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        • By Twisted Bliss
          A romantic proposal, twin pregnancies and so much more!
          As E! readers surely know, a lot has happened to Brie Bella and Nikki Bella since wrapping season 4 of their docu-series, Total Bellas. Thankfully, this exciting and transformative time for the Bella Twins has been documented by cameras and will be at the forefront of Total Bellas season 5 (returning Thursday, Apr. 9 at 10 p.m.).
          Not only will fans witness Nikki's Parisian engagement to love Artem Chigventsev, they will also see the retired wrestler learn she's pregnant. "I have never in my life had such a passionate connection with someone," Nikki notes at the start of the just released teaser above.
          Of course, Nikki isn't the only pregnant Total Bellasstar as season 5 will cover Brie and husband Daniel Bryan (who was born Bryan Danielson)'s baby no. 2 pregnancy.
          "Twins pregnant at the same time? I'm in shock," Brie is heard saying in the all-new first look.
          While this is all happy news, season 5 isn't without some hardships. For starters, the new season will feature Brie and Nikki as they choose to reconnect with their father while writing a memoir. Although the twins have been estranged from their dad for some time, it seems they're more concerned about how the reunion will affect their mother.
          It's said fans will watch as Brie and Bryan continue to work hard at their relationship and nurture daughter Birdie Danielson. In fact, it appears that the longtime loves face many relationship challenges before learning their exciting baby news.
          "It's fine that Birdie comes first," Bryan laments in the footage above. "But, Daddy comes number four."
          At one point, Nikki even asks Brie if she and Bryan "are meant to be." Man, oh man.
          On top of all of this, Artem learns he will not be returning to Dancing With the Stars, news Nikki must help him come to terms with.
          It's safe to say Total Bellas season 5 will be unlike any we've seen before! Be sure to catch all of this excitement and more when the docu-series returns on Thursday, Apr. 9.
          Total Bellas returns Thursday, Apr. 9 at 10 p.m., only on E!
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