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    • Booking the "Women's Evolution"
      Tbh i really wanna see the Divas vs the Women, with Maryse being the ring leader of the Divas. At Extreme Rules, Sasha gonna come out during the Women's match & that cause a distraction to both Nattie & Charlotte. Charlotte then manage to lock Natalya in the Figure 8 to retain the title. Sasha cuts a promo on how Nattie is given chance after chance, even brought in Bret but still lose out. Now it's time for a REAL WOMAN, The BOSS to show her how it's done.   On the other hand Maryse is sick of all the hype for the Women's Division. She is a Diva, & Divas are equally Smart, Sexy & Powerful. She talks about this backstage & a couple of girls (Lana, Summer etc) agrees with her. For the next few weeks, she starts to rope in others like Eva, Alicia etc.   Natalya is seen backstage with Paige. Sasha comes along to insult Nattie, calling her a 'DIVA'. She continues saying that now it's time for the REAL Women to takeover, & she, together with the other cast of Total Divas (Sasha throws Paige a shady look) can run along now.  Paige is offended as well. Bayley debut. Bayley vs Paige. Paige lost. Sasha comes out, get into the ring & throw Paige out with a disgusting look on her face. She welcome Bayley, telling her that this is where the Big girls play, the Women of the company, not for some little girls nor Divas. Sasha ask Bayley if she is up for it, if not she can go back to NXT. Bayley reply, telling Sasha that she is not a little girl, & she is never a Diva. She proved her worth in the IronWoman match & Sasha should know it better than anyone.   Backstage scene where Becky is hugging Bayley, congratulating her debut win. Maryse & Summer walk past with their perfect hair, shoving them away.     So to cut the story short, the heel 'Divas' gonna pissed off the face 'Women', & vice versa. But then this seems so similar to Total Divas vs Others. Meh.  
    • Ryback rants about WWE on Tumblr
      I disagree. Every company has different pay grades for different positions, why would WWE be any different? I doubt that the difference between a highly featured mid-carder who is being pushed is really that much different than a highly featured mid-carder who is jobbing. I sympathize with what he is saying, it does suck that people in this company can do everything right and still be given the bare minimum but the same can be said for any profession. I never understand why some people will solely take a stand against the company instead of banning together as a lockerroom and pushing for changes.   
    • Booking the "Women's Evolution"
      gtf before the Becky stans scalp
    • Booking the "Women's Evolution"
      Ok this is how I would book things after Extreme Rules. Becky Fresh off a win over Emma comes out and Raw to make her entrance but gets attacked from behind and shoved off the Entrance ramp. The cameras pan up to a very pissed off looking Naomi. Naomi (Now without Tamina) taunts at Becky before walking out. We later get an interview where Naomi admits that she did what she did for the attention. Becky was in the spotlight after Extreme rules and now she wants the focus to be on her and not some other girl. The two feud until Money in the Bank in a feud where Naomi is booked fairly dominant over Becky. Becky seems as though she is gonna win the match at Money in the Bank but Naomi beats her by cheating in some way. which sets them up for another match later on.   Charlotte after beating Natalya again brags about how she is the greatest champion in the division and that nobody can top her success. The camera pans over to Sasha and she begins to walk up to Charlotte only to be attacked from behind by Summer Rae. This feud then turns into a triple threat (more of a one vs 2) between the former bffs tag team. With Sasha going over Summer at Money in the Bank but somehow not winning the title (Charlotte fakes and injury or something so she doesn't have to compete). Which sets up Sasha vs Charlotte at the next pay-per-view in a feud which can carry on to Summerslam. With Charlotte handing Sasha her first real loss at Battleground and shakes her confidence. Which leads to a follow up match at Summerslam and Sasha winning the title.    
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