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      WWE: The Evolution Era | WWE.com

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      The camera fades in as Renee Young welcomes the WWE Universe to the live streaming supplemental draft and draft center. The stream begins with discussions over the first set of draft picks, including Women's Champion Charlotte, who also picked up a dirty victory tonight, and the devilish Bella Twins who made quite the statement the past few days, Nikki making the biggest one of all by solidifying a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Seth Rollins and making out with him afterward. Lita shares her disagreement with the way the Bellas and Charlotte have been carrying themselves and advises that what goes around always comes back around, her learning that first hand, while Booker T praises their willingness to get to the top by any means necessary. Renee questions the panel about what could be in store for Nikki Bella and Seth Rollins, plus the other members of what seems like a budding stable: Brie Bella, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, and Corey Graves responds by joking about Seth having one hell of a celebration later tonight with one half of the Bella Twins. Renee then draws attention to another Raw draft pick: Sasha Banks, and the panel agrees that Charlotte needs to watch her back.

      Renee Young then reveals the first set of supplemental draft picks:

      Austin Aries

      Dolph Ziggler



      The Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch)


      Eva Marie


      Mark Henry


      Discussions turn to more of this evenings draft picks, including Natalya who Lita notes had a bit of an attitude following her tag match on Monday Night Raw and wonders if that will play a role in the new era. Conversation then turns toward Emma and the momentum she's been gaining as of late, Corey hoping to see Dana join her over on SmackDown soon. Lana is also mentioned in light of Rusev's US title victory, with the panel wondering if she'll ever become a full time wrestler, and the status of Paige following her beat down on Monday Night Raw is revealed.

       Renee Young then reveals the next set of supplemental draft picks:

      Zack Ryder





      Mojo Rawley

      Nia Jax


      Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

      X8HoMGi.png   3BqWgCE.png



      As the live stream draws to a close, the panel talks about several of the big returns and how it'll effect the landscape of WWE and while on the topic of changing landscapes, they begin going in depth on the Women's Evolution and all the women from NXT that have been called up. Corey contemplates how this will effect the NXT roster itself

       Renee Young then reveals the final set of supplemental draft picks:

      Summer Rae


      Alicia Fox


      Primo & Epico

      Corey Graves

      Tye Dillinger

      Big Show

      Tyler Breeze


      The panel has their final thoughts on the overall draft and hype next week's SmackDown LIVE main event: A Gauntlet Match to crown the first ever SmackDown Women's Champion. The panel says their goodbyes and the live stream goes offline.

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      RAW APRIL 11th, 2016

      The Evolution Era is Upon Us
      The WWE Draft has come and gone, and Shane McMahon is now the new General Manager of RAW! How will Shane-O-Mac lead a new generation of WWE Superstars, from established name to new talent from NXT, into what's been dubbed as 'The Evolution Era' of the WWE?

      The Fall of An Empire
      It's been a whirlwind week for Roman Reigns. After winning the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania, he would lose to the General Manager of RAW in the main event of RAW the night after WrestleMania, before preceding to lose the WWE Championship to SmackDown's #1 draft pick, Seth Rollins! What will RAW's presumed franchise player do to rebound from what's sure to have been a tumultuous seventy-two hours in his WWE career?

      New Day's SAWFT?
      In another whirldwind of events during the RAW After WrestleMania, The New Day would successfully defend their RAW Tag Team Championships against the imploding League of Nations, and extend their lengthy reign. After the match, their celebration was cut short by the debuts of Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella! With the East Coast trio making RAW their permanent home in the WWE Draft, how will this addition of NXT's most popular tandem impact the RAW tag team (and women's) division moving forward?

      A-List Assist
      Another title match took place on the RAW After WrestleMania; a one-on-one match between The Miz and newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, Zack Ryder. While Ryder looked well on his way to make his first defense of the championship he'd won in a huge upset only twenty-four hours earlier, an interference from The Miz's wife Maryse and an altercation with Zack Ryder's father ringside cost the Long Island Iced Z the Intercontinental Championship! What's next for the duo straight out of the tabloid front pages, as The Miz looks to embark on his fifth reign as the Intercontinental Champion?

