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4th Annual Heartbreakers Year End Awards | And Your Winners Are...

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On 4/9/2016 at 0:31 AM, Christon said:

Yeah we do have one already.

Look around for the HBAs.


@Mariah. @Charlie


I'd like the academy to take me under consideration


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      T H E   R U L E S
      This is the biggest HBMania yet. The 64 most active members of HB were divided into four regions: Babyfaces, Heels, Tweeners and Veterans. In March Madness tournament style, two members within the same region will be pit against each other in the first round and members will vote live and openly in this very thread for which member they want to advance. The proceeding rounds will see one on one match ups until we are left with one member from each region. At that point, we will pit the winning Heel against the winning Babyface and the winning Tweener against the winning Veteran, bringing us to a final two and ultimately our fifth Mr. or Mrs. HBMania!
      Unfortunately not every member could make the cut; some members have been put on the shelf (largely inactive or flying under the radar) while others are too new and must work their way through the locker room and to the top of 'Mania card. We chose the 64 most active members on the HB roster. Also, previous crown holders are not eligible, meaning HBMania legend Mariah. © and some guy with the username Gloober were omitted this year. Members, please don't be discouraged, as this is all in good fun. Otherwise, please still vote! The same goes for members who are eliminated: at the end of the day, there is only ONE winner and 63 losers and certain match-ups might have been randomly stacked against you. Again, it's all in fun.
      Like last year, I listed each region in alphabetical order so I don't get accused of purposely stacking odds. The regions are as follows...
      H E E L S
      1. bikini kill
      2. Cooksie
      3. gl83
      4. Heidi
      5. iBrandon
      6. Joseph
      7. Matto
      8. Natalie
      9. Poison Ivory
      10. QueenBee
      11. REBELlion
      12. StephenFoxMonster
      13. totalheel
      14. Travis Mendes
      15. trishallday
      16. YouAreAThot
      B A B Y F A C E S
      1. AntiKingAndrew
      2. aycaramba
      3. Black Terminator
      4. Chazzle.
      5. Christon
      6. Diana
      7. Layout
      8. LynchMob
      9. MOBethyst
      10. Oldsie
      11. Qwan
      12. Raja
      13. Sara Dolezal
      14. SummerTime
      15. Taryn
      16. Time
      V E T E R A N S
      1. BrandonJ
      2. Charlie
      3. DayDreamer
      4. Eric
      5. GabeEd
      6. Goddess
      7. IAMKingD
      8. Jhonmarco
      9. JoshAnoa’i
      10. LeJorgee
      11. onetooth
      12. puppies
      13. SimplyFoxy
      14. Vinaro
      15. Willy 
      16. WWFoverWWE
      T W E E N E R S
      1. AlexThaProduct
      2. Amlex
      3. Ari M.
      4. Blueberry
      5. Bleu Cloud
      6. Dawit
      7. Electrique
      8. Kij098
      9. LivingLegend
      10. Logan Von Erich
      11. MichaelPsyches
      12. MS MONEY BAGZ
      13. seanyb
      14. Shoaib
      15. The Kat
      16. Travy Massaro
      PLEASE READ: Members were chosen based on activity over the past year and sorted into their regions based on the opinions of admin. Seeds were sorted in alphabetical order as previously stated and first round match ups will be decided in a fair way. For each match-up, voting will be happening LIVE and in this thread only, meaning no votes are confidential! I will announce the two competitors for the round and members must vote for their one choice competitor via a regular post. The competitor with the most votes within a decided time frame of 10 minutes or the competitor with the best of 30 votes will advance to the next round.
      If anyone's not clear on anything, please ask. And please competitors, again, DO NOT take this to heart.

      So put on your best wrestling attire and be here! x