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      1 minute ago, REBELlion said:

      No offense, but I don't think anyone will be here for a talking animal monster thing being a part of this. Especially since you will most likely be the only one to use it. I think it'd be a struggle for you to find a storyline for Mewtwo, not to mention anyone who's interested in actually doing a storyline with Mewtwo. :cry:

      I'm maxed out of characters, I was just trying to justify for those who wanted to do a Pokemon as an alternative. :cry:

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      "You have your normal...I have mine." NAME: Spider Woman // Jessica Drew REASON FOR MOVE: Business (Hero) CITY YOU'RE MOVING TO: Gotham BACKSTORY: The result of her father's o

      jean grey, ♀  sexual orientation: hetero. relationship status: single currently resides: metropolis reason for move: business (hero!) current profession: school teacher 

      Name: Richard Grayson aka NIGHTWING Reason for move: Business City: Gotham Backstory: Young Richard Grayson was a trained acrobat, touring the country with his family in Haly's Circus u


      name: Selina Kyle aka Catwoman

      reason for residence: business and pleasure (anti-hero)

      city: Gotham

      backstory: A sexy, seductive and seasoned cat burglar, always with an agenda of her own, Selina is a long time resident of Gotham City and has been keeping a shockingly low profile within the abandoned Wayne's Manor. But there's been a disruption in the order of things when new residents suddenly begin arriving trying to take over --- something Ms. Kyle didn't plan to just sit back and allow happen. This was her city; her playground, and she didn't play nice with others.


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      1 hour ago, Charlie said:

      I agree tbh. I mean I totally get the suggestion, since it would look pretty messy if Superman was saving the world or something while Penelope Pitstop just sits there and looks pretty, but my knowledge of comic book characters is severely limited. Not sure if it's the case for other people too, but I'm sure there's a few out there who have similar issues.



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      Name: Zatanna

      Reason for move: Business (hero)

      City you're moving to: Gotham

      Backstory: Zatanna is the daughter of adventurer John Zatara and his wife Sindella. After her mother's mysterious death when she was a baby,  Zatanna travelled the world with her father and was taught to harness her magical abilities. Zatanna was later raised by strangers, however, when the evil witch Allura cursed Zatanna and prevented her from seeing her father. She later found his diary and created an on-stage persona for herself as a beautiful magician as she wows the world with her abilities. But this is no ordinary stage show, the magic is a real as she is. Zatanna now quests to maintain the balance of light and dark energy in the world and hopes to one day find her original parents.


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      Just now, StephenFoxMonster said:

      Mess at everyone saying fuck it to Metropolis :rot: 

      You can travel to both just so everyone knows.

      Stripperella... Approved (Fun fact: Even though Stan Lee created this character, she is not considered Marvel, but she will be in this case cuz I luv ha)

      Zatanna.... Approved

      i deleted the app :dead:i changed my mind

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      Name: Captain James Rogers

      Reason for move: Hero 

      City you're moving to: Metropolis


      James Rogers is the son of Captain America and Black Widow from the future. He is both a general and a master super spy. He and the rest of his adopted siblings were raised in a safe artic base by Tony Stark. He's been trained in combat similar to both his father and mother. As the product of two super soldiers, James has inherited his parents super soldier enhancements as well. James carries an Energy Shield similar to the one of his fathers. It is generated by the guantlet on his arm which can project a shield that can physically block almost any energy or physical attack. Just like the original star shield, the new shield can be physically manipulated and thrown like a frisbee. 

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      Name: Blackfire (Komand'r)

      Reason for move: Pleasure

      City you're moving to: Gotham

      Backstory: A devious Tamaranean with the same powers as her younger sister Starfire, Blackfire was the intended princess of Tamaran. Ultimately though, she was denied her birthright in order to "preserve the prestige of the royal family." She betrayed her homeworld as a result, and aided the Citadel Empire in conquering the planet. The betrayal came with an added perk: Blackfire was made her sister's "master" once she was forced into slavery, and was free to inflict years of torture and abuse. Eventually, Starfire escaped in a stolen space ship, and Blackfire became a career criminal, wanted by the Centauri police for her various crimes. Now, she's made her way to Earth in an attempt to seek refuge, and upon discovering her sister's location, has followed her to Gotham.

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      14 minutes ago, StephenFoxMonster said:

      A PENIS CHARACTER :excited:

      Captain James Roger... Approved

      And two things; this character will be above 21 and he is a time traveled in character, which means the person who uses Steve Roger will be age appropriate.

      Yea that's the idea I have. Kind of like the whole Trunks/Vegeta thing. 

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      Name: Batman (Bruce Wayne)

      Reason for Move: Business

      City: Gotham

      Backstory: Bruce Wayne, the head of technology juggernaut Wayne Enterprises and a man who could be well enough alone, has found his calling in defending the citizens of his native Gotham City for years. Ever since witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, Wayne's alter-ego, "Batman", has spawned from his imagination and into the urban folklore of Gotham, often finishing the jobs too big for the Gotham City PD.

      In spite of his notoriety and consistency among Gotham's citizens, talk of his whereabouts and news of sightings have died down in recent years, coincidentally coinciding with Bruce Wayne re-locating out of Gotham.

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      NAME: Raven "Mystique" Darkholme.
      REASON FOR MOVE: Business and Pleasure - Overall Villain.
      CITY YOU'RE MOVING TO: Gotham.
      BACKSTORY: Little is known about Mystique's past due to the fact that she possesses the ability to eliminate outward signs of aging with her shape shifting. Mystique doesn't care about those around her and does things for her own benefit. It would be unsafe to depend too much on her   she might just turn traitor at the last moment. 


      "Who am I? That, my dear is an excellent question. Though not one easily answered."

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