      Legit Gripe?
      Finally, at WrestleMania, the Divas division completed its revolution and underwent an evolution, giving way to the WWE Women's Division. With Divas Champion Charlotte going onto capture the RAW Women's Championship in a premiere match up at the Showcase of Immortals, her "championship coronation" as the self-proclaimed Queen of the WWE didn't go as planned, thanks to one Sasha Banks. The Boss showed no fear in confronting the Women's Champion and her Hall of Fame father, Ric Flair, rerolling footage from WrestleMania showing Ric interfering on behalf of Charlotte and withholding Sasha from breaking the submission that gave Charlotte the Women's Championship. With Sasha Banks not involved in the decision and a top pick for the RAW women's division in the Draft, does The Boss have a legitimate gripe to a rematch with Charlotte with the title on the line?

      Those questions, and more, will be answered next week on Monday Night RAW!


      Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks (RAW Women's Championship?)
      Alicia Fox and Carmella vs. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
      Eva Marie's spectacular debut!


      tagged: @SimplyFoxy @Lady DarkFox @April. @Michael Psyches @SummerTime and maybe @Travis Mendes

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      Will Solo Become The NXT Universe's New Darling
      An interview by Cathy Kelly


      Cathy Kelly: "The Miraculous Sugar Creature from the Enchanted Forest” is not a title that is easily obtained, or said for that matter — yet, Solo Darling seems to have chosen it for herself. As one of the newest WWE Performance Center recruits she has elicited a lot of excitement from fans who are curious as to who she really is. With her NXT journey just beginning, Darling sat down with WWE.com interviewer me, Cathy Kelly to discuss her hopes, dream matches and how she plans to spread her sugar rush movement to NXT fans.  

      Cathy Kelly: How does it feel to be a member of the WWE Performance Center roster?

      Solo Darling: It feels, awesome, incredible, fantastic, magical, wonderful and amazing, in that order! I am so, so, so, sooooooooo excited to be here! 

      Cathy: Umm are you ok? You seem a bit umm hyper?

      *Camera pans to Solo taking a large sip from her slurpee cup*

      Solo: I'm great Cathy, didn't you hear all those adjectives I used before? I'm a Sugar Creature, if I'm not hyper then there's a problem.

      Cathy: Umm ok. What exactly is a 'Sugar Creature'?

      Solo: A Sugar Creature, is a creature that loooooooooves sugar so much that if they ever didn't have it they would die! *Solo looks around sad* So my goal is to spread sugar and happiness throughout the entire NXT universe.

      Cathy: Alright and how do you plan on doing that Solo?

      *Solo tilts her head and begins to scratch at her ear ... the fluffy one*

      Solo: I'm not actually quite sure. Usually I just show up and everyone gets super hyped up. I mean it's worked in the past I don't see why it wouldn't here.

      *Solo smiles wide at Cathy and takes a big sip from another slurpee cup she seemingly pulled from nowhere*

      Cathy: Oh ummm ... Who is your dream opponent down at the performance center?

      Solo: Well I have always wanted to face Ember she's so cool! She looks like she could be out of a video game. We could be best buddies and watch movies and eat candy. It would be so, so, soooooooooooooo much fun!

      Cathy: Anybody you don't want to face?

      Solo: Daria! Daria for sure. She's so mad and punchy. I like the way my face is right now and I don't want to have to go back to the hospital. 

      Cathy: Back to the hospital? What do you mean?

      Solo: Well when I was Younger I was sooooo hyperactive my Mom locked me in a cage so i wouldn't break anything. But then she forgot about me ... I was in that cage for two weeks.She ended up having to take me to the hospital. I'M TOTALLY FINE NOW THOUGH!

      *Solo grabs a box of Frosted flakes from under her chair and starts eating them furiously*

      Cathy: Oh umm, umm ok, yeah. I think that's about all the time we have today. It was ... nice? Yeah nice talking with you!

