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      1. Yesterday
      2. No, it's alive! As clearly seen with replies that definitely didn't take every 2 weeks to respond!
      3. Earlier
      4. We're here and posting every day.....?
      5. Because it looks pretty dead.. I haven't been here for about a year and it looks like everyone is gone.
      6. 2013 when i started watching STARDOM in Japan. I didn't think much of women's wrestling before that because of how the women are booked in WWE.. Now STARDOM is literally the only wrestling i watch.
      7. 2008, I was actually searching Tekken 5 video game on Youtube, clicked some video that had "SvR 07: CAW Anna Williams vs Nina Williams" in the title, those were Tekken 5 characters, and I was like "wow, this video game makes it feel like a legit fight infront of the crowd" and I was watching until I came upon Jillian Hall vs Nina Williams in that video game or something like that, and Jillian's legit fight was offered me right next to that video, so my first EVER wrestling match that I ever saw was OVW Jillian Hall vs Victoria on YouTube LMAO and Jillian was my instant fave because she came ou
      8. Personally during Torrie’s Smackdown Queen era. I was watching wrestling before then when I was younger with WCW and stuff. But my memories of truly being a fan start from watching Torrie get the biggest pops of the night with the biggest guys, teaming with Rikishi and Rey Mysterio, her iconic feuds, and running shit on SD.
      9. As for myself, it because back in 2006 when Kelly Kelly burst onto the scene.
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