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Ira Brennan | Dolos | Keanu Reeves

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Ira Riiji Brennan
face claim: Keanu Reeves
canon name: Dolos, God of Trickery
associations: Lies, Deception, Guile, Craftiness, Treachery
alias: That Irish Bastard, Puppetmaster
age / apparent age: 30
zodiac: Pisces
date of birth: 02/29/1969
place of birth: Village of Killmeague, County Kildare, Republic of Ireland 
pronouns: He/Him/His
sexuality: Asexual
moral alignment: Chaotic Evil
character traits: Crafty, Agile, Willful, Comedic, Manipulative, Secretive, Persuasive, Sociopathic, Theatrical, Stubborn, Arrogant, Vicious, Scheming, Beguiling, Sickly
world views: Ira views the world as his plaything and has a difficult time caring for people. He views the world as a game to play or a film to act out, with many of the supporting cast his puppets to direct. He thinks people are naturally selfish creatures and will take special interest in those he sees breaking from his molded view. He has a strong dislike of drunks and junkies, viewing them entirely as no fun and an absolute waste.
physical attributes: Black eyes with a tinge of red to them. Thin, sickly/fragile body. Slight Asian heritage (half-Japanese), about 6’1”, clean shaven, usually dresses in black. Always has a rather mischievous smile plastered to his face. When very angry or upset he is a cold neutral without the usual smiling or cracking jokes.
musical taste: Theatrical progressive rock, broadway/showtunes, Jazz, Nu-Jazz. Opera. Tom Waits. Anything that tells a story.
aesthetic: Ira prefers to wear dark colors with no designs or labels on them. Dark jeans or slacks, a generic black shirt, and some kind of black sweater. He is usually accompanied by a hooded jacket or hoodie of some kind with a fur-lined hood as he is usually cold. He is skilled at puppetry and working with his hands, and can often be seen tapping them against surfaces when he’s being impatient.
lifestyle: Ira spends most of his time skulking about the downtown areas, looking for mischief or information. While he doesn’t have many friends, he does have a tendency to grow on people like a tumor. He’ll usually be seen wandering the streets, offering up knowledge for a price, or running errands/jobs for his various benefactors—usually mob related. He doesn’t know where his father is and he left his mother behind to drink herself to death. He’s sure he has half siblings but he doesn’t care to find them.
occupation: Information Broker/Gang Affiliation. Though not muscle, Ira generally supplies information and has his fingers in a few operations. Ventriloquist. Ira is skilled in throwing his voice, IMITATIONS, and basic puppetry, though his days of shows are long behind  him.
class: Lower Class
genealogy: Moira Brennan: Mother (In Rehab), Riichi Koga: Father (Left when he was 5 for California or Japan), Rory Johnson: Stepdad (Incarcerated)
BIOGRAPHY: Ira was born in a small village in Ireland to a Japanese father and Irish mother. His mother was only 17 at the time while his father was a 28-year old Yakuza member laying low on vacation. He all but vanished when Ira was five. They never married. Sure he’d left for America, Moira took what money she had left and moved the two to California to look for him. While there she fell in with a few Irish mafia that had made their way West, eventually marrying Rory when Ira was about 8. Things were fine for a brief period of time, with Rory showing Ira some of the ropes of the business. When Ira was 10 Rory was made to be a fall man and was incarcerated. Moira and him divorced shortly afterwards, but Rory always remained an important figure in Ira’s life.  

With Rory gone and no steady income Moira turned to prostitution while Ira found himself wandering the streets more and more. He picked up ventriloquism and started doing small sidewalk performances for pocket change to help his mother out. He loved the thrill of deceiving people with his voice and soon grew to be quite good an impressions. He was offered a mentorship with a small theater and thought things were finally looking up.

Unfortunately for Ira it wouldn’t come to be. His days of skipping classes and wandering the streets had finally caught up with him, and he was placed into foster care. He frequently broke out or ran away in hopes of finding his mother and staying with what little family he had. After a few stunts like that he was eventually placed into a state-run facility and threatened with legal repercussions unless he stayed put. He remained there, growing bitter and hateful, until he was 18. Once freed, he went to Rory to look for work. While he still does side shows for fun, he’s mainly spent the past 12 years running odd jobs and burying his fingers in anything he can. He lives with his hate and disgust of mankind through his small deceptions and manipulative tactics to get his information, often holding it against them to push for more and more favors.