      *Solo gives Cathy a big hug before happily skipping away*

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      BACKSTAGE FALLOUT: Asuka's Message to Charlotte

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      After a brief video recap of RAW Women's Champion Charlotte's confrontation with Shane McMahon on RAW, leading into him announcing Alicia Fox, Carmella, Eva Marie and NXT Women's Champion Asuka in a Fatal-4-Way match to determine who will face Charlotte in two weeks at the Payback pay-per-view for the RAW Women’s Championship, the camera fades to the backstage area where Asuka is seen with signature mask on. The NXT Women's Champion has her title on top of one of the backstage equipment boxes, performing some violent kicks and strikes in the air in front of her. With each movement she makes, Asuka's noises become more and more intense, the Empress of Tomorrow showing off her unique style as her legs swish through the air. RAW interviewer Tom Phillips makes his way into the scene with a microphone, Asuka pausing her training routine and gazing into the distance, her mask still hiding her face.

      ( voice of the backstage ) TOM PHILLIPS: Asuka, it was announced earlier tonight by Shane McMahon that Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Carmella, and yourself will battle it out for an opportunity to face RAW's Women's Champion, Charlotte, at Payback. What are your thoughts on what happened tonight?

      The atmosphere is silent, Tom slowly raising his microphone towards the masked sensation.

      ( the empress of tomorrow ) ASUKA: 死への戦い..戦いのための戦い..私は私の方法で誰もが死ぬだろう... !!!! a..Suk..a heN-EX-T CHAYMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!.. sOon To bE.. WOMEN CHAYMPION!!!!!!!! Charlette.. chuckle chuckle.. 

      Asuka removes her mask, slowly bringing it down to her lips with a sinster grin on her face. Tom Phillips nods his head, slowly bringing the microphone back to his chest as Asuka holds her tantalizing glare towards the camera. Snatching her NXT Women's Title from the backstage box, Asuka walks off from the scene.

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      ( Our scene cuts in from black, taking us backstage following this week’s SmackDown Live broadcast. Following Brie Bella’s controversial win to become the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion, several members of the WWE and arena staff can be seen tearing down set pieces and moving large, industrial looking carts about, as we see one of the many participants in the Women’s Gauntlet Match, Naomi, walking down. The former Orlando Magic dancer drags a rolling suitcase behind her, placing her other hand on the small of her back which is noticeably wrapped in ace bandage following her encounter with the fearsome Nia Jax in tonight’s contest. Tilting her head back just slightly, she winces as she tries to arch her back into its normal position, looking forward and being stopped by the cameraman. )

      “Naomi, you put up a great fight tonight, but unfortunately, you weren’t able to make history and become the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion.” Naomi cautiously rolls her eyes, not being too overt in her disgust yet clearly displeased with what the unknown man has to say. “What are your plans going to be moving forward here on SmackDown Live in order to make sure that you’re one of the key players in this very exciting women’s division?”

      A M A Z I N G
      “Let me just say, first of all…” Naomi’s voice trails off as she reaches for her back once again, looking straight ahead with narrowed eyes as if fighting off the pain she’s feeling without wanting to show its severity. “Brie Bel—the Bella Twins—deserve the recognition they got tonight, and I ain’t mad about it right now. That’s not saying that in the future I’m not gonna have to show them the glow, but for now, good on them. I don’t have any beef with the Bellas. Yes, I did want to win that Championship and make history tonight, but of course somebody had to get in my way.” She leans in, opening her eyes more and giving a sideways glance to the camera as the volume of her voice grows. “This girl Nia? She thinks she’s comin’ in here hot and runnin’ the show—gonna put me down?! She thinks she’s gonna take out Naomi?! She came in and tore through Becky Lynch—okay, sweetie, good on you, but I’m not Becky Lynch, Nia. You went and messed with the wrong girl tonight—the baddest girl in that match. I outsmarted Nia Jax tonight: got her out of that ring, beat the ref’s count, and got her counted out. So, what does she do? She goes buckwild like some lunatic and smashes me through the barricade?! … Girl, I can’t with that.” She takes a minute to catch her breath, feathering her hair off to the left hand side of her face. “Nia couldn’t handle this glow that I got. I’m better than her, and she knows it, so she did what she had to do and took me out of the picture. Maybe somebody paid her off—I don’t know—but all I’m sayin’ is that Naomi did not get pinned, did not submit, did not get counted out, and did not get disqualified tonight, and seven other girls did. They had to get doctors out there to get me outta that match. So, as far as I’m concerned, Nia Jax proved that there’s a target on my back, and that everybody knows that I’m a threat in this women’s division. So thanks for spearin’ me through the barricade, babygirl, because now I know that you ain’t bad enough to mess with me.” A smile now, unusual considering the somber mood Naomi’s been in thus far considering the near injury she faced.  “So Nia, I’m ready for you when you wanna go one-on-one with this—” She gestures, moving both hands from her neck down to her abdomen. “—because I know that you aren’t gonna be able to handle me, not tonight, and not ever. I’m not afraid of you like you’re afraid of me. I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna work through the pain and the bruises, and I’m coming for that SmackDown Women’s Title, one way or another, no matter who I have to go through to get it, no matter how big they are, and no matter how bad they think they are.”


