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oOo5rcG.gif Nothing's fine, I'm torn, I'm all out of faith
A few phonecalls, favors and contacts in Ida Hills; were more than enough to find Ethan Clarke in just a few hours. When you are the owner of a place like "Sirens", is easy to have control over everyone. For years, Jack always thought power came from money, fame, notoriety... But all those things didn't matter, power is all about other three words: lust, information and connections. "Sirens" was the perfect place to provide lust, every men and even some women of Olympia showed up at least once in that club; and once they step foot there, their secrets became Jack's property. Just their presence was a secret big enough to "negotiate"; but there's more, and here Jack had to give credit to his girls. Ordinary people are weak and predictable, and almost all of them shared their darkest and deepest secret in what they believe was the privacy of a room shared with one of the famous "sirens" of Olympia. That's when money join the ecuation, and for just a few dollars, everything those girls know about the men they share bed with, becomes Jack's possesion. From there, making connections was quite easy, since Olympia was a big town, but just a town after all.

It was Dylan, an influential businessman who lived in Ida Hills and who loves to cheat on his wife, the one who revealed Jack, not only the place Ethan used to frequent to get drunk when he is in Olympia, but also very interesting information about him. "I just hope you are telling me the truth Dylan, I am sure your wife wouldn't be happy if he knew what you did with Ella last week." With that warning, Jack hung up the phone in front of the "Sky Lounge", the place where Ethan was supposed to appear in ten minutes. Considering who Ethan was and where they were, Dawson's brother could probably get tons of alcohol for free. That's what always happened in Ida Hills, if you are someone every single one of the people living there would be lining up to kiss you are ass. But as soon as your power disappear, all of them would be gone as fast as they appeared. Jack knew almost everyone in Ida Hills, even though none of them would ever admit they know him; which gives the owner of "Sirens" more power to control that area with ease.

The funeral had already started, and Ethan wasn't showing up, so he would probably appear in just a few minutes. To stay unnoticed, since he wanted to observe before approaching him, Jack gets in the place and takes a sit in one of the expensive couchs.  "Let's start with some champagne" He says to the waiter while taking something from the inside pocket of his jacket. It was a book, more specifically "Jesus' son", which captivated Jack from page one and also brought him to certains chapters of his life that could easily be part of a book like that.

"With each step my heart broke for the person I would never find, the person who'd love me."

This was a line Jack would never forget, because once he reached its end, the door of "Sky Lounge" would open to reveal the identity of the person who brought him there. Ethan Clarke.
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      Funnily enough, no one could ever imagine how close their relationship is, even watching them stand in the same room. On one side you have Jack, the homeless man who appeared in Olympia with a questionable past; on the other, you have Dawson, the perfect reflection of success and loved by absolutely everyone... In a normal world, people like them would never even speak to the other. But Olympia never was a common place; and lately, it has become even more strange than it already was.

      But coming back to "Sirens", just like every Sunday morning, Jack is the last person to leave the club, but the previous night was too chaotic for him to really do so. ven though he knew he had an important commitment to attend early in the morning, it has been impossible for him to get through the night without drinking. Let's say that, then, one thing led to the other, and the last thing he remembered was getting into his office with two friends at 4:30 A.M. and... that's it. He had been awake for awhile, but decided to stay in the coach with his eyes closed, not wanting to confront what he would find once he decides to finally get up. When the moment came, he quickly remembered what happened; it wasn't difficult to do so, it only took a look around and a touch of imagination. With their backs against the sofa, a man and a woman where sleeping in their underwear; just like Jack, surrounded by approximately eight or nine empty bottles of alcohol. "Get the fuck up." The owner says shaking both people's arms, causing them to start reacting to his words. Also in his underwear, Jack walks towards his desk taking a look at the calendar. Th eday finally arrived, and "he" is about to arrive just to find him almost naked in his office with two strangers. Not that "he" would be surprised, but Jack promised he would be ready to receive him, and right now, he isn't even close to that. "ARE YOU DEAF? I want you both out of here NOW!" Shouts to his "guests" causing them to abruptly wake up and get ready to leave, not understanding what happened, only acting by instinct. Ignoring whatever they were doing, Jack opened his wardrobe and takes the suit he brought the day before to get dressed as fast as possible. As soon as he has his shirt, pants and shoes on; Jack leaves the office, not without sending one last message to the two people still trying to find their clothes.  "The back door is right there; that's where you two will leave if you don't want to have a problem." Expecting his words to be clear enough, Jack leaves the office, closing the door behind him to head back to his favourite place of the club, tha bar.