PLATONIC: Though he holds a great anger inside him, Ira is always looking for those who can match his disdain. When he finds someone either resistant to the temptations of vice, or who burns with the same fury as him, he’ll often try to mold it to his advantage, hoping to have a new puppet or tool for the future. He’s also never one to shy from playing the sidekick, only to turn around and flip the tables after years of trust and dependability.

ANTAGONISTIC: Being a villain, Ira is eager to win over or terrorize anyone unfortunate enough to become entangled with him. Think of him as both the devil in your ear and a rich resource of criminal information. Though it should be noted he does not drink, and finds alcoholics and junkies much too easy prey for him to antagonize. He’s much more apt to string them along for a ride then leave them in worse straits. 

ROMANTIC: Ira is asexual and has no interest in romantic relationships. He has only ever loved one woman, but sadly she scorned him after her mother framed him for a burglary. He’s obsessed with “his Elizabeth” and has eyes only for her, as she was the only one to treat him with any kindness when he was growing up. She is his achilles heel. Though she still loves him, she would not love what he has become.

OTHER: Ira may be a villain, but he has a hurt and troubled past to account for his feelings. He is generally charismatic and a bit of a jokester if only to mask his true intentions. He prefers to use his fragile appearance to his benefit, often trying to come across as weak and uneducated. He has a strong Irish accent despite being in America for most of his life—largely so that when he mimics someone or uses his ventriloquism to his advantage they don’t believe it was him. 

triggers: N/A, age: 28, timezone: EST, preferred contact method: Discord - Palpatine#3165


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“karma police”
Cassandra & Ira
I really like the character you've crafted, and I really like your choice to play a more villainous character as it always helps to create more interesting storylines when there's more moral ambiguity around—whether that has to do with interpersonal relationships or larger structures like justice and power. Cassandra is also somewhat antagonistic-leaning, and I think the two have a lot of affinities: both seem to mistrust other people and think that they’re a detriment to their own selves and the world around them, both deal in information, and both are unpredictable. I think some kind of pairing of the two—whether it’s a friendly sharing of information (but more than likely with deception about the usage and source of said info) or a purely antagonistic one (since both could easily see through the other’s deception and disdain)—would be cool to pursue if you’re interested, and I think it would help in blending some of the different character relationships and storylines. I think the mythological relation is also equally ripe for an interesting relationship with Dolos’s innate opposition to what is at the core of Demeter: order and stability via-the cycle of life and the natural processes of the world. I’d be very interested to see some kind of relationship work out between the two and to see Cassandra get intertwined in what could turn out to be a more gritty, underground part of the story, and if you’re interested too feel free to send me a message!


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So I've been suffering a drought in terms of things to do with my character Andrew Avila, a disaffected radio disc jockey with a degree in political science, minoring computer science. As he became more cynical with his personal and professional life, he developed a strong fascination with technology, specifically the rapidly exploding internet / the world wide web, the inner workings of it, and how it's used to spread and control information, of great or little importance, to the masses (what with it being the Y2K; also notable is he's highly intelligent and as mentioned, well-versed in computer science / computer programming).

What I had in mind here was inspired by the anonymous hacker group of the real world (and the movie "Hackers"), which would see Andrew fall into the dark underbelly of the internet and turn into a prolific, powerful, anonymous hacker which ropes him into the Olympia criminal underworld at large, as he seeks to expose it and bring justice on behalf of the city's citizens and his close friends who are being tormented and tortured by said criminal underworld. Where Ira comes into play is with him being an information broker, I see him and Andrew becoming dangerous adversaries; Andrew seeking to expose the city's corruption using the internet, while Ira is tasked to protect it using his own vast skill set of obtaining information. What Andrew will ultimately learn is he has no idea who he's really fucking with (Ira will terrify him) or what he's getting himself into. But as the "messenger of Gods" in the myths and the being whose job was to lead souls to the underworld (that's the whole tie in here with Andrew seeking to expose the underworld), he is prepared to take on the harrowing responsibility whether or not Ira threatens his life, as he feels it's his duty.

Anyway friend, we can discuss details on Discord if you're into this idea that literally just popped in my head lmao. Between Andrew and Dawson, I'll likely be keeping you very busy!!!


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