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      Top Posters In This Topic

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      FULL NAME: Liv Morgan NICKNAME: Sno Bunny GRADE LEVEL: Freshman AVERAGE GRADES: C's and D's SOURCE OF INCOME: Grandmother (Respected UCLA professor), Grandfather (Open heart surgeo

      || FULL NAME: Kelly Kelly // GRADE LEVEL: 11th || || AVERAGE GRADES: Cs & Ds // CLIQUE: Rich Kids; Popular || || SOURCE OF INCOME: Plastic Surgeon (Father) & News Anchor (Mother) ||

      full name | Seth Rollins nicknames/aliases | "Junior" grade level | 12th average grades | Bs and Cs source of income | Retired quarterback/current Chief Operating Officer of the NF

      1 minute ago, Mariah. said:

      mess at you having "zac" listed as a nickname for "zack" when it's the same thing gkjdfh :skull:

      I didn't? :uhh: 

      I edited my app tho. You should delete the messy additional comments (from Shoaib)!

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      FULL NAME: Joseann A. Offerman


      Jo_Alexie | Instagram, Twitter

      Offerwoman-Alexie | Tumblr

      GRADE LEVEL: 10th

      AVERAGE GRADES: 3.0 (B's and C's)

      SOURCE OF INCOME: 11th President of Stanford University, Businessman/Entrepreneur (Father),  Former Hair Care distributor/Hairstylist (Mother/Deceased)

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

      CLIQUE: Free-Spirits, Socialites

      HOBBIES/SPORTS: Photography, hiking, fashion, smoking, and socializing

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Alternative, electronic, Indie pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap


      BIO: To her knowledge JoJo is an only child (ha momma was a hoe in her day), her recent move from Upper East Side Manhattan to Beverly Hills helped benefit her fathers commute and has gotten her a clean slate into the new year. While she dedicates most of her time creating, be it portraits or her outfits for the week she’d much rather be bumming it on the beach with her peers smoking a dub. JoJo fills the typical unappreciative rich girl role with a self-made exterior facade with her tendency to shy away from her privileged lifestyle and desire to get out in the world. However, when times are tough she's quick to dip into her no limit trust fund. One thing to remember about JoJo is she can switch up in a flash, she tries to avoid drama and conflict however it never has a hard time finding her.

      Being as her father is the president of one of the most prestigious colleges school isn't really a concern to her, the only time you'll see her there is if something interesting in her social life requires her to be there. Due to her not having a valued relationship with either her father or mother she is very independent and quick on her feet. She gets along with everyone because those she doesn't don't last long.


      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'4' Mexican and Dominican, Slim thick with her phat ass.  long curly hair- straightened on occasion.

      COLOR CODE: JoJo


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      Taryn Terrell



      Full name:  

      Taryn Terrell


      TT, God's Favourite

      Grade Level:


      Average Grades:


      Source of Income:

      Taryn's father runs God's Green Oil Company, located in Texas and Georgia. 

      Her mother is a celebrity pastor for the show, 'Does God Really Love All?'

      Sexual Orientation:

      The Good Book deems this redundant as their is only one answer.


      The God Squad


      Cheerleading, Homecoming Committee, Bible Study, President of the Celibacy Club

      Preferred Music:

      Gospel, Country



      Personality description:

      Taryn was born and raised in the deep south, Mostly in Texas and Georgia (the locations of her father's two largest oil refineries).  Taryn was raised with super conservative views and therefore knows her bible inside and out. She is generally kind but has one exception. Taryn can't stand sinners and makes it her life mission to save/punish them. Taryn is moving to California and W.W.E. due to an investment opportunity her father found. This is also beneficial to her mother as California is full of sinners. 

      Physical description:

      Taryn is 5ft6 and always dresses conservatively. At heart she is a traditionalist and won't ever wear anything too showy unless the occasion calls for it. Though when she does dress fancy, she is always the belle of the ball. 