      As he demanded from day one to his bartenders; the stage, the bar and the dance floor are already clean and ready for the next night. But most imporantly, it is ready for Jack to have breakfast. Uncomfortable with the early lights of the morning, Jack puts his sunglasses on and gets into the bar, taking the first bottle he finds.  "Good morning Jack." Says to himself filling his glass with... WKD? Reading the label while pouring the drink, Jack shrugs indifferent to whatever that drink was, as long as it has some alcohol. More relaxed than ten minutes ago, when he though he was late for the meeting, he takes a look at his clock, "he" is about to arrive. In the meantime, he lights a cigarette, throwing its ashes to the floor and looking at the club. That place made him somewhat happy for years, gave him enough money to live a very comfortable life, power to protect himself from any problem he could have in the future... But lately, something was missing for him. He didn't really know what it was, but from a few weeks ago, he knew that something needed to change in that club or, maybe, in his life. Enjoying his "breakfast" and deep in his thoughts, the front door suddenly opens, letting all the light enter surrounding the figure of the man who opened it. "Close that door before my head explodes, please." MONTY @Mariah.
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      The revelation? The most important woman in his life—his mother and guardian angel—had little life left, holding onto her final thread after having been left comatose by cardiac arrest. And as her power of attorney, Dawson was faced with the difficult task of deciding whether or not to pull the plug, after being told there was no hope remaining.

      As for the decision? Racing down his prominent cheekbone was a single tear, almost diluted by the alcohol which he over consumed. Therein laid the answer. He knew what must be done, no matter how harrowing it proved. He knew it was his mother’s time to pass on to the afterlife, despite the moment approaching sooner than desired. It was time for him to let go and wish farewell. And he had to remain affirmative.

      Already spending the whole evening prior preparing early funeral arrangements, Dawson looks at the array of florals, sprawled for presentation by the florist before she departed for other appointments. It was awe-inspiring how a simple piece of decor could carry so much weight in its symbolism. Those white magnolias; thought to represent dignity and nobility, traits synonymous with the life the matriarch of the royal Clarke clan led throughout her turbulent road travelled. Faced with betrayal and infidelity, she still managed to hold her head high and maintain her respect of self. She was as honest and virtuous as any woman could possibly be; an aspiration and inspiration to many. Panning his eyes over to the lilies hearkens the thought of restored innocence after death, as well as humility and devotion, the latter of which was left tested by the unraveling of the Clarke marriage. It’s there that Dawson ponders whether he always underestimated the importance of flowers; what he knew of, scientifically, was their ability to withstand harsh conditions and changing weather—all on a single, narrow stem—and each new spring season, blossom into something which gives us life. It was, however, more than science. Fixing upon the the deep pink roses, aptly named 'The American Beauty’, he begins to sob. It was his mother’s favorite; classic and simple, just as she liked. He takes one in his hand and clutches onto it tightly, the shivering of his palm loosening the petals and forcing them to cascade. Much like him, the flower wasn’t as strong as it appeared. But in his moment of weakness and vulnerability, company would emerge through the front door to his modern mansion. It was exactly the support which could serve to remedy him, although between the pair of them, there was still a lot left to be spoken in order for Dawson to be able to lean on their shoulder.

      Suddenly, there the guest stood before him; his eyes puffy and wide, just as they were when the two of them were children at war with a shattered family portrait and a vicious media. It was Ethan Clarke, his estranged younger brother. Dawson draws back the mucus in his nose, and forces words through a buckling voice as he stands on his leather clad feet. “E… Ethan. It’s... it’s so good to see you.” MONTY