      ( Grimacing again, but now with a different air of confidence and near defiance, Naomi reaches back for the suitcase she was wheeling behind her as the camera caught her in the opening of this segment. The camera begins to zoom out from its previous close up on Naomi, panning out as she laboriously tries to get herself moving once again, trying to nurse her injured ribs and back by clutching to them as she walks away, moving towards a parked car near what looks to be an exit of the arena. Naomi may have been beaten tonight, but her battle is far from over. This SmackDown Live Fallout fades to black. )

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      BACKSTAGE FALLOUT: EMMAlution finds her soluion?

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      A brief video recap of Smackdown Women's Champioship gauntlet is shown before the exclusive begins, highlighting iconic moments such as Bayley's explosive finisher on Nikki Bella, Naomi and Nia Jax throwing down - concluding with a violent spear through the barricade, the main roster debut of NXT's Dana Brooke, and of course Brie Bella ultimately winning the championship match. The scene commences with the camera zooming out on the busty chest of Dana Brooke, the blonde bombshell stroking her hair as she chatted with the woman beside her. Emma stands beside her NXT ally, sunshades on, looking too cool for school as always, while Dana chats and giggles, the two enjoying their reunion. The video had begun mid conversation.

      barbie breaker ) DANA BROOKE: Paige wasn't even the worst looking superstar out there tonight. Like, O-M-Gee, Emma. Did you see BAYLEY?! I mean.. really? What a loser. Phahahahahahaha

      Dana Brooke has a good laugh, slapping her knee. Emma smirks, lifting her shades up a little and rubbing her palms together. Emma ran her fingers through her ombre curls, placing one hand on her hip as her other hand dropped freely beside her waist. The unidentified figure holding the camera made a comment about the two of them losing their match, Dana and Emma looking visibly irritated as the interviewer spoke. Emma rolled her eyes, keeping her eyes fixed on the camera as if she was speaking directly to all of the superstars who are watching this broadcast.

      the real deal EMMALook, one loss is not going to keep US down. Yes -- that's right, EnD - Emma and Dana, are here to take over Smackdown Live. Yeah, yeah, all eyes are on the Bella Twins as per usual - but that won't last for long. This may have been our first championship opportunity, but it certainly won't be out last. I mean, who else is MORE deserving to be the face of Smackdown other than ME? It's all about ME, and now that the EMMAlution has found the SOLUTION, that being the wise Dana Brooke who knows she needs to kick it with the cool kids to make it to the top, I am going to remind all of you weirdos why EMMA IS THE REAL DEAL.

      Emma rubs her dark lips together, sliding her shades back down to cover her eyes before trotting off from the scene. Dana Brooke poses, smirking as Emma walks off, before looking to the camera.

      barbie breaker ) DANA BROOKE: D'awh, looks like playtime is over!

      The busty blonde grins to the camera, snapping her fingers before rushing off to Emma's side. The camera fades to a black with the two best friends walking hand and hand down the hallway, turning at the corridor.

      emma:  @April.

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      BACKSTAGE FALLOUT:  Carmella expresses her excitement for an opportunity...and her distaste for the New Day


      Image result for gold color Carmella

           Image result for grey color Tom Phillips


      A brief clip of Carmella along with three other women's wrestlers being granted a fatal-four-way match is shown. Once the clip concludes, Carmella, who is backstage checking up on her long-time partners and friends Enzo and Cass, is called over my Tom Phillips for an interview.


      "I think it's safe to assume that you are just full of joy right now after being granted the opportunity to become the number one contender."  Tom states before outstretching his microphone over to the energetic female superstar who is still very early in her career.  