      Color code: 

      Taryn Terrel

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      full nameSeth Rollins

      nicknames/aliases | "Junior"

      grade level | 12th

      average grades | Bs and Cs

      source of income | Retired quarterback/current Chief Operating Officer of the NFL (father)

      sexual orientation | Straight (and staying that way!)

      clique | Popular, Jocks

      hobbies/sports | Football, working out, surfing, socializing, writing

      preferred music | Rock, metalcore, hardcore punk

      friendships/relationships | Mike "Miz" Mizanin (frenemy)

      personality description | A star football player with an illustrious heritage and wealth beyond his needs, topped off with a captivating smile, Seth Rollins has amassed quite the reputation as VKMHS' most eligible bachelor. The son of Seth Rollins Sr., the school's most renowned alumnus and class of '91, there isn't a person who dislikes him and if there is, chances are they're jealous. Seemingly the archetype of an elitist, self-absorbed jock on the surface, underneath lies a more reclusive and troubled individual plagued by an image he can't live up to... and quite frankly, doesn't want to. Despite his father already touting his future of a football scholarship ahead of a career with what's sure to be the best team, Seth secretly wants nothing more than to pursue his passion for literature and creative writing (a step up from the spit game of his alternate universe wrestler self) and become an author.

      As of late, the constant struggle of living a lie has caused him to begin to act erratically and make bad decisions. Decisions his father is quick to cover up -- although some are unknown even to him -- in order to preserve the future he had laid out for him the moment he was born and that Seth was almost convinced nothing could change. Almost.

      Seth resides in a 7 bedroom mansion with his father, step-mother and younger brother.

      physical description | 6'1" with an unrivalled physique and stamina courtesy of Crossfit. Permanent facial hair and a shoulder-length mane often put up in a man bun. Usually dressed in form-fitting ensembles that accentuate his muscles from workout gear to a graphic t-shirt with skinny jeans.

      tumblr_o8vrcl9mbp1vwqsxao4_250.gif  tumblr_o8vrcl9mbp1vwqsxao3_250.gif

      color code#cc6666

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      owens, kevin


      ( FULL NAME ) Kevin Owens


      ( GRADE LEVEL ) 12th

      ( AVERAGE GRADES ) 2.0 (C's)

      ( SOURCE OF INCOME ) CEO and Owner of Sports Apparel Company (Father), Socialite/Entrepreneur (Mother)

      ( SEXUAL ORIENTATION ) Heterosexual

      ( CLIQUE ) Stoners, Bullies, Jocks

      ( HOBBIES/SPORTS ) Varsity wrestling, getting high, fighting, gambling

      ( PREFERRED MUSIC ) Gangster rap, garage rock, nu-metal, hard rock, classic rock

      ( FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS ) Sami Zayn (cousin)

      ( BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION ) The big man on campus, literally and figuratively, Kevin Owens always walks around with a nasty attitude and a holier than thou air to him. In his mind, none of his peers are as intelligent, hardened or layered as he is, nor have they lived through the adversity he has --- a significant exaggeration given he’s the heir to a sports apparel empire and never had to lift a finger a day in his life. A hermit unless there’s scantily clad women and booze on the menu, Kevin chooses to spend his time with a small circle of friends, finding different ways to get high in his family’s pool house. He’s obnoxious, rude, sarcastic, hot-headed (when he’s not stoned) and a smart ass; in a world full of people Kevin deems “assholes”, he’s ironically the biggest one.

      ( PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ) Big (as opposed to overweight since he's an athlete). Dark brown hair usually cut into a fade. Occasionally bearded when he’s lazy. 6'0. Huge tattoo on his back.

      ( COLOR CODE ) #99cc99

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      || FULL NAME: Kelly Kelly // GRADE LEVEL: 11th ||

      || AVERAGE GRADES: Cs & Ds // CLIQUE: Rich Kids; Popular ||

      || SOURCE OF INCOME: Plastic Surgeon (Father) & News Anchor (Mother) ||

      || SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual // HOBBIES/SPORTS: Cheerleading ||

      || PREFERRED MUSIC: Hip-Hop; Rap // FRIENDSHIPS: Maryse, Gail Kim, Alicia Fox ||

      PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION:  To be honest, Kelly is one of the dumbest girls you will meet. But she's also well-intentioned and a goodhearted young woman. Despite only associating herself with the popular clique, Kelly does love everybody, no matter who they are. She also seeks to give everything in her life personalized meaning, from her conversations with others to her video logs and message board. K2 has loads of self-confidence, and plenty of faith in her emotions, so much so that she often expects others to feel the same way about things as she does (if she loves sparkly pink high tops, everyone else should love it too).

