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    • 4th Annual Heartbreakers Year End Awards | And Your Winners Are...
      By Mariah.
      A lot can change in a year and 2016 was definitely reflective of that...
      AJ Lee took her final bow, while Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch rose up to the main stage. Nikki Bella rose to the top of the Diva mountain by becoming the longest reigning champion in history, but soon after fell down with a career threatening injury. Bayley fell behind her NXT counterparts, but then became the face of NXT while delivering two classic matches worthy of a curtain call.
      It was a year of tears, chills and thrills and now it's time to vote for our favourite moments as we countdown to the show of all shows: WWE WrestleMania 32.
      Welcome to the 4th Annual Heartbreakers Year End Awards!

      Diva of the Year
      Nikki Bella
      Sasha Banks

      Knockout of the Year
      Awesome Kong
      Gail Kim
      Taryn Terrell

      NXT Diva of the Year
      Eva Marie
      Sasha Banks

      Alternative Star of the Year
      Mandy Leon
      Santana Garrett
      Sexy Star
      Thea Trinidad

      Breakout Star of the Year
      Dana Brooke
      Eva Marie
      Nia Jax

      Match of the Year
      AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins - WrestleMania 31
      AJ Lee, Paige & Naomi vs. The Bella Twins & Natalya - Raw March 30, 2015
      Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch - NXT Takeover: Unstoppable
      Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim - Impact Wrestling May 29, 2015
      Nikki Bella vs. Paige - Money in the Bank 2015
      Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella - Battleground 2015
      Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - NXT Takeover: Brooklyn
      Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - NXT Takeover: Respect
      Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte - Hell in a Cell 2015
      Charlotte vs. Natalya - WWE Roadblock

      Holy Shit Award/Mark-Out Moment of the Year
      Naomi turns heel - Raw April 13, 2015
      Taryn Terrell turns heel and forms The Dollhouse - Impact Wrestling April 24, 2015
      Alexa Bliss turns heel - NXT Takeover: Unstoppable
      NXT Divas arrive - Raw July 13, 2015
      Bayley wins the NXT Women's Championship - NXT Takeover: Brooklyn
      Nikki Bella becomes longest reigning Divas Champion - Raw September 14, 2015
      Paige attacks Charlotte and Becky Lynch and turns heel - Raw October 26, 2015
      Sasha Banks returns and stakes her claim to the Divas Championship - Royal Rumble 2016
      Lana delivers a Bella Buster to Brie Bella - Raw March 7, 2016
      Jacqueline is announced for the Hall of Fame - Raw March 14, 2016

      Best Segment/Promo
      AJ, Paige and The Bella Twins engage in a war of words - Smackdown March 26, 2015
      Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch contract signing - NXT May 6, 2015
      Taryn Terrell sends Gail Kim over the edge - Impact Wrestling May 15, 2015
      Things get out of hand between Paige, Naomi, Tamina and Nikki Bella - Smackdown May 21, 2015
      Summer Rae aligns with Rusev and brawls with Lana - Raw June 29, 2015
      Summer Rae guests on Miz TV; Lana and Dolph Ziggler interrupt - Smackdown September 3, 2015
      Sasha Banks confronts Bayley; 30 minute Iron Man match is announced - NXT September 16, 2015
      Paige spoils Charlotte's Divas Championship celebration - Raw September 21, 2015
      Charlotte and Paige contract signing - Raw November 16, 2015
      Charlotte guests on Miz TV; Paige interrupts - Raw December 7, 2015

      LOLWTF Award/Messiest Moment of the Year
      Twin Magic returns - Raw June 1, 2015
      Tamina trips over the referee - Raw June 22, 2015
      Naomi wins a match without ever being tagged in - Smackdown August 6, 2015
      "Oh Brie, do you not what to happen what Nikki happened on Raw?" - Smackdown August 20, 2015
      Emma accidentally wins a Fatal 4-Way between her, Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Becky Lynch - NXT August 26, 2015
      Eva Marie forgets to kick out of a pin - NXT September 2, 2015
      Summer Rae breaks up with Rusev after it's revealed he's engaged to Lana - Raw October 12, 2015
      Paige comments on Charlotte's dead brother - Raw November 16, 2015
      WWE parodies Miss Universe with Diva of the Year - Slammy Awards 2015
      Ric Flair kisses Becky Lynch - Royal Rumble 2016

      Most Over of the Year
      The Bella Twins
      Sasha Banks

      Best Babyface
      Becky Lynch
      Brie Bella

      Best Heel
      Nikki Bella
      Taryn Terrell
      Best Feud
      Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
      Team Bella vs. Team BAD vs. Team PCB
      The Dollhouse vs. Everyone
      Asuka vs. Dana Brooke and Emma
      Paige vs. Charlotte
      Bayley vs. Emma
      Summer Rae vs. Lana
      Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
      Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch
      The Bella Twins vs. Paige (featuring Naomi)

      Best Tag Team/Stable
      Team Bella (Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox)
      The Dollhouse (Taryn Terrell, Jade, Marti Bell, Rebel, Awesome Kong)
      Emma and Dana Brooke
      Team BAD (Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina)
      Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch)

      Best Non-Wrestler, Manager or Valet
      Catrina/Karlee Perez
      Renee Young
      Summer Rae

        Best Champion
      Gail Kim
      Nikki Bella
      Sasha Banks
      Best Wrestler
      Becky Lynch
      Gail Kim
      Nikki Bella
      Sasha Banks

      Best Finisher
      Alexa Bliss - Sparkle Splash
      Charlotte - Figure Eight
      Nikki Bella - Rack Attack
      Paige - PTO
      Sasha Banks - Bank Statement

