can credit his mother with. When Sebastian falls, he falls hard, though he does his best to hide it. He loves deeply and cares tremendously, despite the convoluted mess that is his life.

OTHER: Aside from what has already been mentioned before, I want to chip away at Sebastian's exterior with all kinds of drama and conflict throughout the RP. I'm open to any ideas you may have; Seb isn't scared of taking risks!

NONE, 19, Central, Discord: Trinity#6721


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"The Fast and the Furious."
Sebastian & Dawson
The thing that struck me immediately is Sebastian's ties to the criminal underworld, specifically as a getaway driver. I think that tethers Sebastian and Dawson straight out of the gate, as I imagined Dawson to be high up (naturally, "underworld" and all!) exploiting it for his own selfish means and desires. I suggest we skip the introductions and already have them having an established business relationship before Dawson shows himself to be a layered, complex antagonist in Sebastian's life. I wanna serve something deeper than hero and villain, since Hades isn't even necessarily villainous, but in this world he just has a strict set of values and beliefs and is severely fucked up. Anyway, you're my go to girly, so you know it'd always be a pleasure to do sumn with you. So we'll talk more in secret if you're interested so not to give anything away! xxxx


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BOBBY & sebastian | goodfellas
To be very brief, I thought to reach out to you regarding a potential allyship. It would appear that as of this post, Bobby's right-hand man is missing in action, so to speak. And I feel as though that dynamic is necessary in order to ground him (and flesh him out beyond his romance with Emma), given that he could be quite chaotic. While Sebastian is very similar in that regard, it would seem (the words hotheaded, passionate and impulsive are synonymous with Bobby as well), having someone who understands him -- someone he could turn to, without judgement -- would do much to keep him sane. Most notably, both seem to work (or in Bobby's case, used to work) under Dawson Clarke, within the criminal underworld. I'd say perhaps they haven't met as of yet, what with Bobby spending a chunk of time (five years to be exact) in prison and abandoning the life of crime upon release. But now that he's being pulled back into the world due to the debts he owes, he's partnered with Sebastian and the two form a bond in spite of their different standings within their profession. Anyway, I'll stop there for now. Come find me if any of this is of interest. Take it easy!


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