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      WWE releases Cameron and other Superstars

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      Ariane's shoot interview and post-release media tour are gonna be lit.

      not rosa being the queen of job security. she must have figured out the scientific equation. sis can sell it to the lockeroom and make double ha salary. tbh we'll probably start seeing ads online with


      17 minutes ago, Joshanoa'i said:

      Is Booker T not with WWE? I've never understood how him and King can book these things. :rot:

      For some reason, they let Booker T, King, JBL and Joey Styles work independent shows and autograph signings. Not sure about Styles, but the rest only work TV and PPV, so they have the free time to take outside bookings.

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      Just now, LivingLegend said:

      Who all was released, I know y'all don't expect me to read all 17 pages just to find out :uhh: 

      Cameron and Damien :crying: 

      Cameron, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, El Torito, Santino Marella and Zeb Colter. 

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      Just now, Veronica. said:

      Cameron, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, El Torito, Santino Marella and Zeb Colter. 


      Just now, RedStormRising said:

      Cameron, Sandow, Riley, Barrett, Zeb, Torito, Hornswoggle and Santino.

      Thank you :squeeze:

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      1 hour ago, BorisG said:

      Cam's tweet :cry:

      For now...

      Wells it's been a pretty intense few days to say the least?. I appreciate the outpouring of love and support that I have received today. I would like to take the time to appropriately thank all the fans and the WWE but before I take my final bow, let me throw back a few and take this all in lol! Stay tuned for my full statement.. ?

      Final bow?! :rot::rot:


      Sis nooooo

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      Wow so the rumours were true. See @Messiah you really do Neeeeeever know


      As for these releases they hurt. From never seeing Wade's package ever again (shout out to my girlies that watched afterbuzz in its original cute run), To seeing one of my WWE husbands leaving (It's ok Sandow, they can't hurt you any more). But by far Cameron is the saddest but I can not say i didn't see it coming. 

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      I feel for her. She really wanted to learn and grow as a wrestler & she got shit on all of the time. I was defending her last night on Wrestlezone when they were pissing on her. Unfortunately, with the way WWE is stacking the roster, willing to improve wasn't enough. I hope she continues & shuts everyone's mouths. 

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      WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstars Damien Sandow, King Barrett, Santino Marella, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, El Torito and Zeb Colter as of today, Friday, May 6, 2016. WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors.



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      Not a huge loss with any of the cuts as they weren't being used to their abilities.

      Firing Hornswoggle a couple of weeks before his 10 year anniversary  :rot:

      I'm surprised Santino was still considered a performer I thought they would have moved him to a legend or ambassador contract.

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