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So basically I'm seeking Dawson Clarke's younger brother, whom he became increasingly estranged with due to diverging paths and lifestyles. We'll call him Ethan for now, though I don't mind another name. As he grew older, Ethan became the polar opposite of his exorbitant, pompous, extravagant older sibling, though at one point he was a partner in crime. Part of Dawson wished he could have been a better, more protective brother and role model to Ethan, especially amidst all the media hysteria surrounding their family, but these days they rarely keep in touch for any deep-rooted issue to exist or matter. Still, Dawson gravely misses the presence of Ethan, often times feeling lonely in his self-crafted world. So hopefully Ethan would now come into the fold, returning to Olympia, and try to rebuild a relationship with his brother. The twist here is I am strictly interested in Ethan being the reincarnation of Zeus, with the long term goal of Ethan ascending to the top of the Olympia elite and possibly showing shades of gray alignment wise, while Dawson falls and becomes less villainess, creating some kinda interesting and dynamic conflict between them much like the lore. For faces, my top choice would be Christian Bale (like top top, I'd do anything!!!), who would work perfectly due to his younger age in contrast to Dawson (who is 32 years old in game, turning 33), and their slight resemblance (Dawson's face is Tom Cruise) which would be pretty necessary for them to be blood brothers. I think he'd also fit the archetype so well. Alternatively, anyone who was between the ages of 25 and 33 in the year 2000, and resembles Tom Cruise one way or another, would be perfect (some other suggestions, though I'm open to compromise, are Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Ethan Hawke and Hugh Jackman). Please hit me up if you're interested, there's a number of us who would like to see Zeus in play!
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