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  1. This is major. Happy for her. That Diva ambition and business acumen that girls from today wish they had.
  2. Watched some Eve career clips recently to remind myself why she’s the goat, and I realized how she never had a jobber era like all the girls usually do. Legend status from the moment she signed her contract.
  3. It’s kinda funny cause I’ve been keeping up with Sasha segments and her interactions with Alexa seem less petty on screen. The Maryse/Kelly/Bella Maturity Print.
  4. The way this would be the perfect time for a class action lawsuit against this company but wrestlers are dumb and value a moonsault more than their life. Forced to work during a pandemic & don’t even get health insurance? Can’t say I didn’t see any of this coming.
  5. yeah fmvnvm queen breaking the internet
  6. Also, the other people that rushed to Alexas defense but have been quiet all morning about this are just as complicit in all of this. They were big mad when that audio broke out but haven’t said shit about Sasha, with the exception of a handful.
  7. I was talking to Mariah & Stephen about this and I am personally at the point where I completely want to disassociate myself from anything wrestling related. This has been going on for decades now to the point that the wrestlers themselves (and the fans) try to justify it by saying that it’s the “culture of wrestling.” In 2020, they literally think shit like this is a joke. All of the fake change that has only happened in the outside, when the wrestling industry is literally rotten at it’s CORE, is not enough for me to just be outraged for one day & turn a blind eye until the
  8. Lol, shocker. I’m more surprised there haven’t been more cases within the company considering they all live in Florida and go to the beach almost every weekend.
  9. IIconics getting booked like they should’ve been when they were first called up. Ah, that’s history. Give them the titles next week & have Sasha finally snap on Bayley.
  10. RIP Diva Icon. She’s such an essential piece why I loved Torrie so much as a kid. This is so sad.
  11. Eve has never disappointed me.
  12. I loved it. I start it on Chromatica II & work my way to Chromatica I because the second phase is so much hotter. But it’s been getting a lot of replays from me. This + Future Nostalgia have been the hottest pop albums I’ve heard in a biT.
  13. They need to keep this. It really added a LOT to the show. Get them some chairs though
  14. I really don’t know if there is any correlation (I’m going to say that there is because I want to be petty!) but I can’t believe how watchable the Raw division became after Becky left. The past three weeks have been really good & I’m loving Asuka as champion. The tag division is probably the hottest it’s ever been too. I’m happy they changed the direction of the IIconics into a more serious, aggressive one. They are Nikki and Alexa up in the mic last night. The only complaint I had was Charlotte being involved in everything, as per. I don’t like the girl but Shayna sho
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