      "I am just so...oh wow, a girl is at a loss for words. Ya' know, I would be lying if I stood here and told you, Tom, that I thought I would never get this opportunity, because I believe hard work always leads to success, and I am a hard worker. Thank you, Shane McMahon for allowing this match to take place."


      "Well, you're certainly not alone in this venture as three other women will be competing for that title shot. What do you think your odds are in the upcoming fatal-four-way match, and what is your strategy heading in?"


      "I think my odds are, well...I think I'm gonna come out on top. I'm just feelin' very confident right now. Anything is possible with enough effort, so why couldn't I pull through? As for my strategy...I would be a fool to expose myself right here and now. Sorry, Tom. Maybe I'll tell you later if we bump into each other," she chuckles.


      "Speaking of other matters..." he says while gesturing towards Enzo and Cass in the background. "The New Day seem to be a thorn in your sides currently. How do you plan on dealing with them in the future?"


      "Oh, Tom...let's just say they p'ed off the wrooooong Jersey girl. They are embarrassingly childish, so to that, I say my boys and I should help them grow up a little. Jersey style. Bada-boom..." she abruptly stops before briefly taking a look at the boys behind her, and then back at Tom. "Realest guys in any room. Oh, and Big E, keep your hands to yourself sweet pea. Capeesh?


      And with that, the camera fades out marking the end of the exclusive interview.

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      Total Bellas: A new series coming to E! in 2016.

      LOS ANGELES – E! has announced the new series “Total Bellas” with Nikki and Brie Bella, a spinoff of the network’s hit series “Total Divas.” The six, one-hour episodes will give viewers exclusive access into the lives of The Bella Twins and the people who matter most to them, including Brie's husband Daniel Bryan and the new man in Nikki's life Seth Rollins, as the WWE Superstars hit the road in their tour bus and enter a new chapter of their lives, both professionally and personally.

      Nikki and Brie send a message to the women's division

      After Brie cancels her retirement and Nikki successfully returns to the ring following delicate surgery on her neck and spine, the two Superstars decide to get a tour bus for them and Bryan to share in order to look out for each other's well-being, following Nikki's tough break-up with John Cena, Bryan's forced retirement and Brie's desire to be a mother. As Nikki attempts to navigate single life on the road, she quickly falls into the gaze of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, who has also just returned from career altering injury. The two immediately develop a physical relationship with Nikki unwilling to get emotionally attached, which later causes some friction when her mother tries to cozy up to him.

      Seth Rollins wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with a little help from Nikki Bella

      Meanwhile, Bryan struggles to come to terms with his career ending and Brie's decision to remain with WWE despite it, leading to him making attempts at knocking her up with the encouragement of the twins' brother. On par with their personal struggles, The Bella Twins seek to reclaim a division that seems to be trying to evolve without them, with both eager to keep their hands on the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship by any means necessary. The Bella Twins will continue to appear on “Total Divas.”

      Brie wins the SmackDown Women's Championship in the main event of SmackDown LIVE

      “We are excited to build on one of our most successful franchises with this new series that goes exclusively inside the world of WWE fan favorites The Bella Twins,” said Jeff Olde, EVP, Programming and Development, E! “Nikki and Brie Bella have an undeniable charm and wit that matches their irrefutable beauty, and we are thrilled to get an intimate look into what it’s like to be in a relationship with some of the hottest sports entertainers in the world.” New-WWE-Logo.jpg

      Published on April 13, 2016

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      Who will step up to the plate to challenge Charlotte? Raw Five Point Preview

      LONDON - As the WWE returns to the United Kingdom for its annual tour of Europe following WrestleMania, the Raw Women's Championship scene is heating up.

      Upset of a Lifetime?
      Last week saw the RAW debut of the longest reigning NXT Champion, Finn Balor. NXT's flagship star faced the greatest test of his career when he came face to face with The Face That Runs The Place himself, John Cena. Cena had returned at WrestleMania a few weeks ago, and in his first match back, he found himself on the losing side of his meet up with Finn Balor in the qualifying rounds of the WWE Universal Championship tournament! With Cena effectively out of the conversation when it comes to crowning RAW's next World Champion, what's next for the 15x World Champion?

