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      1. Echoing thoughts re: pandemic killing my interest. I've had a hard time focusing with school, work, and mental health stuff. But I do also feel like sites like Discord and Reddit have taken over as far as the social aspect goes. I do see folks discussing events on Twitter still, but even some people and YouTubers I follow like RTB seem to have placed wrestling in the backseat. Not only that, I care very little about anything on TV besides Luna Nera and WandaVision at this momemnt in time.
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      2. I know at least for me, the pandemic killed my interest in wrestling. WWE is really out here having their performers risk their lives for no reason. I haven't kept up like I used to but, still I'm cheering on our women. Sasha carrying the company on her back, you love to see it.
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      3. COVID-19 tried, but it couldn't keep me down.
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