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      WWE High School - Enrollment | Season 3.5

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      << A MESSAGE FROM DOLPH ZIGGLER >>   Dear dudes, babes, neckbeards and queers, and anyone who looks hot enough after a few beers,   If you're reading this, then you're cordially invite

      FULL NAME: April Jeanette Lee   NICKNAMES/ALIASES: AJ   GRADE LEVEL: 12th   AVERAGE GRADES: 3.0 GPA (Bs)   INCOME: Middle Class   SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight   CLIQUE: Reluctantly Popular/Chee

      Extended Staff & Courses 7 days until premiere!   Here's a small look at the extended staff at Michaela Ray Memorial High School. Again, depending on your character's academic needs, honors, stand


      Full name: Cameron Lynn

      Nicknames/Aliases: Cam, Cami

      Grade Level:  10th,

      Average Grades: B's and C's

      Income:  Middle Class

      Sexual Orientation: Straight

      Clique: Cheerleaders

      Friendships/relationships: See Clique

      Personality description: Cameron describes herself as a fun, outgoing, popular and gregarious individual. Her long blonde weave, fake nails and eyelashes lead people to believe that she's your typical mean girl. Yes, her loud mouth and attitude can rub people the wrong way sometimes, but on the inside Cameron can be a pretty nice and honest person when she wants to.

      Physical description: 5'4", 121 pounds, blonde ombre/blonde hair, body piercings(ears, belly)


      yasssss :legend:

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      Full name: Randy Orton


      Grade Level: 11th

      Average Grades: As and Bs

      Income: Middle class

      Sexual Orientation: Straight, Bi when it is convinent

      Clique: Footballer

      Friendships/relationships: See clique

      Personality description: Orton is a star football player for MRHS. He actually dated Michaela Ray up until her unfortunate death. Randy playboy status didn't make his relationship with Michaela Ray a good one. And it has been rumored that the night that Michaela died, Michaela caught Randy cheating on her. Randy is described by many as a Sociopath. He is willing to do anything to achieve the perfect grade and stay the star football player, even if that means doing things that are conventional for a straight athlete

      Physical description: Tall, light beard, tats.

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      Full name: (Jessie Goddez)

      Nicknames/Aliases: JGod (He calls himself that and it's not catching on..)

      Grade Level: (11th)

      Average Grades: (A-)

      Income: ( Middle Class)

      Sexual Orientation: Straight (but can be convinced after a few dranks :jenn:

      Clique: Can I hangout with the football guys since we don't have a basketball team, but I'm not on the team. 

      Friendships/relationships: (You can start off with some with the consideration of your fellow RPer)

      Personality description: (Jessie, is flat out annoying he wants to be liked by everyone and tries way to hard to be accepted. He thinks he has a lot of friends but not to many people like him. Jessie constantly flirts with teachers in class which often gets him in hot water but nothing is ever done about it since he is family with someone on the board of education. Jessie also has a homophobia and tries to stay away from the homo's and lesbians in his school when really all he wants is one to be his best friend. Jessie also has Jungle Fever *Cat call*  Jessie spends his days out of class working out because he dreams of being a Body Builder and one day ending up on American Gladiators. )

      Physical description: (Short? Tall?  Bearded? How many tattoos? Just so that people can clarify the image in their head/we know what kind of likeness your person resembles if we're to make any banners/pictures and what not.)nn None of that makes sense if we don't have original characters :anya: 


      On the left 

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      Full name: Roman Reigns

      Nicknames/Aliases: None

      Grade Level: 11th

      Average Grades: B's and C's when he can get the teacher to favor him due to his status. Otherwise, D's.

      Income: Middle Class

      Sexual Orientation: Straight

      Clique: Football Team

      Friendships/relationships: Most football teammates and generally anyone of popular status.

      Personality description: Roman Reigns's popularity stems entirely from his status as a standout athlete. Feared by many and loved by few, Roman is able to maintain lukewarm friendships with some of his peers while maintaining his image as a "tough guy". Roman never really opens up to anybody on a personal level, so he is often perceived as being cold and unemotional. Although he is not the best student, Roman uses his status as an athlete and as a popular school figure to float through his academic career. 

      Physical description: Tall, muscular, and a few tattoos. Shorter hair than what he has in WWE at the moment. 

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