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      Carmella is sooo good! That match snapped and the little spots they planned with Reginald was really creative too :clap: Sasha being the champion and giving her all to make the girls look good. That's our locker room leader!

      Billie getting TV time every single week because of her comedy while Peyton is eating Lacey's catering is a 2020 twist that I didn't see coming :cry: The resume gimmick is so funny though, queen of comedy

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      Charlotte looked so good. But chile leave it to Charlotte to leave then come back to becoming a Grand Slam champion the same night. I mean girl....

      Mella snapped. Her wrestling still leaves a lot to be desired and her attire was better on SD, but she did what she had to do. She needs to ditch the rest holds. I just don’t know what they could have for her now, she has such momentum going and there’s no way to go but down from here.

      Also, who the fuck is gonna reasonably dethrone a team of Charlotte and fucking Asuka? 

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