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Captain Fox

HBW SmackDown 09/03/2020

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Mariah Young: Welcome to Smackdown. I'm Mariah Young here with...

Jake Phillips: Jake Phillips. And welcome to our first episode.

Mariah Young: We hope you enjoy.


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MARCI what a way to kick off the A Show.... now.. a royally welcomed virtual message from the Queen of England and Royal Revolution LEADER, Marci Winters! To business we attend, now I KNOW that Celestia was due to face my Client, Friend and Tag Partner Minnie tonight, however I have sent her off to my fabulous designers and friends... On an expedition of enermous importance, yes.. a Pre Summerslam makeover... The Marcificent Makeover from Trash to Treasure, from Royalty Free to Royal TEA. The evolution of Minnie.. to a top tier, championship contender.. and once we bypass YOU, Celestia at Summerslam, it's lights out on the little pathetic childhood game you call a career...

MARCI Now. Onto tonight, don't worry, you can keep those fake tears and recycled ugly outfit on your little body, for... I have an opponent lined up for you and she... Is a virtuoso in skill, athleticism, and I know she has all the capabilities to beat a pathetic excuse of a woman like you, have fun out there, bitch.

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GEMINI WILLIAMS: Hello, HBW Universe! (arena cheers, claps)
Thank you for the warm welcome. I want to get right down to it and keep you all updated on the plans for Summerslam. Now unfortunately, General Manager Holly West has been missing in action for well over a month since the vicious attack she suffered at the hands of unknown assailants. No one has heard any word from her, other than she is in recovery. That has, sadly, left Smackdown without any tangible management. Luckily, the Board of Directors has chosen to step in where the "biggest party of the summer" is concerned, to ensure that the show progresses as planned. (crowd cheers)
GEMINI WILLIAMS: The card is already stacked with so many intense matchups, as it is. So the Board thought it was only right to add a extra kick of flavor that'll ensure Smackdown's position as the flagship show of this company. They've decided that in two weeks at Summerslam, there will be a six-woman number-one contendership match contested between the available women of the Smackdown roster. Are you ready to hear the participants...? (crowd raves)
First off, we have the neon-ninja, TERESA.
Next on the bill, the TIGRESS.
Her new accomplice, Miss CHLOE CHANEL!
Newest Smackdown signee, FATIMA BROWNE.
...and FIVE-TIME HBW Champion... Britney Diamond.
GEMINI WILLIAMS: Oh, but that's only five competitors? Well, I'm announcing right here, right now... The sixth competitor in the contendership match will be... ME(crowd blanks, confused, but gives some supportive applause nonetheless)
GEMINI WILLIAMS: Now... I know this will be my first official match... ever... in HBW, but getting in the ring has always been a passion of mine, watching all of these girls work so har-

BRITNEY: Cut my music! SHUT IT OFF! I'm starting to think they've been slipping drugs into the refreshments backstage because I have GOT to be hallucinating! As if it isn't bad enough we've had beat cops and circus clowns running amok around here. Now they expect me to get into the ring with our very own Erin Andrews who has never so much as run the ropes, much less wrestled a match. While we're at it, why don't we just throw Gladys from catering in, too?

GEMINI: Look, Britney. I just thought it would be a fun experience for me. I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes. I'm nothing if not supportive of all of Smackdown's women. But one thing I won't take from anyone is disrespect. And that's a promise.

BRITNEY: You know what? Since you're so excited to get into MY ring, and since I already cleared Teresa last week, why don't you give us a peek at that passion and join us in our match tonight?

GEMINI: (crowd gets increasingly louder with applause, as Gemini looks around contemplatively, seeming unsure) N-no, I don't thin-

BRITNEY: OR you could, ya know, stick to interviewing the real stars BACKSTAGE where you belong.

GEMINI: You know what? Fine. Yes. Yes, I will step foot into this ring... tonight! If only to wipe that slimy grin from your ugly witch face!

BRITNEY: I'll see ya out there... sister.

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