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Nathaniel Devereaux | Poseidon | Brad Pitt

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nathaniel quinton devereaux
face claim: Brad Pitt
canon name: Poseidon
associations: God of The Sea
alias: Nate.
age / apparent age: 31
zodiac: Taurus
date of birth: 05/03/1968
place of birth: Jupiter, Florida, USA
pronouns: He/Him/His
sexuality: Pansexual
moral alignment: Chaotic Neutral
character traits: Irritable, Loyal, Adventurous, Persistent, Generous, Artistic, Curious, Determined, Bold, Nosy, Self-Important, Artsy, Immature, Defiant, Honestly he's quite fucking bi-polar
world views: Nate holds extremely liberal views, though his privilege as an affluent white American make him ignorant and judgmental in many ways.
physical attributes: A world renowned Olympic athlete, Nate is in peak physical condition. Deeply carved, well-defined eight pack abs, with prominent pectoral muscles and biceps. Bright blue eyes and blonde mane, cut low and styled into spikes. A cocky, wry smirk painted across pouty nude lips. Thick, muscular thighs/glutes and high, tight ass.
musical taste: Alternative rock, ska, surf rock; Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Sublime, Pearl Jam, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Hole, Reel Big Fish, Filter, The Beach Boys
aesthetic: With a grim, self-important persona, Nate exudes confidence and wears it on his sleeve— quite literally actually. His daily attire consists of tight tank tops that showcase his build and low-fitting jeans that still hug against his thighs. Anything really that can show his body off is perfect for Nathaniel. When needed, he’ll suit up for the occasion, but it’ll still be something revealing and enticing. He strays from loose-fitting clothing.
lifestyle: Swimming is his sole passion, Nate devoting and sacrificing the great majority of his life to training to be the best in the world. But it’s not all work and no play for the athlete, Nate finding a certain amount of pleasure in leveraging his celebrity status, good looks and privilege to get anything and anyone he wants— That is until he cannot. all of which to fill an unwavering feeling of emptiness.
occupation: Olympic Athlete / Philanthropist
class: Upper Class.
genealogy: Donald Devereaux, father
Kelly Devereaux, mother
Natalie Devereaux, sister
Alyssa Devereaux, sister
BIOGRAPHY: As the eldest son of Miami Dolphin Donald Devereaux, athletics was embedded in the fabric of Nathaniel Devereaux’s make-up from infancy. His earliest years were always spent on the lap of his middle school teacher mother, high in the sky box seats, watching his hero perform at the top of his league. His father was defined by football, but although Nate knew he wanted to be an athlete just like his father, where his own interests would guide him was yet to be determined. At the age of seven years old, Nate was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a mental disorder his family thought might plague him for the rest of his life. With every passing day came an extremely hard time focusing or an abrupt outburst; Nate and his parents were finding it difficult to keep the young, bright eyed boy calm. That was until Nate found the waters, just outside his Jupiter estate. It was in the deep blue that he felt tranquility, comfort and solace; it was a security which made him feel whole. And it was then that Nate fell in love with swimming, and decided it was what he wanted to pursue.

By the age of ten, Nate held the national record for his age group in the one hundred meter butterfly, when his father began to take his child’s passion seriously and thrust him into strict training. And a willing participant Nate was, feeling no sense of missing out on the pleasures of childhood and, later, adolescence. By fifteen years of age, Nate’s rapid improvement had qualified the young athlete for the 1984 Olympic Games in the aptly named Olympia, California, making him the youngest athlete since Ralph Flannagan in 1932 to make a US Olympic swim team. And although he did not win a medal, his prowess and determination only steeply inclined.

In the spring of 1986, news broke of the senior Devereaux having used performance enhancing drugs throughout his NFL career, leaving the legend disgraced. Nate watched as his father went from an immortal figure to the poster boy for false idolization. It was this event that would drive Nate further forward, seeking to carve out a better legacy than that of his paternal figure, but pressure would only continue to mount and show themselves later on...

In the years to follow, Nate tallied up gold medals around the world, building up to the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, where he’d garner gold medals in the one hundred meter butterfly, two hundred meter butterfly, two hundred meter medley, four hundred meter medley, two hundred meter freestyle relay and one hundred meter freestyle relay. Through two more Olympic Summer Games, Nathanial Devereaux cemented himself as one of the greatest swimmers of all time, looking forward to the 2000 Olympics to retire the absolute greatest, fuelled further by his father’s untimely passing due to natural causes in the winter of 1996. But a widespread doping scandal would make front page news once more, this time involving several athletes, with a serious accusation thrown Nate’s way. Was it true? Had the rising stakes forced Nate down the exact same path of his father? No one knew for sure, as all evidence of his collusion was destroyed with the help of his lawyer friend Dawson Clarke, leaving nothing to the scandal but skepticism on the part of many. And with the 2000 Olympic Games approaching, Nate was seeking one thing: redemption.

