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      WWE High School | Casting Calls

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      WWE HIGH SCHOOL  - casting calls




      Below are currently vacant characters that have yet to be introduced in the storylines, and suggest placements for these characters within the canon. Any specific changes or alterations to the character can be discussed with an admin, but otherwise, we’re looking for people to fill in these roles and add some always welcomed depth to our cast.


      Thank you for considering casting calls, we hope to peak your interest!




      Currently looking for: heterosexual males, younger characters and people of color.






      Soccer Lads

      Clique: Jocks

      Built-in Relationships: Dolph Ziggler


      Adrian Neville

      Grade: 11

      New Jersey born from a bloodline of financially well-off Brits that have move to the states for business reasons, Adrian Neville is a studious and soft-spoken member of the varsity soccer team. Gets great grades and is often the voice of reason in a locker room full of hot-heads and big personalities.


      Wade Barrett

      Grade: 12

       A brooding and sarcastic member of the soccer team, drawn to MRMHS through referral from business partners of his parents’. Teased at his old school for being a big lunk with the ball, he mostly serves as goalie and has been known to beat up anyone who has criticism of his skills. He’s also a Shredz Instagram-promoted bodybuilder, after finding the urge to lean up after years of being the wingman for shorter members of his team.


      Zack Ryder

      Grade: 11

      Dolph Ziggler’s childhood friend since second grade, Ryder is an obnoxious wingman for Dolph Ziggler. Insecure early in life due to his scrawniness and inability to hang in middle school football, he turned to soccer after looking to give the sport a try after beating Ziggler in FIFA—the two also play lacrosse in the spring. They share common interests in almost everything--  bar Zack’s love for AXE body spray, hair gel, and purple button down shirts at parties. He’s also a bit of a hopeless romantic, eager to hook up with girls to seem an equal to the charismatic Ziggler.


      John Morrison

      Grade: 11

      A competitive rival for Dolph Ziggler since 7th grade, John Morrison is a straight-A student with a kind disposition and a hard work ethic. He works out four times a week, and soccer is basically his life; other than his love for film design, surfboarding and action movies. Morrison always seems to have the upper hand on Ziggler on the field, constantly delivering more goals. Morrison, however, has been infamously single since the 9th grade—something Ziggler has tried to sway for years as a red flag for ‘Pele Jr.’ to be a friend of Dorothy, which Morrison combatted by getting a Valentine’s candygram from Ziggler’s current girlfriend last year!




      Football Bros

      Clique: Jocks, Bullies

      Built-In Relationship: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Jordan


      Ettore Langston

      Grade: 11

      While known on the field as the defensive tackle that prevents more drives than any other in the county, Ettore Langston is known by his peers as “Big E”—the fun-loving, big brother that no one knew they wanted, but appreciate having around. Also participating in his local church choir and as a teen powerlifter, Ettore is based in family values and has a watchful eye out for any of his brothers on the field or in the hallway.


      Kevin Owens

      Grade: 11

      An offensive tackle with a nasty attitude, Kevin Owens is a lot more than meets the eye. A great athlete despite being teased for years for being overweight, his athleticism and natural talent on the field is often clouded by his bitterness and cynicism towards others. Having gotten in plenty of fights during his time in the school, most kids outside of the football team won’t look him in the eye, bar his varsity teammates who bid him a respectful hello, in hopes of not drawing his ire.


      Sheamus O’Shaunnessy 

      Grade: 12

      Irish made, the new student at Michaela Ray Memorial High School has a sophomoric sense of humor and a need for tackling people; hence why football (soccer) just wasn’t for him. A big fan of the American culture, he’s known for playing pranks and not being afraid to fight if provoked. His humor has raised some eyebrows with how, erm, suspect it comes off sometimes, but no one would dare say it to this offensive tackle’s face. He’s a tower of adolescence that’s not looking for your criticism—just for a good laugh at your expense.



      Ryan Reeves

      Grade: 11

      Usually a chill and laid-back member of the defense, Ryan Reeves is all about going hard on the field and at the dinner table. While he stays fit with his ridiculous workout regiment, the junior’s efforts as a student athlete has distracted him from his grades. With academic probation on the brink, Ryan looks to hit the books this semester so he can still play at the varsity level next year.





      Clique: Any

      Built-in Friendships: None yet!


      Kofi Kingston

      Grade: 11

      The fastest runner on the track team with a county-level record for the 200-meter dash, Kofi Kingston is legs for days. He’s always friendly and approachable, but has always longed to get outside of his comfort zone on the track and into the annals of Michaela Ray Memorial’s social life.


      Xavier Woods

      Grade: 10/11

      A brainiac with a knack for math, this honor roll student not only participates in track, but also participates in the Mathletes and Future Scholars of America clubs. While he was known for being obnoxious in middle school, he’s glo’n into a very valued and well-acquainted member of MRMHS’ student body.


      Nia Jax

      Grade: 10

      Nia Jax, a cousin of Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns, is a returning student at Michaela Ray Memorial High School. Annoyed by the pressures to lose weight with her inability to really connect with anyone because of her size, she channeled her frustrations into power training, and is now one of the premier athletes at the varsity level—as a sophomore—in the shot put; the only girl among the top 10 in the county.





      Chad Gable

      Grade: 9

      A baby-faced freshman that’s joined the wrestling team after being a standout in middle school.


      Briley Ziggler

      Grade: 10

      Dolph Ziggler’s equally good looking and slick-talking younger brother, who came out as gay to Dolph before the start of summer break. While Dolph was a little hesitant at first, he fully embraces his younger brother, who’s a hit with the girls from the all-girls preparatory school down the road from their house—a lot of whom Dolph has been acquainted with since.
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