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Hyacinthus, Lover of Apollo

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hello there, how's it going, rn i got my boi august who’s incarnate to apollo and rn he’s dealing with a big-ass shitshow so i’m thinking it’s about the perfect time to throw in his love interest! now i’m one that, for the most part, likes to keep things rlly flexible, and there’s def a lot i haven’t thought out and that we would have to discuss but i know what i do want for certain so i’mma focus on what i got down. with the original being a prince, i’m thinking he will now be an heir to old money, and i’d love it if he also had a career that rlly put him in the limelight one way or another (actor, musician, etc).

now his personality was never discussed that much in the legends, but i have some rlly strong ideas on what it could look like so just hear me out here. the main thing i’m thinking is that he had probably grown up with the idea that everyone has a price, and as long as he’s willing to pay it, the entire world’s at his disposal; i’m looking for a guy that’s rather spoiled and two-faced and used to clawing his way to the top by any means necessary. i also think it’d be especially fun if he was also a pinch of a slut and regularly slept around with guys in exchange for certain things while at the same time keeping this facade of being a Straight Boi bc otherwise his fame could be at stake.

with all of this in mind, everything else is rlly loose for the most part (i do have some ideas involving the Death By Discus Thing but that can be discussed privately). i’d love love love it if you could find a moc fc (esp if he were black bc... Reasons...) but i've had a hard time finding a lot of 2000s fcs that fit the vibe i'm looking for (moc or otherwise) so i’mma say anything goes as long as he’s approved by me for the Vibe Check. the name’s 1000% up to you but there's bonus points if you get a flower-themed name and if asked i can recommend some so remember that. if interested plz dm me on discord at fireflyingaway#7353 and we can discuss everything from there! tysm for reading and i hope you have a wonderful day!

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