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Captain Fox

Captain Fox's Comics Review Corner: Thor (2020) #1 by Donny Cates

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Thor #1 written by Donny Cates. Art by Nic Klein. Color Art by Matthew Wilson. Lettering by VC's Joe Sabino Cover Art by Olivier Coipel. Variant Art by Jen Bartel

Disclaimer: Since this is a forum site, I'm doing spoiler reviews for all my comic reviews. I waffled on whether to do this and I came to the decision that I'm not official and most of you have never read comics, thus the need to not spoil isn't there. Hopefully my reviews will get you to pick up these stories eventually.

I have to start by saying this is book is my first Thor solo. I have one issue of Lady Thor lying around somewhere that I have never read and das it. The only reason why I came to pick up this book was I saw that Thor was getting a new look and Donny Cates, acclaimed writer of Venom, was writing this book. I was intrigued, and I'm glad I was, because this book setups a an adventure I'm wanting to follow.

So Thor begins with a wonderfully drawn pages of Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, traveling through the 10 realms of the Marvel universe. It shoots through each realm like a rainbow and we get exposition that each realm is now in peace time as Thor is now ruler (Thor's father died in the previous writer's story). Mjolnir makes it way to earth where it heads to help the Avenger take out a alien enemy in one swift shot. The Avengers are grateful and Tony sends his gratitude:


Thor is officially retired from the Avengers and he now takes a full time seat as King of Asgard. You can clearly tell that it is something he doesn't want to do as art displays him as bored in pages like above and when he is in Throne room. He is no pushover though as he is stern when interacting with people below his title. He has a brief meeting with Loki where they talk about Thor as king. It straggles on cliche for me and I only like it because Thor pushes back on trope with a been there done that attitude against Loki. We get another bit of detail where Loki asks if Mjolnir is getting too heavy for Thor since he heard him grunt picking it up. For those that don't know, Mjolnir can only be picked up by those worthy of picking him up. Those that can pick up the hammer can also lose the right to it if they are found unworthy. So this is pretty big in the sense that Thor is slowly losing the right to the hammer.

Now to my favorite part: Thor goes to deliver a speech to Asgard and before he can even say anything, Galactus, of Fantastic Four fame, comes crashing down and lands where the crowd is. Most die and Thor quickly jumps into action. Galactus tells Thor to stop. You can clearly see he came out the losing end of a fight and he tells Thor he came to him for help. "The Great Black Winter is coming". After weeks Thor eventually gather up all of Galactus's heralds and he looks for answers. He gets one from Silver Surfer who is now cloaked in black (have no clue why). We basically get information that the Black Winter is a universe killer and that Galactus is the only one that can stop it, BUT Galactus needs to feed on 5 planets that will grant him enough strength for this fight. Thor agrees to go to evacuate the people from these 5 planets.

The conclusion of this issues sees Black Surfer present Galactus with what is going to happen. Galactus retorts with information on the Black Winter. One look into the Black Winter shows you your own true death. Galactus then turns his hand onto Thor as he reveals that both times that he looked into the Black Winter he saw Thor. He then tells him he landed into Asgard on purpose and that they will destroy the Black Winter together before they come to blows. He christens Thor as his Herald of Thunder and thus the explanation for his new look.

This book was the perfect setup. It was excellently written and beautifully drawn and colored. I love the pacing and the depiction of Thor as stern but bored leader of Asgard to this new transformation made for a fun read. Also the twist that ties Galactus and Thor together was nicely done. My one low point would have to be Loki because I'm just overly done with the character and he just signals a repeat of things done before as it concerns with Thor and The Avengers. Other than that, perfect first issue.

My Freckle Fox rating (1[poor]-5[excellent]):

:frecklefox::frecklefox::frecklefox: :frecklefox: :frecklefox:


Next review: Batman 86 & 87: The road to DC's 5Gs starts now

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