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    What began as a women's wrestling community, has exploded into something bigger. No longer will our voices be silenced in fandoms we love.

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      1. Movies and TV

        1. News

          Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Discuss movie and TV news, namely those that exist as science fiction, fantasy, superhero, horror, animation, or speak to a devoted cult audience.

        2. Press & Media Promotion

          All magazine spreads, interviews, sponsorships/brand deals, television appearances, etc., pertaining to the promotion of movies, television and their stars, go here! For musicians, athletes, models and influencers, please post in the "Music & Celebrity" section.

        3. Discussion

          Whether it's a seismic debate or a hot think piece, all discussion about your favorite genre movies and TV series go here. Don't be afraid to geek out; it's what we're all about.

        4. Fandoms

          Are you a devoted follower of a particular genre movie or TV series? Create your sacred nerd sanctuary here, as well as host live watch parties. Ask a staff member before creating a new thread or live chat.

      2. Wrestling

        1. News

          Post the latest news and updates on all wrestling's warrior women and brave men, past and present, here.

        2. Discussion

          Wrestling debates and discussion has long been a Heartbreakers staple. Whether it's an article/debate topic you've whipped up on your own, a Bleacher Report piece you wish to share with the rest of the community or some mindless gossip, post it all here.

        3. Fandoms

          Discuss your favorite women wrestlers in talent-exclusive threads. Ask a member of staff before creating a new thread.

        4. Live Chat

          Results, live chats, spoilers, and miscellaneous conversation on everything that is currently making waves on television, PPV, or houseshow events are found here.

      3. Lounge

        1. Comic Books, Anime and Other Publications

          Discuss all things from the rich, diverse world of comic books, anime and more. From the splash pages to pages of Heartbreakers' book club. Ask a member of staff before creating a fandom thread.

        2. Gaming

          Discuss all things gaming here and enter a new realm filled with action and excitement.

        3. Music & Celebrity

          Anything that doesn't exist in the realm of genre films/television, exists here; from the wonderful world of music to reality TV to celebrity gossip/headlines, and everything in between.

      4. Interact

        1. Introductions

          Introduce yourself and welcome other members here!

        2. Casual Talk

          Get to know each other and discuss anything, beyond fandom, in this board.

        3. Forum Games

          Show off your competitive side in a forum full of games, contests, and more. Want to host your own? Be sure to ask an admin first.

      5. Community

        1. Announcements

          Look here to find general news and announcements concerning our community.

        2. Questions and Concerns

          Having trouble while browsing Heartbreakers? Need some assistance? Then this is the board you're looking for. Ask questions, and receive answers.

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