      Hyper Drive
      The Miz has been on cloud nine since reuniting with the Intercontinental Championship, thanks to a little help from his newly returned wife, Maryse. However, collision seems to be in the air as Mojo Rawley, draftee to RAW from the NXT roster, made it clear to The Miz that his conniving of his former tag team partner, Zack Ryder, out of the Intercontinental Championship won't sit well with the Hype Man. As Mojo Rawley prepares himself for a collision with Dolph Ziggler in the qualifying round of the Universal Championship tournament, how will The Miz respond, if at all?

      Four's A Crowd
      With it being announced that Sasha Banks would be "out of commission" for the immediate future, the RAW Women's Champion Charlotte seemed content in knowing that she wouldn't be meeting with The Boss for the Women's Championship anytime soon. Her content, however, wouldn't last, as a bevy of challengers from the locker room emerged to stake their claim in competing for the self-proclaimed Queen's throne. A fatal-four-way match is set to decide the #1 contender for the Women's Championship; either Asuka, Alicia Fox, Carmella or Eva Marie will challenge Charlotte at WWE Payback for the RAW Women's Championship; that is, unless, another competitor is able to best Charlotte in singles competition earlier on in that night and finds themselves added into the fatal-four-way, making it a fatal-five-way qualifying contest. Will any RAW Superstar make themselves known to Shane McMahon and earn the opportunity to face Charlotte in a non-title match? Or will The Queen be able to court her subjects and make a statement to her challenger, whoever it may be, prior to Payback?

      Tune into RAW on the USA Network on April 18th at 8/7c!


      Alicia Fox vs. Asuka vs. Carmella vs. Eva Marie [ #1 contender's match for the raw women's championship ]
      Charlotte vs. ??? [ if charlotte's opponent wins, she will be added to the #1 contender's match later that night ]

      Charlotte's opponent is still yet to be decided; those interested in having a chance to contend for the championship have until Sunday, December 11th, to post content towards judging for who will fill the spot! @Natalie @prxnca @Dante. @Michael Psyches @SummerTime

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      After Natalya's live event rematch from raw she made her way to the backstage area, looking rather unamused with everything that's been going on lately. The exclusive broadcast began, as the camera man followed Nattie to the locker room area.

      (queen of hartsNATALYA: I'm sick of this! I've been clawing and fighting for my spot in this women's division to deal with that out there? You know every single girl in that locker room comes to me and tells me that I'm like a mother to them and that I've helped them grow as a wrestler. And guess what they're right I basically am the mother hen, but guess what this hen is sick and tired of her chiclets. I wrestle circles around everyone around here and I get what for it? I sit on a doormat waiting for an opportunity to come to me. It's so frustrating, I'm suppose to keep up with the times but how can I with all of these girls are acting like a bunch of mutts. Just look at my cat 2pawz's instagram, it's not growing as fast as it should be..wait by the way are you following 2pawz? Because you totally should it's just amazing how rich he is and his clothes are so stylish. Wait what was I saying?

      Nattie held her iPhone up a bit, scrolling through some of her instagram photos with a smirk. The camera man stayed silent, as he let Nattie put a show on her on with her quirky and unique personality. As she continued to scroll Nattie stopped for a split second, taking a look at a photo of Charlotte with the Women's title.

      (queen of hartsNATALYA: You see this? This should be me right here with the RAW Women's Championship. Charlotte is nothing but an arrogant little hussy, who needs to be desperately humbled by a veteran like me. I've had my issues with her in the past, and sure she may got the advantage in most of those encounters. There's no denying that she held me down, but I got up already brushing off the dust. And like thunder I'm going to shake her ground, and teach her a lesson. Because she may be a flair, but I'm apart of the Hart Family dynasty. The most decorated and prestigious family in wrestling history, not just WWE but all over the world. People must be forgetting that my uncle is Bret Hart, my opportunities should coming left and right, but instead they let Charlotte take all the glory. But no worries to all my fans because a flair only lasts a few seconds, while a Hart beats for decades.

      The Queen of Harts quickly turned away heading outside of the locker room, most likely looking for someone else to follow her pet cat 2pawz. Afterwards the camera turned over to the side, ending the exclusive online broadcast.


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