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Jack's Journey

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Jack Forrester


Sex and Candy, January, 2000 A night like any other turns out to be full of surprises for Jack. The owner of "Sirens" not only has the opportunity to talk with her most popular girl, Emma, about her future; but also welcomes back another one who became pretty succesful in the club before Emma's arrival, Leila. Closing Time, February, 2000 After another crazy night at "Sirens", Jack agrees to have a meeting with his close friend and business partner, Dawson Clarke, to talk about some events which recently took place in Olympia. Thread Title, Canon Month, Year Description here


Thread Title, Canon Month, Year Description here Thread Title, Canon Month, Year Description here Thread Title, Canon Month, Year Description here


Dawson Clarke Not used to develop feelings for the people who surrounds him, Jack considers Dawson his only friend and the only person he trusts. For years, Dawson not only has been there for Jack when he needed him, he also saw his potential to turn him into his right-hand man to help with some "projects" out of public knowledge. Emma de Angelo To Jack, Emma, or Angel as people knows her in the club, was nothing more than a shinny new toy. A young woman with the hability to capture male attention in a way that he had never seen before. But, as time passed by, he started seeing potential in her and turned this "Angel" in the main attraction of the club. Wishing to keep her in the club as long as possible, is not strange to see Jack manipulating the young girl using every single ace up his sleeve, from her son's future to Emma's physical integrity. Leila Nox Leila is Jack's favourite girl at "Sirens"; mainly because of her wish to always be the main star of the club's shows, and all the money he got him through the years. He may not consider her a friend, but can understand her really well since they share a lot of personality traits, which made them very good allies when needed.

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