As an internationally recognized Olympic athlete and sports icon, clawing toward legendary status, Nate settled in the city where he made his Olympic debut, terrified at what his future might hold once it came time to retire. The prospect of having to leave behind a shaky legacy was daunting, as well as having to explore a life beyond sports. But the time was rapidly approaching.

PLATONIC: Companionship is something Nathaniel has always cherished throughout his lifetime. Being able to connect with someone on a multitude of different levels has allowed him a freedom that he was never awarded to him as a child. Growing up home schooled forced Nate to distance himself from other children, especially since they lived near the edge of Florida where the mountains obscured them from view from other residents. What friends he did have ceased communication with him the moment he was pulled out of preschool at early age, which led him to believe that true friendship didn’t exist. Despite his apprehension of making few friends and becoming vulnerable, Nathaniel took to the heights of ‘friendship’, amassing some good— and even bad— folks along the journey. He was a lion-hearted, genuine soul at heart, and treated everyone with the respect he so desired. He was a Taurus, after all, and yearned for harmony among all he encountered. There would undoubtedly be sinister individuals along the way, but he’d sift his way through the shadiness in search of the light.

ANTAGONISTIC: It’s immensely hard to get on Nate’s bad side, and nearly impossible simply because most of the time, he just doesn’t give a fuck if you don’t like him. If he doesn’t like someone, he just avoids them and leaves it at that. He’s never been the type to prolong an argument and engage in petty activities— he’d much rather leave it alone, or if it gets to that point, duke it out. Nate doesn’t entertain drama, so when it’s mentioned around him, he tends to stay tight-lipped or remove himself from the equation entirely. Being in sports taught him that he’d either stick up for himself by using his fists, or to leave the negativity behind, lest he find himself on the sidelines or kicked off the team. In the wake of adversaries, Nathaniel will stick up for himself, though be it in the least problematic way possible.

ROMANTIC: Romanticism is a peculiar thing for Nate, especially since he is so damn confused with himself half of the time. As a preschooler, he was absolutely infatuated with a beautiful young girl named Diana Edwards who sat adjacent to him in the daily reading circle. He grew fond of her, and as she to him, and he figured they’d grow old together by how close they became. One day, a new kid came into class: Noah Belmont. Noah sat on the other side of Nathaniel, and they always whispered to one another during quiet time. They even put their pallets together when it came time to nap. Nate felt the same strange feelings he had for Diana with Noah as well, although quickly stifled them in fear that this wasn’t the ‘right’ thing to do. This way of thinking stuck with him for ages, and up until college he didn’t really address it. He just kept a girl at his side at all times, for what his heart desired, his mind wouldn’t permit.

OTHER: I’m open really for any plotting, lest it conflicts with Nathaniel’s character. General or mature.

no triggers, 18, pst, discord (jay #5813)


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"High Fidelity."
Nathaniel & Dawson
FINALLY you've decided to grace us with your presence. I am fucking relieved and can't wait to see all you have to offer shine among the rest of us. You're such a talented writer and I know you'll help us evolve the way we need to. But anyway, my plot pitch. So as I whispered in your ear already, I'm thinking Dawson and Nate have a previous established friendship/relationship, seeing as they have a lot in common. Both are sexy. Both are powerful, influential celebrity figures. Both are affluent. But beneath the shallow surface, the main thing they have in common is their connection to their fathers and their desire to redeem their family name, which is how I imagine they became good friends/confidantes. Where their relationship became tumultuous, though, is when Dawson used shady means to cover up the doping scandal Nate was hit with, and I imagine Dawson would feel as though Nate is indebted to him, even if they might not have seen eye to eye on how to handle the situation. I feel like while Dawson cares for Nate, he's very manipulative toward him.

Piggybacking off that, I was also imagining Dawson and Nate as former lovers who's secret relationship (which already placed a strain on them) might have went up in flames following the scandal and the cover-up. Maybe they still mess around here and there out of convenience and still being extremely attracted to one another. But Nate is struggling between remaining loyal or escaping Dawson, to Dawson's great displeasure. And Dawson doesn't like to be rejected or to have judgement cast upon him (since he fancies himself the judge), so the more Nate pulls away, the more anger fills his friend. That's when shit gets really fun and interesting...

That's all I'll divulge for now, so hit me up if you dig king!



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