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Melisa Reyes | Hestia | Penelope Cruz

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Melisa Reyes
face claim: Penelope Cruz
canon name: Hestia
associations: Hearth, home, architecture, domesticity, family and state.
alias: Mel
age / apparent age: 24
zodiac: Aries
date of birth: 04/09/1975
place of birth: Madrid,Spain
pronouns: She/Her
sexuality: Heterosexual
moral alignment: Lawful Goddess
character traits: Gentle, compassionate, mild, generous, diligent, honest, resilient, calm, reflective
world views: Being raised in a conservative household, some of Melisa's views on matters like marriage and family are quite traditional. But she also believes in freedom as the key to anyone's happiness, that is why Melisa always shows acceptance and respect to everyone, as long as their decisions don't hurt other people in any way.
physical attributes: Melisa's appearance matches fairly well with facial features associated to Mediterranean women: straight (slightly curly on the tips) dark hair, pronounced bone structure in the face, brown almond shaped eyes and narrow nose. As for the body, Mel stands at 5,5 ft tall, has a slim build, light brown skin and long legs; which usually catch others' attention.
musical taste: Hole, Madonna, Destiny's Child, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Cher
aesthetic: Not used to follow trens, Melisa tends to wear whatever makes her feel comfortable or something she simply likes. To formal situations, she usually opts for blouses, dress pants and heels; the opposite happens for a party, where she prefeers to wear sleek dresses, preferably red or black. Finally, on a daily basis, she likes to wear high waisted jeans, skirts, plain shirts, sneakers...
lifestyle: Melisa has never been the most popular person out there. At first she can seem cold and distant, but as soon as someone gets to know her better, she becomes one of those friends who will be there for you whatever happens. She doesn't enjoy drama or being surrounded by tons of people she doesn't care about, in that sense she prefeers plans which imply her closest friends, a bottle of wine and a quiet night. When she is by herself, Melisa enjoys reading, spending time in the beach, walking alone in nature, attending conferences about subjects of her interest...
occupation: Teacher
class: Middle class.
genealogy: Enrique Reyes (father), Ana García (mother), María Reyes (sister)
BIOGRAPHY: Even before her birth, Melisa was surrounded by expectations about how she would be. The reason behind said anticipation was that, during those years, Enrique Reyes was one of the most influential lawyers in Madrid (having worked for a lot of Spanish celebrities); and his wife, Ana, the perfect daughter of a wealthy family that everyone knew in the big city. It's not a surprise that, when Melisa finally arrived in their lives, the hospital room was full of people waiting to meet the baby who had everyone talking for months.

Years passed by and, contrary to everyone's expectations, Melisa grew up to become a pretty "common girl". Fancy dresses, high class events, luxury... She never hated them, but at the same time always felt that it was not the life she wanted to live as an adult. The private school she attended was more of the same; but she slowly started to indetify people's true intentions and be more selective about who she could call her friend, and who don't. Far from problematic, Melisa always excelled at her studies, played volleyball and joined the theater group; which led everyone to start questioning what she would decide to be once her formative years were over. At first, she thought about becoming a lawyer just like her father, since politics and human's rights always were subjects of interest for her; plus it would give her the chance to change the world and live up to everyone's expectations (specially her parents'). But paying close attention to her father, his job and what he, in his own words, "had to do to deliver justice", she ended up regretting her decision. How in the world justice could be served in a system full of liars, corrupts and criminals themselves? No, if she wanted to change the world she should start earlier, before society turn people into monsters... at school. And that's how, to her parents' and close relatives surprise (who had nothing against it, but they thought it was too unimpressive for someone like her), Melisa ended up becoming a teacher.

But in this process she always had one person's unconditional support, someone who really was there for her as a person and not for her status, Natalia. Since meeting for the first time when both where five years old, both girls became inseparable; it was like Natalia was the only person capable of really understand Melisa's feeling and way of thinking. This friendship continued until 1993, when Natalia passed away as one of the victims of a terrorist attack on the city where both lived. This loss was the most difficult thing Melisa had to overcome in her life, but with some time to heal she realized that her friend couldn't die in vain, so she turned all her anger into motivation and promised herself not only to become a teacher, but also to educate free, critical and empathetic children; a generation that would never use fear and violence to rule society.

Shortly after this critical moment for Melisa, her father was offered the position of district attorney in the city of Olympia, which implied leaving their country to start a new life on the other side of the world. With nothing to loss or miss in Spain, and about to start college, Melisa left with her family to initiate a new life. Now it has been seven years since her arrival in Olympia and, to her surprise, she has been feeling more at home than she ever felt in Spain. As for college, she had no problems not only graduating, but also managing to get the highest ranks of her class, which made it easier to choose where she wanted to work once she was out of college. Finding a job as teacher was not only a dream come true for her, but also key to finally leave her house and start her own life, she wasn't "that famous lawyer's daughter" anymore, now in Olympia she was known just as "Teacher Melisa", which she felt as a one of her biggest accomplishments to date. It's true that, since leaving her house, she had to adjust to a cheaper lifestyle, and even though she could ask her parents for money whenever she wanted (since they still keep a good relationship), that would mean to take a step back from the independence she had been waiting for years.

PLATONIC: Melisa can be considered a loner and, for some people, mysterious. The fact that only a few have the chance to really know her made her seem "unreachable" for some people, which in some situations draws a lot of unwanted attention to her. In reality, she is open to talk and meet anyone, but the world friend is reserved to a very select group of people. Even though she attend parties and has a pretty busy social life, to get to reallyknow people she prefeers to be alone with said person and really judge if she really wants him or her in her life.

ANTAGONISTIC: Based on her past experiences, what Melisa valorates te most is authenticty; so the kind of people she hates the most are those who pretend to be whom they are not. She also can't stand people who constantly want to create drama or have everyone's attention at any cost. Other than those kind of people mentioned, Melisa is pretty tolerant with almost every person she knows.

ROMANTIC: Her reflexive nature makes difficult for her to "get carried away by feelings", maybe that's why every attempt of relationship she ever had never lasted too long. To her, the difficult part comes trying to find someone she really likes, not just a pretty face or someone who can hold a conversation for more than five minutes... but someone who can really make her feel something more than just temporary interest. That's exactly what she is waiting for, meanwhile, she just does what she pleases and keep meeting people whose company she can enjoy for a while, but that's it.

OTHER: I'm open to almost any idea or roleplay with this character, so never doubt to ask me if you are interested in trying something, come up with a idea or develop a story between our characters!

no triggers, 24, CEST, PM


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