      Kelly a vivid child-like imagination that believes in endless possibilities, from the impending zombie apocalypse to unicorns and rainbows. Of course she enjoys cheerleading as it allows her to be part of a group, and feel included in a socially important way. Now I know this sounds like our Kelly is a perfect little angel, but she's far from it. Kelly can be completely irrational and frequently expresses the facts of a situation in a blunt manner, oblivious to how others will take it. She tends to act on her emotions, but has trouble controlling her environment.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kelly is 5'5" and has sun kissed skin. Her hair golden blonde that's goes little bit past the shoulders, but Kelly does often wear extensions which causes the length to vary. She likes to wear tight fitted clothes to show off her petite build and specifically loves to put on her "fit and flare" dresses that displays her modelesque legs.

      COLOR CODE:  #F56FA1

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      FULL NAME: Noam Dar

      GRADE LEVEL: 10th


      SOURCE OF INCOME:  Doctor/UCLA Professor (Father), Doctor/ UCLA Professor (Mother)

      Sexual Orientation: Sexually fluid

      Clique(s): Science Club. Math-letes

      Hobbies/Sports: Basketball and studying

      PREFERRED MUSIC: German House, Rock & Roll, Rap, 90s R&B


      BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Noam was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to the drama of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His dad at the time was a surgical doctor helping save lies during the conflict while his mom, who is  a heart surgeon, stayed at home to care for their son. Unable to care for him in such chaos, they soon moved to Scotland after both receiving a job opportunity. There is where they were able to discipline there son that the only way his life would be better is if he stayed in his books, and that he did, learning from the best teachers in the best private schools in Scotland during his entire pre-pubescent life. Noam moved to Beverly Hills after his parents received a lucrative offer to teach at a learning Hospital. It was in the 90210 where Noam met fellow Finn. They were lab partners and bonded instantly, even adopting a dog from Finn's dog litter. 

       He is  too cocky for his own good, which gets him in a lot of trouble.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'10, puberty hit him hard so he has heavy facial hair that he shaves down into a dark beard.  Very preppy dresser

      COLOR CODE:  Noam Dar

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      zo7M3am.png- -  Alexa Bliss

      bJLT92y.png - - Lexi

      asW19Gr.png- - 10th

      Oi2ziAU.png- - Straight As

      cB8l9K8.png- - Father (doctor), Mother (judge)

      6h8tXCB.png- - Teachers Pets, Goody Two-Shoes

      8IvjvLa.png- - Cheerleading, Volleyball

      nemIWA7.png- -  Sasha Banks, Eva Marie, Taryn Terrell

      xNHJwNE.png- -

      You know the girl - everyone knows the girl. She stands in the front of the class after giving her oral report and the teacher enlightens her in front of the entire student body about once again doing "a fine job" or having yet another "flawless presentation". Students march into the class and roll their eyes when finding that the head of the classrooms desks hold fruit baskets and cupcakes, everyone mouthing the words - "Alexa strikes again."  Every single assignment handed back to her reads the one letter that a failure detests seeing - "A". And every single test score flies above proficient. It's common knowledge that  she's smart.  But  besides the intelligence, eyes begin to stare when finding how nice she is. Too nice. A smile usually stays crept upon her face as she makes her ways down the hallways, holding a container of cookies she's baked as she clicks her heels right up to whomever she wants. Her niceness shines through when offering the individual one of the baked goods as she watches them gobble the delicacy, the beautiful smile staying glued to her, just when the person finishes their treat and turns their back...


      The smile disappears... And when Alexa catches word that "so and so is out because she has... diarrhea" that's when Bliss considers her mission? Accomplished.


      Though beautiful, intelligent, and lovely on the outside - a deeper sense of evil burns inside of this pint-sized sophomore that not just the school is unaware of - but even her family. Her father, a  respected doctor for his discovery of cures to some of the world's most dangerous diseases and her mother, one of California's most infamous trial judges view their daughter as the apple of their eye but they have yet to discover that she's guilty of all the offenses that deal with being corrupt, villainous, and just plain bad.


      Clearly, Bliss wants all eyes on her at VKMHS and will of course continue to cover herself with her "could do no wrong" personality... But just how far will she go? No one knows.


      P.S. - - if she offers a lunch date to Subway, ...run!

      wTKXfEs.png- - Natural blonde hair with a few inches of a Bahamas ocean water blue extension, very short at the height of 5 feet 1, and only weights about 102 lbs. Mesmerizing blue eyes, pearly white and well taken care of teeth. Commonly wears school

      appropriate dresses, but when the bitch personality is out behind the scenes, will attempt to steal men by raising up her mini skirt. Plump booty that not many expect for a Caucasian to have.

      zQAPQpa.png- - #00b7ff




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