      Most Improved
      Alexa Bliss
      Dana Brooke

      Most Deserving of a Push
      Madison Rayne
      Summer Rae

      Best Couple
      Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan
      Lana and Dolph Ziggler
      Lana and Rusev
      Stephanie McMahon and HHH
      Summer Rae and Rusev

      Best Dressed
      Alexa Bliss
      Brie Bella
      Nikki Bella
      Sasha Banks

      Best Show
      WWE Breaking Ground
      TNA Impact Wrestling
      Lucha Underground
      WWE Main Event
      WWE NXT
      WWE Raw
      WWE Smackdown
      WWE Superstars
      Total Divas
      WWE Tough Enough

      Biggest News Story of the Year
      AJ Lee retires
      Taryn Terrell finds Jesus
      Nikki Bella requires surgery; out for 6+ months
      Zahra Screiber fired for anti-semitic images and comments
      Kana signs with WWE
      Awesome Kong assaults Reby Sky backstage
      Layla retires
      Rosa Mendes announces pregnancy
      Jacqueline to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame
      Angelina Love announces pregnancy
      Most Missed
      AJ Lee
      Nikki Bella
      Rosa Mendes
      Taryn Terrell

      One to Watch in 2016
      Alexa Bliss
      Billie Kay
      Dana Brooke
      Nia Jax
      Peyton Royce
      Voting will close Sunday April 3rd, 2016 at 8 PM EST so click on the graphic below to cast your's.
      PLEASE READ: Nominees were selected by a committee of staff and regular members based on both your suggestions and specific criteria (impact, popularity, memorability, quality etc.). Not all categories were unanimous, but all nominees are final and the committee stands 100% behind our choices.
    • WrestleMania Presents: HBMania IV | IAMKingD is Mr. HBMania!
      By Mariah.
      It's WrestleMania week, which only means one thing... welcome everyone to HBMania IV! This Road to HBMania has been full of twists and turns and the ever-changing landscape of the WWE Divas Women's division has strengthened old alliances, formed new alliances, forced break ups and created feuds between our Heartbreakers. Some Heartbreakers faded, while some have hit new peaks in their internet career, but the more things change, one thing remains the same: Heartbreakers and our members are in a league of their own within the realm of women's wrestling communities. So now it's time crown another immortal...
      T H E   R U L E S
      This is the biggest HBMania yet. The 64 most active members of HB were divided into four regions: Babyfaces, Heels, Tweeners and Veterans. In March Madness tournament style, two members within the same region will be pit against each other in the first round and members will vote live and openly in this very thread for which member they want to advance. The proceeding rounds will see one on one match ups until we are left with one member from each region. At that point, we will pit the winning Heel against the winning Babyface and the winning Tweener against the winning Veteran, bringing us to a final two and ultimately our fifth Mr. or Mrs. HBMania!
      Unfortunately not every member could make the cut; some members have been put on the shelf (largely inactive or flying under the radar) while others are too new and must work their way through the locker room and to the top of 'Mania card. We chose the 64 most active members on the HB roster. Also, previous crown holders are not eligible, meaning HBMania legend Mariah. © and some guy with the username Gloober were omitted this year. Members, please don't be discouraged, as this is all in good fun. Otherwise, please still vote! The same goes for members who are eliminated: at the end of the day, there is only ONE winner and 63 losers and certain match-ups might have been randomly stacked against you. Again, it's all in fun.
      Like last year, I listed each region in alphabetical order so I don't get accused of purposely stacking odds. The regions are as follows...
      H E E L S
      1. bikini kill
      2. Cooksie
      3. gl83
      4. Heidi
      5. iBrandon
      6. Joseph
      7. Matto
      8. Natalie
      9. Poison Ivory
      10. QueenBee
      11. REBELlion
      12. StephenFoxMonster
      13. totalheel
      14. Travis Mendes
      15. trishallday
      16. YouAreAThot
      B A B Y F A C E S
      1. AntiKingAndrew
      2. aycaramba
      3. Black Terminator
      4. Chazzle.
      5. Christon
      6. Diana
      7. Layout
      8. LynchMob
      9. MOBethyst
      10. Oldsie
      11. Qwan
      12. Raja
      13. Sara Dolezal
      14. SummerTime
      15. Taryn
      16. Time
      V E T E R A N S
      1. BrandonJ
      2. Charlie
      3. DayDreamer
      4. Eric
      5. GabeEd
      6. Goddess
      7. IAMKingD
      8. Jhonmarco
      9. JoshAnoa’i
      10. LeJorgee
      11. onetooth
      12. puppies
      13. SimplyFoxy
      14. Vinaro
      15. Willy 
      16. WWFoverWWE
      T W E E N E R S
      1. AlexThaProduct
      2. Amlex
      3. Ari M.
      4. Blueberry
      5. Bleu Cloud
      6. Dawit
      7. Electrique
      8. Kij098
      9. LivingLegend
      10. Logan Von Erich
      11. MichaelPsyches
      12. MS MONEY BAGZ
      13. seanyb
      14. Shoaib
      15. The Kat
      16. Travy Massaro
      PLEASE READ: Members were chosen based on activity over the past year and sorted into their regions based on the opinions of admin. Seeds were sorted in alphabetical order as previously stated and first round match ups will be decided in a fair way. For each match-up, voting will be happening LIVE and in this thread only, meaning no votes are confidential! I will announce the two competitors for the round and members must vote for their one choice competitor via a regular post. The competitor with the most votes within a decided time frame of 10 minutes or the competitor with the best of 30 votes will advance to the next round.
      If anyone's not clear on anything, please ask. And please competitors, again, DO NOT take this to heart.

      So put on your best wrestling attire and be here! x
    • Women's Championship Coming At WrestleMania, Not RAW?
      By Cooksie
      Would explain why literally everyone and their mother Diva wise is in Dallas this weekend, oh my fucking God.