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      Role-Playing Games Section Rules

      Recommended Posts

      Rules and Regulations

      Please adhere to the following rules or else action will be taken by the moderating team.

      1. No advertising other RPGs in any topic in this section, your topic will be locked and you will be disciplined

      2. Only post in RPGs you're a part of

      3. Only topics allowed in this section are to be RPG-based, which means the following aren't allowed:

      • Complaint topics
      • Going away or introduction topics
      • Boasting about skill
      • Asking people to make a specific RPGRule

      4. Keep sex scenes out of the RPG please. These will be deleted and it could lead to discipline from a moderator. So try to keep any romantic scene you may have a realistic level.

      5. No suicide/killing, it makes things unrealistic and it's not nice.

      6. Don't bump dead RPGs, it's considered spam

      7. Be original, don't steal other members RPGs

      8. All board rules apply

      9. If you no longer want your RPG, change the topic title to "CLOSE" and moderators will lock your topic, after the topic has been locked, wait at least a week to start up a new RPG

      10. Have fun!

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