"Halloween Kills" and "Halloween Ends" Officially Announced

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Damn, another one? Was the last one even any good? I think I enjoyed the 2007 one by Rob Zombie most. I also liked the one with Tyra in it :ahh: 

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The last one was so boring they should have kept the storyline from H20, so keep this.

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The last one was kinda disappointing and nothing new, they're pretty much all the same film. The Rob Zombie ones are superior. 

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I have such mixed feelings about this. The movie was OK but it also somehow retconned Halloween II?! Like - what?

Related image

John Carpenter filmed Halloween and Halloween II back to back so I'm troubled by this whole thing....

Anyway, guess we'll see how Michael Myers escaped this time

Image result for alexa bliss shrug gif

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He needs to kill Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter to really drive home the rivalry.

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